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UGC Community Fundraiser

United Gaming Clans (UGC) is proud to announce an experiment in competitive TF2. Over the next several months we will organize a community donation drive in which 100% of proceeds will be directly reinvested into the game in the form of cash prizes. Since this is our first attempt we are only supporting NA Platinum Highlander division. If this effort is a success we will expand to other geographies, divisions and formats in the future.

If you would like to donate please visit our donation site powered by

NA Platinum Prize Pot

1st place: 50% of donations
2nd place: 30% of donations
3rd place: 20% of donations
Example distribution based on a maximum Community Funding of $5,000.00 raised.
$5000 Less (7.9% ($395)) = $4605 (will be a bit less due to $0.30 transaction fee from
1st place: $255 per player
2nd place: $153 per player
3rd place: $102 per player
(Based on 9 players per team.)

All donated money after fees will be returned to our players in the prizes. The funding drive has minimal costs, for details on the fees see The "cut" for UGC League is $0.00. Our league will be transparent and up front as to the specifics of this fundraising effort. The Maximum we will allow for Prize Funding is $5000 for Season 12.

Team Eligibility

For Highlander Season 12, the Community Prize Funds will be distributed to teams in our North American HL Platinum Division only.
To be eligible to compete in the UGC NA HL Platinum Division, teams must meet the criteria below:
1. Teams must apply for our UGC Platinum Skill Division on our Join page.
2. Teams must have experience in upper skill divisions in Team Fortress 2 with a minimum of one of the following;
A. Existing UGC Teams must have completed in a prior season in Platinum or Gold skill levels in Highlander
B. New Teams must be comprised of players who have UGC HL Platinum or Gold skill level experience OR have high level competitive experience in other North American TF2 Leagues. (IM ESEA or better)
UGC will limit the number of teams accepted to compete at this level, teams comprised of players with insufficient prior experience may be moved to a lower skill division for their initial Season in UGC.

Prize Eligibility

All teams in our NA HL Platinum Division are eligible for the prizes so long as each player agrees to our terms of service by Week 2. Agreeing to the terms of service (shown at bottom of page) is required.

Player Requirements
1. Donations are not required, UGC is a free to play league.
2. Players must be listed on their UGC Team Roster using their primary Steam ID. Rosters for NA Platinum teams will be limited to maximum of 18 players per team. Payouts will be made in equal parts to all rostered players. All roster changes after Week 2 of Season 12 will require admin approval, and no changes can be made after week 6 .
3. Players must follow UGC's Rules and Regulations and have zero sportsmanship violations to be eligible for prizes.
4. Players must have an active verified paypal account for prize distribution purposes.
5. Players must physically reside in North America to be elligible for the prize pot. Players who's primary residence is outside of North American may play on an NA Plat team but forfeit any right to the winnings.


Season 12 will be run as a normal UGC highlander season with 8-10 weeks of regular season games and a double elimination playoff system. Please see our previous season for details on how this is organized.

For HL Season 12, NA Platinum division team rosters will lock after the second week of the season. The players listed on your team at Week 2 becomes your initial prize distribution list. After this point, all roster changes must be approved by the NA HL Platinum division admin. Changes to your roster will effect prize distribution and team leaders will be required to submit written authorization for all changes in the roster/distribution lists. UGC will distribute the winnings directly to each player at the end of the season.

Donator Perks

Any player who donates $50.00 or more to this effort will receive a 1-2 hour mentoring session with a Platinum player who specializes in the donators' class of choice. This will be coordinated by Firefly and Pudding Cup. Donators must include their STEAMID when they make their donation to help us coordinate donator perks.
List of Participating Platinum Mentors (updated 12/8):

arthur, argo, firefly, pudding cup, harbleu, jordan, overseer, paradox, phaze, sigafoo, satan, pretzel, stabby stabby, cozen, cygnus, sheep deadbolt, huey lewis, paragon, spamfest, roth, colombiangmr, mustardoverlord, AGFDC

Each Mentor has a limited number of mentoring slots that will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.

We hope you enjoy our new community endeavor and our goal in promoting TF2. Please spread the word and help with this effort!

Any questions can be directed to Admins via

Player Agreement

Eligible Players will be asked to agree to the following terms of service prior to Week 2 of Season 12:

This HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT (this "Agreement") is made effective upon (date) by and between United Gaming Clans League(hereinafter, "UGC") and UGC Platinum Highlander Player.

WHEREAS, UGC will be organizing a community fundraiser for the purpose of providing monetary prizes to top three winning teams in 2014 Highlander season. WHEREAS, UGC League will utilize to coordinate the fundraising effort. charges 5% plus 2.9% & $0.30 per transaction. All donated monies minus said charges explained above will be distributed to the top three teams in 50%, 30%, and 20%.

WHEREAS, Eligibility for prize distribution is contingent upon following all of UGC's rules and regulations, including sportsmanship. Any violation of these rules is cause for disqualification from prize distribution.

WHEREAS, Platinum Highlander Player's participation in said tournament is at their own risk and shall hold harmless UGC League and Admin Staff from any claims and/or litigation arising out of 2014 Highlander season and community fundraiser.

Signed, UGC League

UGC reserves the right to make minor amendments to this community fundraising effort and league competition as needed.

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