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    Salutations: Hello, my name is Humblerbee, I've been playing TF2 for 4 or 5 years of off and on play, more then 1500 hours of playing time, with at least 200 hours on every class; it's hard to keep track since I've reset my stats a few times. I'm 18, living in Portland Oregon, currently between jobs and planning to go to college in the fall.

    Background: I have not played competitive TF2 before, however I've watched quite a few matches, and am doing the best I can to improve and make myself a valuable commodity to a team. I have a microphone, and am an adept communicator, growing up with four siblings and playing team sports since I was seven gave me a whole lot of experience in that regard. I'm very much a team player and can excel within a group setting, as when I became captain of my highschool track, cross country, and soccer teams, respectively. My greatest trait is empathy, being able to put myself in other's shoes and see things from their perspective, which not only helps when working within a group setting, but also in gaining valuable insight into your opponent's minds. I'm willing and eager to learn, I enjoy dissecting games in my mind and am very much a cerebral player.

    Position: I am willing to play any class and role, because I've played for so long and fairly regularly rotated which class I focus on, I have a good amount of experience with all of them and thus I am very flexible as to which I play, I always thought it good to be a versatile player who seeks to conquer not just a single class, but rather acquires skills that run the gamut. I can play any position you need and will play in the manner that best fits your desires. Give me a chance to show you that I can work for your team.

    • 18, young but mature.
    • All-classes, versatile.
    • 1500+ hours, experienced.
    • Have microphone, good communicator.

    Steam profile:

    ~~Thank you for your time!~~

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    Insofar as time availability, as I said I live in Portland, OR, which is GMT -8, I wake up at 8 AM every day, though I do not have a job currently, I am in the process of finding one and am treating the job hunt process as a job itself, so I am normally busy from 9 AM to 5 PM. However, I am free after that, my only real time commitments are on Thursdays, when I have group meetings at 5 PM, and Fridays, when I am in session at 5 PM. I don't go to bed until midnight, so generally I'm available from 6 to 12 PM, at GMT -8, and am willing to play within that timeframe.

    I should say that family and work is more important to me then TF2, so I will take time for family dinner on most nights. However, if I make a commitment I will do my very best to honor it, I think it's important to keep your word and be dependable.

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    You've really got a solid and well-written post here. I added you for some discussion.


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