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 6v6 6s S14 Playoffs Week 3 - Badlands
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Mar. 24 - All TF2 Leagues in Playoffs.
April 6 - Open Applications for Summer Seasons.
May 17- Summer Seasons of TF2 rolling start.

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Tue, Apr 1, 2014 by Snowblindfrog  

Playoffs are currently underway for all 3 TF2 leagues. Congratulations to the teams that made it to the playoffs!

Thanks to all teams and players for playing this season, we hope you had fun. 

Highlander Playoff Brackets
6v6 Playoff Brackets
4v4 Playoff Brackets

North American HL Platinum Teams have the chance to win some serious cash this season - $3000 in a community pot to be distributed to the players on the top three teams. Thanks to everyone who donated and to Infinite for organizing the fundraiser. I'd especially like to thank our Admin Team this season for their outstanding work. Head Admins Snowblindfrog and Blazingboy work extremely hard every season and I think their efforts have paid off. Also a big thanks to Herty who managed our new 4v4 League and did a super job. We have many other Admins who support not only the league but the players as well. I hope you notice who they are and send them thanks as well!

Summer seasons will begin the week of May 19th! Signups for new teams will be open on Sunday April 6th! Please read the following forum post for more information.

- Fornaught

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HL Platinum Top Wins
Gentlemen's Club (12-2)
Tourettes Chessclub (11-2)
Stacked (10-2)
The Electric Temptations (9-2)
Splendid-Gaming (8-5)
Dead Ringer Storage (7-5)
6v6 Plat Top Wins
quantum heartz (12-0)
team_gg (11-2)
Corgi Clan (10-2)
Respawn Veterans (10-3)
Dunning-Kruger Effect (8-4)
RedbearS (8-5)
TF2 4v4 Top Wins
Big Blind (10-1)
Satan Take the Wheel (10-1)
Public Enemy (9-2)
The Elite Four (9-2)
The Subspace Emissaries (9-2)
Reverse Cock Block (8-2)
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