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A. League Information [top]

A.1. UGC's Team Fortress 2 Leagues were created to offer an organized competitive environment for Team Fortress 2 players of all experience levels.
A.2. UGC is committed to serving the community's wishes. Rules and League policies are set in consultation with the players, teams and the community we serve. All suggestions, opinions, questions and comments can be directed to league administrators.
The current list of League Administrators can be found on our Staff Webpage.
Team leaders are encouraged to post league suggestions in the Team Leaders forum. We will continually strive to make the league a better place for everyone.

1. Match and Gameplay Setup [top]

1.1. Class Limits

Teams are limited to one of each class. Switching classes during the game is allowed, therefore class limits apply to players that leave the spawn or engage in play in anyway.

1.1. Player Size

Teams play with a maximum of 9 players each. A team may play shorthanded by choice, but a minimum of 7 players is required to play a match.

1.3. Map Types and Gameplay Settings

UGC plays league-worthy maps, which may include AD (Attack Defend), CTF (Capture The Flag), DOM (Domination), PL (Payload), KOTH (King Of The Hill) and Standard CP (Command Point Maps). Each map type has specific gameplay settings for timelimit and win conditions. Gameplay settings are controlled by server config files for each map type. Some map types will end when one team reaches a cumulative score, even if the config does not stop the match.  See each map type below for details.

1.3.2. Attack/Defend and Payload Maps (AD and PL Maps)  

Examples: cp_gravelpit, pl_badwater
Use the server config "ugc_HL_stopwatch.cfg".

Stopwatch maps are played in 2 or 3 separate match-rounds, each team attacks once in each match-round.
The Home team has choice whether to attack first or defend first in the first match-round only, alternate thereafter.

Match-round 1: Team A attacks and Team B defends, Team B attacks and Team A defends
Match-round 2: Team B attacks and Team A defends, Team A attacks and Team B defends.
Match-round 3 (if needed as a tiebreaker): Team A attacks and Team B defends, Team B attacks and Team A defends.

Scoring: When adding scores, each Match-Half or round won by a team counts as 1 point. The first team to win two match-halves/rounds wins the match.
Overtime: If each team wins a match-halves/round and scores are tied at 1-1, the third full match-round is played as a tiebreaker, with all the same settings as the first two rounds.
Possible match scores are (2-0 or 2-1).

1.3.3. 5 CP – Command Point maps  

Examples: cp_badlands, cp_granary
Use the server config "ugc_HL_standard.cfg"

Match play & Scoring: The winning team is the first to score 5 TOTAL round wins, or the highest score after two halves. Halves can end when either the 30 min time limit is reached or when the cap limit of 4 is reached. OT: A tied total score results in an Overtime (OT) round, which is played to first round score.
Overtime: A tied score of (1-1, 2-2, 3-3 or 4-4) after two rounds requires a tiebreaker Overtime (OT) round. The OT round is played as a normal match-round, except the first all-cap score wins the match.
If neither team manages to capture all points during the OT round, a special "sudden death" round is played. During this round, players are not allowed to leave spawn after death, and the team that captures all points or eliminates all enemy players wins.

1.3.4. CTF - Capture the Flag maps  

Examples: ctf_turbine, ctf_mach4
Use the server config "ugc_HL_ctf.cfg"
Scoring: The winning team is the first to reach 10 total intel caps over the course of two 20-minute rounds.  If a team captures 10 times in the first round, the match is over.   Submit scores as 1 point per intel cap for each team (i.e. 10-6, 0-10, 8-7).
OT: A tied score after two complete 20-minute rounds (with no team reaching 10 captures) will result in an Overtime round.  The first intel cap wins the match.


1.3.5. KOTH - King of the Hill maps  

Examples: koth_viaduct, koth_ashville
Use the server config "ugc_HL_koth.cfg"

Scoring: The winning team is the first to reach 4 TOTAL capture points. The match is played in two match-rounds.  The first round plays until a team reaches 3 capture points. The second round is played until a team reaches 4 TOTAL cap points(including caps from first match-round).
Overtime: If teams are tied (for example, 3-0, 0-3) after 2 rounds, play a 3rd round where the first cap wins.

1.3.6. TUG OF WAR - Tug of War maps

Example: pl_waste_v2
Use the server config "ugc_HL_tugofwar.cfg"

Match play and Scoring:  The Match is played two equal halves of one mapround each. If a half ends in 'Stalemate' or by timelimit, the winner of that Match Half is the team with the cart on the enemy side.
Overtime: If each team wins a match-half and scores are tied at 1-1, a third match-round is played as a tiebreaker, where the first all cap wins match.
Possible match scores:  (2-0 or 2-1) only

1.3.7. DOM - Domination

Example: dom_canalzone

Use the server config "ugc_HL_dom.cfg"

Match play and Scoring:The match is is played in 2 or 3 match-rounds. Each round is limited to one play of the map. Teams alternate starting colors each round(the map is NOT symmetrical). The winning team is the first to achieve 100% on the Domination bar or capture all points on the map.
Example: In round 1 the Home team chooses to start as Blue. The map is played to completion, scoring (1-0) in Home team favor. That is considered a full match-round. In round 2 teams change colors and Home team plays on Red. Play continues until one team wins two match-rounds.
Overtime: If each team wins a match-round and scores are tied at 1-1, the third full match-round is played as a tiebreaker, with all the same settings as the first two rounds.
Possible match scores are (2-0 or 2-1).

1.4.1. Weapon and Item Restrictions

Players may use any weapon or item in TF2, except for those excluded on the Quick Info page.
Items use is controled by a server whitelist, see below. This list may change during a season due to patches and new releases by Valve.
Any new weapons or sets that are released by Valve during a regular season are banned until specifically allowed in our weekly news announcements.

1.4.2. Item WhiteList

All UGC matches must be played on servers running the official UGC item whitelist found in our files section. It is the responsibility of team leaders and server administrators to ensure this file as well as all other UGC config files stay up to date. If a team feels their opponent's server is running an old or incorrect version of the whitelist or configuration file, they must first contact the opponents team leader to resolve the issue. If a problem still persists, then an admin can be contacted. Make sure to properly document all conversations. WARNING: Once both teams begin a match by setting their status to Ready, both teams accept current server settings even if they are incorrect. Make sure to resolve these issues BEFORE setting your team to Ready.

2. Scheduling Information [top]

2.1. League Schedule

2.1.1. Our default match day is Monday. Teams should plan on playing on default match day each week. The default match time varies by division. For Season 7, the default times are listed below.
All North American divisions = 9:30pm ET
South American division = 7:30pm ET

European divisions use a default time based on each team's division:
Two Western Euro division teams: Default time is 21:00 CET
Two Eastern Euro division Teams: Default time is 19:00 CET
One Western Euro and one Eastern Euro team: Default time is 20:00 CET

Team Leaders may agree to change the match time and date. All agreements must be posted in UGC match comms. See below for more information about changing a match day or time.

2.1.2. Moving a match

If two teams wish to move the match to an earlier time or day, it is acceptable as long as both teams agree. This agreement must be recorded in UGC match comms for leaders. If one team wishes to reschedule and the other doesn't, or they cannot agree on an earlier date/time, then the match will be played on the default day and time.
Late Matches: Teams must contact an Admin if they plan on playing a match late. Teams who choose to play their matches late must do so by the deadline, Tuesday 11:59PM (all time zones). If this is not done or the match is unreported by this time, both teams receive a forfeit/default loss. See section 5.5.2 for more information about team leader reporting requirements and deadlines.


2.2. Match Comms: Team leaders are required to post in UGC website's Match Communications for each match.

2.2.1. Posting in match comms is required for team leaders to make final arrangements on day/time and servers. Team leaders should post at least 24 hours prior to the match, to give time for responses. Teams that fail to post in comms by 60 minutes prior to match default time may be considered by admins as no-show and a forfeit loss may result. Contact an Admin immediately if your opponent does not post and you believe the match will be a forfeit..
Our match comms are built into your team leader 'My Match' web page, simply log in as team leader to post. Match Comms are also available to all players, by using the steam login on UGC website.

(Also see rule 5.6. Forfeits)

2.3. Preseason, Season, and Playoffs

2.3.1. The UGC Team Fortress 2 Highlander League is a season-based competition. The season length varies, and will follow the general setup of preseason matches, regular season matches and an elimination playoff.

2.3.1.a Preseason Scores will not count toward season rank. Preseason is used to order teams for regular season scheduling based on the preseason match results.

2.3.1.b Regular Season Scheduling during the regular season is based on team rank each week.  Teams will not play the same opponent twice during the regular season.

2.3.1.c Playoffs Playoffs will be 16-team double-elimination bracket for the top 16 teams in each division. In certain seasons, every other team will be placed into 32-team single-elimination brackets. Placement is strictly rank based using regular season rank after the final regular season match.

a) Playoff Finals: The playoff finals are played as a Best-of-3 maps. Each team chooses a map of their choice from the list of maps played during that season. Each map will be played for a single round (half) only. The team who chose their map will choose which color to start as. This also applies to All-Star matches following the conclusion of a season.

b) Playoffs & Forfeits: Forfeits during playoffs are strongly discouraged.  Teams may be asked to work with admins to prevent them. Should a forfeit be unavoidable, the forfeiting team is eliminated from the playoff bracket.

2.3.2. Roster Lock Each team's roster will lock prior to the start of playoffs, at Week 7 default match day. Teams may not add any new players until the end of playoffs.

2.3.3. Requesting a BYE Teams can request a bye from a week's scheduling with certain restrictions. No BYEs will be allowed for teams in the top 16 ranks after a season's mid-point. This is done to prevent problems in playoff seeding placement for top-ranked teams.

2.3.4. Team Records Permanent match records will remain as part of your team page after the conclusion of each season.  When the season resets, all division and league winners will be permanently noted in our website's title section.


3. Server Issues [top]

3.1. Only dedicated servers on a T1 or better connection can be used for matches. Home created HLDS or Listenservers are not allowed. Home-based and Home LAN-based servers are not allowed. Players cannot be connected to the game server via a LAN except for special approved events.

    3.1.aLocation: Servers must be located in the geographical Region served by a Division; North American division matches must be played on USA servers, European division matches must be played on servers located in Europe, Asian matches must be played on servers located within the asian region. Aus/NZ matches must be played on Australian based servers. South American division matches must be played on South American servers, unless a better server is available in Central or North America. At all times, it is suggested teams should play on the best available server. (A Canadian server may be allowed for N.American division matches, if approved in advance by admins).

3.2. Servers must have a MINIMUM of 19 available slots. This is to accommodate both teams and SourceTV.

3.3. Any server on which a round is played must be running the appropriate UGC server config for the map type. The configs can be found on the files page.

3.4. VAC (Valve Anti Cheat - Secure Mode) must be enabled for all matches.

3.5. Manimod, Sourcemod, AMX Mod and AMXX Mod and the like are allowed as long as they do not interfere with the match. A csay command here and there will be tolerated, as long as it was in the admin mod config and is not insulting to anybody. Admin mods may only be used for setting the config, checking the amount of time left, and changing maps. Please disable all plugins that could affect any aspect of the match, including Donator plugins. If any player from the opposing team (the Visiting team) is kicked, banned or moved to Spectator during a match for any reason due to any installed mod, the hosting team will forfeit all points earned during the round, unless the Visiting team agrees otherwise. Let this be an incentive to either not run admin mods or to disable the plugins.

3.6. Spectators in the server are not allowed at anytime (admins may spectate in the server at any time). Please set a join password on the server and request those not in the game to refrain from joining.  Spectators in SourceTV are encouraged. The STV-delay must be 90 seconds and cannot be altered.

3.7. Server connection issues and crashes

3.7.a. Should a server have connection issues (starts giving both teams extreme packet loss, lag, and makes the match generally unplayable), or if the server crashes outright, and the team captains verbally agree that the server has become unplayable, the round will be stopped and restarted elsewhere. If at least 10 minutes have passed since the FIRST connection issues occurred, then whatever score that has been accumulated counts as the round.  If it has been LESS than 10 minutes since the connection issues started, then the round will be replayed and the score reset.  Teams should always select a fair resolution when problems occur. Notify your league admin if any issues occur that cannot be resolved by teams. UGC has a limited number of servers for matches that teams may request to use.  Servers are loaned on a first-come-first-served basis.  Notify a TF2 league admin to reserve a server.

3.7.b. Server Pauses Each team is allowed one server pause per round (2 per match) to deal with unexpected player drops from technical issues ONLY or to deal with a server-wide connection issue. Each team is allowed 1 pause in an Overtime round. You are not allowed to use pause as a timeout, or for minor player connection issues. Leaders must ALWAYS announce the need for a server pause BEFORE pausing, communicating the reason for it, and ONLY leaders are allowed to pause a server during a match. It is also the responsibility of the team leader to announce UNPAUSING the server at least 15 seconds prior to doing so. A pause may last up to a maximum of 5 minutes. Do not abuse this command.

3.7.c. If it is found that a team intentionally crashed or restarted a server, they will automatically lose the match and further action will be taken, including temporary or permanent suspension. This kind of bad sportsmanship will not be tolerated.

3.8. Team Ping Differences

If the team providing the server has an average TEAM ping advantage of greater than 100ms, the round must be moved to the other team's server or a neutral server, such as a UGC server, if the non-hosting team requests. If the hosting team refuses to move the round, and the other team provides screenshots/demos evidencing the ping advantage, the round may be awarded to the non-hosting team regardless of who won the round played. This rule does not apply to teams that are not located within the geographic region of their division(such as non-Euro teams playing in Europe).

3.9. Using SourceTV

3.9.1. UGC requires the use of SourceTV and all matches must be recorded. The UGC server configs will auto-record a SourceTV demo, be sure to stop recording by resetting your default config at the end of each match.

3.9.1.a. SourceTV Crashes

SourceTV must be recording throughout the entire round. If SourceTV drops during pre-match and is restarted before pre-match ends, then the round need not be restarted. However, if SourceTV is not in the server anytime between pre-match ending and the round ending, and it is pointed out in chat that SourceTV has dropped, the round must be restarted with SourceTV running and the round will continue with the CURRENT time left and scores (give or take a minute).

3.9.1.b. SourceTV Spectators

The team running SourceTV is required to give the IP (and password) of the SourceTV proxy to their opponents. The hoster of the proxy is also required to have at least 3 spots open, two for the other team. The proxy may be password protected to deny anyone else access except two people from the opposing team. This rule does not mean that other spectators are prohibited of course.  Please realize that if the connection becomes overloaded, you may not use it as an excuse not to run SourceTV, or to prevent your opponent's representatives from spectating. NOTE: YOUR CHAT IS RECORDED ON SourceTV- Please keep your chat on SourceTV respectful of your opponent. If SourceTV proxy is unable to handle spectators on a team server, all that is required is a recorded demo (1 slot). In this case, you must make a copy of the STV demo available to your opponent with 24 hours. You may change the amount of slots allowed in the SourceTV in the UGC cfg's.

3.9.2. All teams are required, if requested by the opponent or an admin, to submit SourceTV demos to each other or to an admin within 24 hours after the last round of the match is played.

3.9.3. If an administrator has requested SourceTV demos and it is not supplied, the team responsible for recording the demo that round may face disciplinary action including, but not limited to, loss of points for that round and/or a 1 week team suspension unless proof that the other team agreed to run the proxy or that no proxy would be run, e.g. an IRC log, can be provided.

4. Team Rosters [top]

4.1. Team Roster Size Limit. Teams are allowed a maximum of 21 players per team on your listed roster.

4.2. Invite Player Limit. Platinum division teams have no limit on the number of invites included in their roster. All other divisions are allowed a maximum of three (3) players per team on your listed roster who are considered Pro or Invite level players. We define Invite-Level as any player in ESEA-I. The Invite Player Limit includes any player in a current invite-level season AND any player that was on a team in covered completed invite-level season(s).

4.2.1 Invite Team Definition We include the previous 3 ESEA-I seasons in our Invite Player Limit. We will additionally cover players on teams in any invite-level season that begins while the UGC season is ongoing.

4.2.2 Division Placement Teams may choose which division to play in. At any point prior to and during a season, UGC reserves the right to move a team to another division if we determine that team is better suited to it.

4.3. UGC Highlander rosters lock at 11:59PM EST on Sunday (5:59AM CET Monday) for 24 hours prior to match day. All players on a team must be listed on their team’s roster on the UGC web site 24 hours prior to your agreed upon match day/time or by the roster lock time. See Section 5.2.2a/b for additional Rules covering roster eligibility for matches. See section 4.9. for more information on allowing ringers/mercs in matches.

4.4. Multiple steam accounts. One team per player. Players who have more than one Steam ID with access to TF2 can only be listed on ONE team roster. Players should list all of their steam IDs with their one team, and the multiple ID listings will only count as one player towards player limit as long as the rostered name is the same for all of the player's ID's. Teams who knowingly roster a player's alternate Steam ID to avoid a player ban or a team player limit may be suspended.

4.5. Roster Confirmations: Teams must confirm rosters prior to starting the Match. Team Leaders should check all players on the server for roster eligibility prior to play. If unrostered players are found, team leaders may allow them to play or request them to leave before setting teams to Ready. All decisions and agreements made prior to play are final and are for the duration of the match.

4.7. Team Roster LOCK for Playoffs. Teams are not allowed to add players during playoff weeks. A roster lock may be instituted during the final weeks of the regular season, but even if rosters are editable, players cannot be added during playoff weeks for any team in the playoffs.

4.8. Players Changing Teams. Players can add or remove their team membership from the Player Control Panel accessed through the green Steam Login button on our website. Team leaders are notified of all requests to join, and also notified when a team member leaves his team.

4.9. Ringers/mercs and Unrostered Team Members. Players that are not on the team's UGC roster are not allowed to play in the match, unless the other team's leader gives written permission. All agreements must be documented, in server chat logs and/or on UGC match comms.
Teams must check rosters prior to match start, and work out roster issues before the match begins. Be honest with your opponent about your player’s roster status. Once both teams are set to Ready, UGC considers this an agreement to move forward with displayed rosters. If a team refuses to remove a ringer/merc by 15 minutes past the agreed match time, their opponent may leave the server and dispute the match.

5. Match Play [top]

5.1. Pre-match

5.1.1. Schedules for each week are posted no later than Thursday (local time). Please attempt to contact your next opponents right away, both by match comms and via Steam. We urge all of our teams not to wait until match day. Contact the opposing team at least 24 hours before match time so that problems are avoided.

5.1.2. Team must communicate server information for the first round in Match Comms or an alternate messaging at least 15 minutes before match time. Since server hosting is a shared responsibility, both teams should post server information. Match Comms are an official record, so it should be used so that there is no misunderstanding.

5.1.3. The Home team (listed first in the schedule) has choice of server for the first round, and for the third (OT) round. The Visiting team is listed second on the schedule and chooses which server to use in the second match round.

5.1.3a Server responsibility

It is both teams' responsibility to ensure a server is available to play the match.  If the Home team does not have a server, the Visiting team may host.  If neither team owns a server, it is BOTH teams' responsibility to secure a suitable server for the match.  UGC has a limited number of servers for matches and any team may request their use.  Servers are loaned on a first-come-first-served basis.  Notify a TF2 league admin to reserve a server. If neither team has a server and no UGC servers are available, the match must be rescheduled to a date when a server will be available.

5.1.4. The Home team chooses whether to play offense or defense first and which team color to play first. Team colors are to be alternated each subsequent match round.

5.2. Starting A Match

5.2.1. Every team is allowed fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled match time to have the server ready, including SourceTV, and a full squad into the server for round 1.

5.2.2. Each team must have a minimum 7 members ready to play by fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled match time. Teams can agree to start with 7-9 players, but teams must be allowed the full 15 minutes to reach a full roster. Teams may agree to wait longer, at their discretion.

5.2.2.a Roster Checking: The time prior to "readying up" and starting the match should be used by team leaders to check roster eligibility of their opponent's players. All issues concerning roster eligibility for players on the server must be addressed prior to the match starting.  Once the match starts, the players on the server are considered accepted.

5.2.2.b Late Joining Players: If a match is started with one or both teams short of 9 players, players are allowed to join while the match is in progress, provided they are legally rostered players.
NOTE: We do not expect team leaders to check eligibility of late joining players during the match, any player joining after "match start" may be checked after the match or round, and they are considered disputable for roster issues for the round(s) they played.

5.2.3. UGC prefers teams find a way to play all matches from start to end, even if it means being kind to an opponent on an issue (such as teams kindly waiting longer than 15 minutes to start). If the match cannot continue, see below for more notes on forfeiting.

5.2.4. Server Pausable See section 3.7.b

5.2.5. Forced Forfeits

If a team can not field enough players or refuses to join the server within 15 minutes of the official match time and the server is properly configured with VAC, league config, scheduled map and SourceTV, the opposing team can force a forfeit.
However, if there are extenuating circumstances (steam crashing, some can't join a particular server, etc) then team leaders are to find an admin. If an admin is unavailable, team leaders MUST join IRC #UGC-TF2 and discuss the matter in public, whether or not an admin is present. The public record will stand in case of a dispute. If there is no public record, the team that could not produce enough players or refused to start the match within 15 minute of the official match time will forfeit the match upon the request of the opposing team. Please try to be reasonable and fair with your opponents, playing a match is always preferred over a dispute.

5.3. Starting Subsequent Rounds

5.3.1. A 10 minute break is allowed in between each match round of play. This time can be ignored if both teams agree. Team leaders are encouraged to remain in communication between rounds in the event there are problems making the transfer of teams between servers.

5.4. Completing the Match and Overtime Rules

5.4.1. Match winner is determined by the Rules set forth in section 1.3.

5.5. Reporting Matches

5.5.1. WINNING Team Reports Scores

After match play is over, THE WINNING TEAM is to report the scores via the UGC website. Be careful when reporting scores and do not report false forfeits or other results. All match reports are held for admin approval so there will be a small delay before match rankings are updated. When reporting scores, the team captain will be able to enter a match summary for others to read. This is a durable record of your match. Please remember that these comments will be publicly available for all to view, therefore please post sportsmanlike match summaries - THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO FILE A MATCH COMPLAINT. Address all complaints via e-mail or private messaging (forum, IRC, Steam, etc) to your division admin, found on the UGC staff page.

5.5.2 Winning teams must report Match Results by Tuesday at 11:59pm (your local time zone). Contact Admins immediately if you can not meet that deadline, you may be granted a 24 hour extension by admin approval only. If the winning team leader has not reported a match result by 24 hours after a match is played, it is acceptable for the losing team to submit the Match Results. If a match is unplayed/unreported by Wednesday 11:59pm (your local time) and neither team has contacted UGC admins, both teams may receive forfeit losses in lue of a result. If you have made an error in reporting the scores, please send an e-mail to the appropriate league administrator. If there is a dispute over the reporting, see Section 10.

5.6. Forfeits

5.6.1. UGC defines a forfeit as the following:
Any team that fails to field at least the minimum required members (as noted above) after 15 minutes have elapsed from the agreed starting time. This applies to each individual round, but does not include break time agreed on by both teams.

5.6.1a Match Abandonment: Teams should play the match to completion. If a team abandons a match prematurely, that team forfeits the match as a whole. If a partial match has been played, the winning (non-forfeiting) team will be awarded full match points for the match only when the partial score is in their favor.

5.6.1b Bullying: Abandoned matches are subject to review.  Any team found to have bullied an opponent into leaving (rage quitting) through bad sportsmanship, (e.g. trash talk, spawn camping while ignoring map goal) is subject to disciplinary action (see Section 8: Sportsmanship).  This includes a minimum ban of 1 week and an overturned result of the match in question.  (Rule updated 6/24/2012)


5.6.2. Penalties for Forfeits

Teams will be removed from scheduling for repeated forfeiting. Teams removed may be temporarily set to not ready or permanently suspended at admin discretion. Teams should post details to match comms when your team has difficulty meeting a match arrangement, we will take match communication efforts into consideration when reviewing team suspensions.

5.6.3. Forfeit = Loss. Rankings include forfeit wins and losses. There are no forfeit makeup matches, neither for the winner nor loser.

6. Team Rankings and Titles [top]

6.1. Ranking. All UGC Teams are ranked on our current season's rankings web page. Rankings are reset after pre-season, so that only regular season matches are included in final rank calculations. Rank calculation is done using the values shown at the top of the rankings web page. The rankings page will automatically be updated as match results are accepted by admins each week of regular season matchplay.

6.2. Title Playoffs. Elimination playoffs are used after the end of regular season to determine the season's title winners or champions. The setup of these playoffs may vary slightly from season to season. Generally speaking, playoffs will be a 4 or 5-week single or double elimination bracket using rank seeding. Playoffs will be played on popular, mainstream maps.

6.2.1 After the last match in the regular season, playoff seeding is determined by regular season ranking of all teams as shown on our current season rank page.   UGC admins will determine the final regular season rankings after including all approved match results prior to playoffs. Seeding will then follow rank numbers.
6.2.2 Playoff Brackets - The current schedule web page will display playoff brackets during Playoff weeks.

6.2.3 Playoff Eligibility - Teams are allowed to miss no more than two (2) regular season matches to be eligible for playoffs. If teams miss more than two, they can continue to play out the season but will not be included in playoff brackets.

6.3. Final Ranking. - At the end of playoffs, a final season rank page will be kept for each season.  This is separate from any titles won by teams in playoffs.

6.4. Title Winners. Teams that are awarded season titles as part of our playoffs will be listed on our web page. We will keep a durable record of all season title winners and champions on our league web page.

7. League Maps [top]

7.1. Prior to the start of a season, maps are chosen by the UGC admins, team captains or a combination of both.  The full season's schedule is displayed on the webpage, with each week’s matches appearing on the schedule page. Teams can not change the map for any match. Doing so will result in a forfeit loss.

8. Sportsmanship [top]

8.1. Good sportsmanship is an important part of this league and all teams are to be treated with respect. Foul language may be considered offensive. If you are not sure if it's offensive, don't use it. Racism or bigotry of ANY kind which includes remarks that attack anyone's race, sex, religion, or sexual orientation is strictly prohibited and subject to suspension of all players involved. This goes for before, during and after any match.  Another example of poor sportsmanship is spawn camping while ignoring the map goals, such as camping the enemy spawn while ignoring the cart on a Payload map. We expect mutual respect between teams.

8.2. Recording Personal Demos

8.2.1. All players in a UGC match are required by UGC to record personal demos. This can be done by typing "record demoname" in console.

8.2.2. All demos must be saved for 2 weeks and must be given to an admin on request. Failure to provide requested demos may result in forfeits for the rounds the player participated in.

8.3. Team switching during a match is disruptive. Players team switching or going to Spectator during the live match play may be suspended.  Points earned that round may be removed if it is ruled that team switching affected the match.

8.4. Proof of bad sportsmanship should be brought to an administrator's attention privately. We will look over the accusation and make a decision. Server logs, SourceTV demos or POV demos from every player with a brief description of the dispute in .TXT format are required to be sent via e-mail to the head admin.

8.5. Actions

1st offense = 1 week suspension
2nd offense = 2 week suspension
3rd offense = Removal from the league

8.6. Administrators have the last word in all disputes. Arguing with their decision will result in a 2-week suspension.

8.7. PLEASE NOTE: The disciplinary actions outlined above are GUIDELINES. They are NOT written in stone. Actual punishments will be determined on a case-by-case basis and are most often chosen after considering the severity of the infraction, the infraction itself, and any previous infractions made by the player(s) in question.

9. Cheating [top]

9.1. There are so many methods of cheating it is impossible for us to list them all. However we will list some of the most common below.

9.2 Map & game engine exploits The intentional use of exploits of map flaws and game engine bugs is not allowed.

9.2a. Texture flaws Players are not allowed to use any map texture flaw to their advantage, including but not limited to; player clipping off map, placing sentry guns or other constructs off map, placing explosives of any kind in texture flaws, shooting through a flawed prop or door. If you have any questions about a particular in-game action or tactic, ask the admins before using it in a match.

9.2b. Steam Pipe With the introduction of Steam Pipe, some exploits have become possible. One example is using the 'retry' command to beat the respawn timer. Remember that use of ANY exploit results in an immediate ban for the player, an overturned match result and a warning placed on the team.

9.3. The use of ANY external program, wrapper or hook, be it a modified .dll, an .exe injecting hook, or ANY file or program that hooks on to the source engine and gives a player additional HUD information, attributes, abilities, or significantly alters gameplay is ILLEGAL and BANNABLE. This includes specifically (but not limited to) the use of a wallhack, aimbot, autodet, anticonc, speedhack, third person view, esp of any type, radar of any type, and trueaim ("sniper dot" for non-sniper classes.)

9.4. Using the server or console commands to give any part of your team an unfair advantage is cheating. This does not include scripts regarding flag status, class status, health status, incoming calls, or the like. If you are in doubt about a particular script, post it on our forum for advance approval by an admin.

9.5. All of the above will be considered cause for removal from the league, if proven guilty.

9.7. Anyone who is proven to have used a cheat in a match will be banned from match play in UGC and includes all divisions, mods and leagues.

9.8. The ban policy for the TF2 league will be a timed ban "three strikes you're out" policy.

First offense: 1 year ban
Second offense: 2 year ban
Third offense: permanent UGC ban

An offense is defined as active cheating in a match in ANY UGC league, or playing aliased while banned.

Aliasing is defined as altering your name, steamid and/or IP as a method to avoid the ban punishment and continue league play. Bans are issued to PERSONS not just to steamids.

9.9. Account-sharing

"Account-sharing" is defined as giving out the username/e-mail and password associated with your Steam account to a third-party. You must not permit another person to play UGC matches using your Steam account.

ALL parties caught sharing accounts in matches are subject to a ban.

10. Disputes [top]

10.1. Submitting a dispute

10.1.1. If you have a dispute to submit, log in via Steam and send an email using our email contact page. Be sure to include the following information: your team, the opponent team, what league and division the match was in, what Rules were broken, and any evidence you have. This must be done within 48 hours after the match is played.

10.1.2. By not submitting a dispute within the 48 hour period immediately after your match, you are acknowledging the fact that you did not find any fault with the other team's style of play in any way, shape, or form, even if they found fault with yours. In other words, should you find out a couple of days later that you are being disputed against, we will NOT accept any counter-disputes from your team. The only exception to this would be if a player is suspected of using a hack (i.e. aimbot, wallhack, anticonc, etc) during the match.

10.1.3. We encourage all teams who feel that their opponents did not play a clean game to dispute the match, regardless of what the outcome was. This will help us to locate and possibly remove all players and/or teams who have no regard for the Rules.

10.1.4. Before disputing a match and handing the logs/demos over to an admin, make sure there is sufficient evidence.

10.1.5. All disputes must include timestamps of the listed violations. You don't need to detail every single violation but timestamps are now required for disputes to be accepted. Please take the time to review the demos prior to submitting a dispute. Please give us as much detail as possible so we can better process the dispute.

10.2. Resolving a dispute

10.2.1. Administrators will try to handle all disputes as quickly as possible, however some disputes may require more time depending on the complexity.

10.2.2. Please help us in resolving the dispute by giving us all proof available including demos, screenshots and server logs [in raw form, not parsed]. Please do not email demos unless instructed.  Upload and include links to the evidence in your dispute.

10.2.3. While a dispute is pending, avoid public discussion of the match. Forum disputes about matches hinder fair resolutions.

10.3. Admins involved in a dispute

10.3.1. Any administrator who happens to play for a team that is involved in a dispute is not allowed to participate in that dispute due to conflict of interests.

10.4. Dispute penalties

10.4.1. Actions that result from a dispute may include changes to the match result or punitive actions taken with a player or team. Prior disputes may be used as a precedent and some penalties are defined or delimited in the Rules. However, all penalties are at the discretion of current league admins.

10.5. Dispute appeals

10.5.1. Teams involved in a dispute may submit an appeal ONCE and ONLY ONCE and must submit an appeal within 48 hours of receipt of dispute results. The appeal must be submitted to the dispute email address with the details of the appeal and may include new evidence. If the dispute team accepts the request the dispute will be reopened but only matters specifically written in the appeal will be re-addressed. The second ruling is final and no further appeals will be accepted.

11. Joining UGC [top]

11.1. All teams joining the league will be reviewed for team records, any past cheating allegations, and contact info given.

11.4. All teams must supply an active roster with Steam IDs to the UGC website on the team’s contact page BEFORE the first scheduled match can be played.

12. Rule Updates [top]

12.1. The Rules set forth on this page may be altered or updated at any time. It is the sole responsibility of every team/individual to keep up to date with these Rules.

12.2. In addition, admins may enforce map specific or general Rules at any time during the season. These Rules will be posted by the administrators on the main news page of the league. As long as these Rules are either on the news page or the Rules page, they WILL be enforced. It is YOUR responsibility to review the news page. If the post is deleted and the rule is not transferred to the official Rules page, it will no longer be enforced.

12.3. We at UGC reserve the right to interpret all of the Rules set forth on this page as we see fit in each situation, independent of each other. They should be clear enough, but in the event that there is some confusion about what a rule means or how it applies in a given situation, please ask an admin to clarify it BEFORE you break it. We will no longer accept any excuses that a rule was too unclear.

13. Agreement Policy [top]

13.1. Agreement Policy: If two teams playing each other wish to change a rule for their match or to allow a unrostered player to play and both teams agree to the change, captains from BOTH teams must contact their division admin PRIOR to the match and let them know what changes are being made for the match and that they agree to it. Banned players are excluded from this policy. Members have to be listed as team captains on their teams UGC website rosters to make the changes valid.  Someone who is not listed as team captain will NOT be given permission to make changes. Once both captains have contacted one of their division admins and the change has been approved, it will be permitted in match play. Most changes to matches will be accepted as long as they keep the playing field even. If both captains do not get to the division admin PRIOR to the match with their change agreements and the match is played with changes, the match may be declared void.

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