Congratulations to our UGC 6v6 Champions!

Sun, Aug 19, 2018 by doppel

A big congratulations to this seasons Champions! And an extra thank you to everyone who participated this season.

Compliments of achievement go out to our divisional and regional champions:

Australia / New Zealand
1st Place - Team :B1:
2nd Place - Seven
3rd Place - YeetStreet

South America
1st Place - SVIFT SA
2nd Place - SALEMIX
3rd Place - ZzZ 6s

1st Place - officer
2nd Place - SB
3rd Place - - B E -

NA Steel
1st Place - awoo
2nd Place - YVSLEW
3rd Place - SGC

NA Silver
1st Place - stop
2nd Place - BB
3rd Place - Daddy

NA Platinum
1st Place - IRENE
2nd Place - Lethal Voltage
3rd Place - AOUGHWOUGH

The site will soon be rolled over to Season 27 resulting in rosters, division changes, team name changes and time zone changes being unlocked. Sign-ups should open up shortly.

Thank you all for letting me serve you these past 4 years, as always, good luck and have fun!
- doppel
UGC Head Admin

  • New Team Signups for 6v6 Season 37 are OPEN
  • Wed, Oct 6 - Season 37 Begins
  • Season: 37
  • Number Match Weeks: 8