UGC 6v6 S30 Playoffs are approaching!

Thu, Jul 18, 2019 by gobitoe

6v6 S30 playoffs are in two weeks!

Reminder: Rosters will lock on 7/19/19 after the 4v4 match!

Playoffs format

Playoffs will be top 8 single-elimination for all divisions and regions, unless your region does not have 8 teams, and NA Plat is top 4 double-elimination.

Map Selection
The maps for playoffs will be Best of 3 utilizing the Map Elimination system.

Map Elimination will be used for choosing maps.

Map Elimination System (with each map played as 1 half only)

  1.  Home Team bans 1st map (8 choices)
  2.  Visiting Team bans 2nd map (7 choices)
  3.  Home Team picks Map #1 (6 choices)
  4.  Visiting Team picks Map #2 (5 choices)
  5.  Visiting Team bans 3rd map (4 choices)
  6.  Home Team picks Map #3 (3 choices)

Map #1 : Visiting Team picks starting color and map is played on Home Team's server.
Map #2 : Home Team picks starting color and map is played on Visiting Team's server.
Map #3 : Home Team picks starting color and map is played on Home Team's server.

Only maps played in regular season of the current season can be picked. Once a map is picked, it can't be picked again.
Map choices MUST be made in Match Comms in the proper order and will be reviewed by an admin.

Playoffs/Finals - BO3 Structure

Remember that during the Playoffs/Finals - Best of 3 Maps we play each map a little differently than we did during the regular season. Please read below:

  1.  KOTH Maps - Played to 3 wins. This map type cannot be tied.
  2.  CP Maps - Played to 4 wins or highest score after 30 minutes.**This map type can be tied after 30 minutes. If this occurs then you MUST play 1 additional Overtime round to determine the winner of the map. Whichever team caps all the points first in the OT round will be declared the winner of that map. If neither team manages to capture all points during the first OT round, a second special OT round is to be played. In this round, whichever team caps the center CP first wins the game. Note: This ONLY occurs if a 2nd OT round is actually needed.
  3. Stopwatch Maps - Played as *1 half (i.e. each team attacks and defends once).* These map types cannot be tied. Optional: Teams may agree to play Stopwatch like a normal match instead of just 1 half, but both must post their agreement in Match Comms prior to the match.


  • Each map win counts as 1 point
  • Possible scores are: 2-1 or 2-0
  • Please post the map list you played and the scores per map in the Match Writeup box when you submit the scores.

Season Medals
As a reminder, all players will receive a participation medal assuming they were rostered on a team for a majority of the season. The top 3 teams in their respective divisions will earn a placement medal.


Team Admins: Login by Steam or Battlenet to access your Team Admin panel. Or use the Team Admin Login below to use your dedicated username/password.

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