Updates to the UGC League - Summer 2019

Fri, Apr 12, 2019 by Cat Agent

Hello everyone!

We are rolling out some new changes to help make this next season fun for everyone! As you all know, we are in the process of implementing new maps, so i' d like to thank everyone who has voted in the polls so far. They will be closing in the next few weeks, so please help us to fill them out so we can receive your feedback!

Next season will start on June 3rd, so start to prepare your teams and new team submissions are over! Rosters will unlock shortly after the last playoff match. This next season, we are going to try a few things for Highlander! If these things seem like a bad idea, simply shoot one of us a message on Discord, we are looking for as much feedback as possible.

We are going to shorten the season for Highlander to 9 weeks, 6 weeks for the regular plus the standard playoff weeks. It will start the same time as everyone else but simply end sooner, if you think this is a good or bad idea, or if you think we should look at shortening 6's or 4's for summer, let us know!

Second thing, we have listened to those NA teams who says Monday's match date is a big issue! To help the NA teams, we are going to be moving the official map date to Sunday for all of NA highlander. You are, of course, able to reschedule to Monday.

Lastly, we are bringing back old divisions! This will be announced further on more near June, but we have listened and are reworking the divisions.

Oh, and yes guys, we are aware that medals from last season and this season still have not been added to the game. We are actively working to get these medals added as soon as we can, but please understand it is up to Valve to add them, and there's not a whole lot we can do.

Please feel free to message any of the admins if you have any feedback, thanks! :)

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