HLPugs.tf - A Highlander Captain Draft PUG System - Now Open Beta!!!

Sun, Nov 5, 2017 by Kumori

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Website URL: https://HLPugs.tf

Inspired by PUG services such as PugChamp and similar to the past IRC channels of tf2-mix.nahl and tf2.pug.nahl, HLPugs.tf is a Highlander draft-organized system where captains choose from an available pool of players in order to create highly competitive and balanced matches. This project aims to be transparent with our players and maintain the integrity of our community through democratic decision-making. With the continued and dedicated support of the Highlander community, we hope to provide a service that will allow for the combination of respect, care, and most importantly fun for everyone that uses it.

After over month and a half of tedious alpha testing (thank you everyone who participated in the alpha!), we ironed out many of the issues and bugs that were present with the service. Thus, as we transition into an open beta stage, we hope that there will not be any substantially key issues that will affect your experience.

With this open beta release, we want as much feedback and input as possible! Whether these are small bugs that we have not yet found or features that you wish to be added to the project, we wish to improve this service as much as possible.


  • PUG controlled through a server plugin: Swaps players to the correct team and class when pug starts, keeps track of the game’s scoreline, formats the server for the next PUG, and logs PUG statistics for each player
  • Substitution System: Captain chooses which players to substitute in through the web interface
  • Fast connection info string when PUG draft ends
  • Overview panel to see access bans, admin logs, and rankings of players
  • User Profiles: Wins, losses, replacement statistics, and total number of games played on each class
  • Unique button that adds a player to all nine classes PUG notification through Discord: Discord webhook that announces whenever 18 players are readied up
  • Works in Steam overlay
  • Active developers
  • Kegaman VoicePack
  • No Ads
  • Admins that are not terrible

Steam Group (Feel free to invite your friends!)

Discord (For anyone to use in order to get notified when a PUG goes live, suggest feedback, talk to the support team, or submit any questions to the team.)

Patreon (If you wish to support our project)

Many thanks to everyone in the community for their continued support into allowing this project to happen. You all deserve it.

  • Sun, Jun 16, 19
    Season 28 for NA Begins
  • Mon, Jun 17, 19
    Season 28 Begins
  • Wed, Jun 5, 19
    Season 30 Begins
  • Fri, Jun 7, 19
    Season 17 Begins
  • Mon, Apr 29, 19
    Signups open for Season 10
  • Mon, May 20, 19
    Season 10 matches start
  • Wed, May 29, 19
    Signups close
  • Mon, Jul 22, 19
    Rosters lock for playoffs