UGC TF2 Summer 2019 Whitelist Update

Fri, May 31, 2019 by gobitoe

Hi everyone, here are our whitelist changes for the upcoming season! The downloads are linked below.


No changes.


UGC follows the global whitelist, which is a whitelist used across leagues for the 6v6 format. The changes made in may were;

  • Banning: Diamondback
  •  Unbanning: Atomizer, Dragon’s Fury, Mantreads

You can read the full article here:



With the nature of the game mode, even 1 pick is extremely vital in 4v4. As is, Engineer can be very strong on King of the Hill maps with his defensive capabilities. With usually only 3 damage classes available, having to fight a Wrangled leveled Sentry Gun can cause for unfair and unbreakable point holds.

  • Banning: Wrangler


If you have any questions, feel free to join our discord!

Good luck and have fun!

UGC Admins

  • Mon, Oct 28, 19
    Preseason starts!
  • Mon, Nov 4, 19
    Placement Matches R1
  • Wed, Nov 6, 19
    Placement Matches R2
  • Fri, Nov 8, 19
    Placement Matches R3
  • Mon, Nov 11, 19
    Week 1 starts