The Back Alley Pub


The Bone Zone

Match Week: 0 , Default Date: Mon Sep 09


Game Details

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The Back Alley Pub 0
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The Bone Zone 0


The Bone Zone

Total Score: ( 0 - 0 )
( 0 - 0 ) ( 0 - 0 ) ( 0 - 0 ) Points.
2.5 Matchpoints.
Match Write-up

{BL!} BLAQKL!GHT (: The Bone Zone wins due to a forfeit from The Back Alley Pub. Here is the chat: ww-AC Ianderson: Hey, we can't make the match. To many people are offline. {BL!} BLAQKL!GHT (.L.O.): Do you want to wait until 9:45? {BL!} BLAQKL!GHT (.L.O.): how many are you missing? ww-AC Ianderson: 3 {BL!} BLAQKL!GHT (.L.O.): can you get ringers? {BL!} BLAQKL!GHT (.L.O.): or subs? {BL!} BLAQKL!GHT (.L.O.): I'd hate to have to cancel ww-AC Ianderson: Nevermind 4 now, one just told me hes going to sleep. ww-AC Ianderson: Sorry. {BL!} BLAQKL!GHT (.L.O.): alright, well do you want to post on the UGC forums for me? Sorry that this happened :/ ww-AC Ianderson: Winner does, so thats you guys. {BL!} BLAQKL!GHT (.L.O.): alright then {BL!} BLAQKL!GHT (.L.O.): sorry about that {BL!} BLAQKL!GHT (.L.O.): gl the rest of your season ww-AC Ianderson: You too. Maybe we can scrim some time. {BL!} BLAQKL!GHT (.L.O.): absolutely

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MONDAY of each week.

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North America 9:30pm EST
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  2. (2) Eastern Teams: 19:00 CET
  3. (1) Western & (1) Eastern Team: 20:00 CET
South America 21:00 UTC-3
AUS/NZ 8:00pm Sydney Time
Asian 9:30pm Seoul Time

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  • Schedules are posted on Wednesday or Thursday of each week.
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  • Team Leaders can agree to play at an earlier day or time in Match Comms.
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  • Each week, the schedules are based on the prior week's match results.
  • Opponents are chosen so that the teams have near equal ranks.
  • Match Results must be turned in by the winning team by Tuesday (at midnight EST).
  • New Team Signups for HL Season 31 are OPEN
  • HL Season 31 Starts - Mon Jun 8, 2020
  • HL Season 31 - Default match day for all regions is Monday.
  • HL Season 31 - Fulltime Rosterlock - Tues Jul 21, 2020
  • HL Season 31 - Playoffs Start - Mon Aug 3, 2020
  • Mon, Jun 8 - HL Season 31 Week 1 Begins
  • Tue, Jun 16 - HL Season 31 Signups Close
  • Tue, Jul 21 - HL Season 31 Fulltime Rosterlock
  • Mon, Aug 3 - HL Season 31 Playoffs Start
  • Mon, Aug 17 - HL Season 31 Grand Finals
  • Season: 31
  • Number Match Weeks: 8
  • Roster Lock:
  • Team Max Players: 21