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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Mankut
TF2 4vs4 - Gold N.Amer
Translucent Fece     6/13/2016

The New Generation Crew
TF2 Highlander - NA Platinum
Translucent Fece     6/26/2017

Vanilla Dice
TF2 6vs6 - NA Platinum
feces     5/8/2019

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TF2 Highlander Medals
TF2 6vs6 Medals
  • Season 23 NA Platinum
    IRENE as Translucent Feces
  • Season 22 NA Platinum
    the boys as Translucent Feces
  • Season 20 NA Gold
    Royals as poop that's translucent
  • Season 19 NA Gold
    Renegades as Translucent Feces
  • Season 15 NA Silver
    Banana'd and Outsmarted! as Translucent Feces
TF2 4vs4 Medals