Path to Greatness #1 Playoff Brackets

Match Maps Default day Fixtures
Preseason Match Dorado/Oasis/Temple Of Anubis (OT: Busan) Mon Oct 28 SHOW
Placements R1 King's Row/Nepal/Volskaya Industries (OT: Ilios) Mon Nov 04 SHOW
Placements R2 Watchpoint Gibraltar/Lijiang Tower/Hanamura (OT: Oasis) Wed Nov 06 SHOW
Placements R3 Route 66/Ilios/Horizon Lunar Colony (OT: Nepal) Fri Nov 08 SHOW
Week 1.1 Junkertown/Busan/Paris (OT: Lijiang Tower) Mon Nov 11 SHOW
Week 1.2 Hollywood/Oasis/Temple of Anubis (OT: Busan) Wed Nov 13 SHOW
Week 2.1 Numbani/Nepal/Hanamura (OT: Ilios) Mon Nov 18 SHOW
Week 2.2 Blizzard World/Lijang Tower/Volskaya Industries (OT: Oasis) Wed Nov 20 SHOW
Thanksgiving Off Week TBA Mon Nov 25 SHOW
Week 3.1 Eichenwalde/Ilios/Paris (OT: Nepal) Mon Dec 02 SHOW
Week 3.2 Havana/Busan/Horizon Lunar Colony (OT: Lijiang Tower) Wed Dec 04 SHOW
Playoffs R1 Route 66/Lijang Tower/Hanamura (OT: Oasis) Mon Dec 09 SHOW
Semi-finals King's Row/Nepal/Volskaya Industries (OT: Ilios) Wed Dec 11 SHOW
Semi Finals (A tier) / Grand Finals (S & B Tier) Best of 5 Series (First to 3) Mon Dec 16 SHOW
Grand Finals (A tier) Best of 5 Series (First to 3) Wed Dec 18 SHOW
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