Sun, Jul 5, 2015 by Snowblindfrog

The following changes are effective immediately.

The following items are now banned

  1. The Air Strike
  2. Dalakohs Bar/Fishcake
  3. The Sydney Sleeper

Please download an updated copy of the HL whitelist from our Downloads Page. Make sure to have this whitelist on your server prior to your match this week!

Also, players are not permitted to pickup dropped Medic secondary weapons under any circumstances. This includes; the Medi Gun, the Kritzkrieg, the Quick-Fix and the Vaccinator. Please note: If you have SourceMod installed on your server you can use the following command to prevent dropped weapons from being picked up sm_cvar tf_dropped_weapon_lifetime 0

If you play your match on a server that does not have an updated whitelist please inform the other team of the changes in this news post before you begin playing. The match can still be played on that server, but each team will be responsible for adhering to the changes in this news post.
If you have reminded the opposing team about the changes in this news post and they refuse to follow them then please PAUSE the match and contact an admin. Please first try to contact your ­Division Manager via Steam. If your Division Manager is unavailable then try messaging an admin in our ­­IRC Chat Support #ugc-tf2­­ channel.

Wed, Jul 1, 2015 by Snowblindfrog

This week's map - Map: koth_ashville_rc1 (use server cfg: ugc_HL_koth.cfg) - Match Play:­ The winning team is the first to reach ­4­ total­ points. The match is played in two halves. The first half is over when one team scores 3 points. The second half is over when one team scores their 4th cumulative point (including points scored in the first


Thu, Jun 25, 2015 by Snowblindfrog

This week's map - Map: pl_badwater_pro_v7 ­(use server cfg: ugc_HL_stopwatch.cfg) - Match Play:­ Stopwatch maps are played in 2 halves where each team attacks once and defends once in each half. The Home team decides ­whether to attack first or defend first in the first half­ only. A team is considered to win the half when they capture the same


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  • Tue, Jun 9 - Highlander Sign-up Close
  • Tue, Jul 14 - Full Roster lock for Highlander
  • Mon, Jul 27 - Playoffs Start for all division except NA Platinum
  • Mon, Aug 3 - Playoffs Start for NA Platinum
  • Mon, Aug 17 - Grand Finals Matchs
  • Season: 16
  • Number Match Weeks: 15
  • Roster Lock:
  • Team Max Players: 21