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A big congratulations to every team that made it to the playoffs! The playoff brackets are slowly being populated as Week 8 comes to a close. Once all matches have been accepted and disputes have been settled in your division I will start populating the bracket for your division. So please check back often. All brackets and schedules are projected to be out by Friday July 18th at the latest. Remember that things need to move very quickly during the playoffs. The latest you can play Monday matches is Tuesday night. The latest you can play Lower Bracket Thursday matches is Saturday night.

Official Playoff Brackets

Match Play
- Map: cp_steel
- Use server cfg: ­ugc_HL_stopwatch.cfg
- Match Play:­ Attack/Defend maps (aka Stopwatch maps) are played in 2 or 3 separate match-rounds. Both­ teams take­ turns attacking and defending in each map round. ­The scoring mechanism is based on time (aka stopwatch). Each match-round is won by whichever team can capture the points the fastest. The team with the most number of match-round wins after 2 or 3 match-rounds wins the match.­ Possible match scores are 2-0 or 2-1 only. See this ­­­forum thread­­ for more details, resources and­ extra news.

Match-round 1:
Team A attacks and Team B defends,
Team B attacks and Team A defends

Match-round 2:
Teams manually switch sides.**
Team B attacks and Team A defends,
Team A attacks and Team B defends.

Match-round 3 (tiebreaker only):
Teams manually switch sides again.**
Team A attacks and Team B defends,
Team B attacks and Team A defends.


Yes flames and phlog through the A door are allowed!



Team Leader action-items:
- Remember that you­ are required to post in your Match Communications panel every week.­Use the Match Comms to coordinate the match date, time, and server.­NOTE: Admins may refuse to accept forfeit results when no match comms have been posted by either team!
- Teams are not allowed to change out the map for this match under any circumstances.
- The winning Team Captain should report the match score as soon as the match is over

If you have any questions, please msg and admin in­­­­ IRC Chat Support #ugc-tf2­ or contact us via email located on our ­­­­­Support Page


Wed, Jul 9, 2014 by Snowblindfrog

LAST MATCH BEFORE PLAYOFFS!!! Match Play - Map: koth_ashville_rc1 - Use server cfg: "ugc_HL_koth.cfg" - Match Play:­ The winning team is the first to reach 4 ­­­total ­


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