New Team Sign Up

Current Seasons are in progress.

We open our leagues for new teams prior to each season. Sign ups close soon after each season begins.

Status for Each League
TF2 HL9v9
TF2 6v6
TF2 4v4
Dota 2

Note: Players can join existing teams during each league's Regular Seasons. Team Rosters will be locked during Playoffs.

STEP 1 ...Sign-in by Steam

Login via Steam and return to this page via the main menu link.

Why Sign in through Steam?
By signing in through Steam, will be able to identify you within the Steam Community and retrieve your public community info. The Steam website will not reveal your steam username or password to at any time.

Good Luck and Have Fun competing in the UGC League!

Notes For New Teams

Once you have filled in form...

This application will be reviewed by an Admin, and when your team is accepted you will be notified of your Clan Leader's Login and Password for our website.
(If you do not recieve notifcation within one week, please find a League Admin in the IRC channel for the game you are joining, or contact the Admin via an email address found on our staff page.)

* Check your email's spam folder if you are missing your team acceptance/ leader login email.

Once your team/clan has been accepted to a game league, you can begin the setup of your team. As team/clan leader, you will be able to access all UGC pages pertaining to your team. Please setup your clan/team as soon as possible.
Clan Leaders will have a dedicated menu for their Team:

Match List - List shows matches as they are scheduled each week, view match details to each match, including the match comm section to message your opponent each week.
My Team/Clan Details - You set your Clan's info; email, server IP, website.
My Team/Clan Roster - You add players and their steam id's to your Clan's roster. You also set Clan Co-Leaders.
Report Scores Page - You report the score for matches that you Win.

  • Wed, Dec 3 - Signups Open for Season 3
  • Sat, Jan 3 - Players can sign into our MMR System - login by Steam, go to Team Membership, click MMR Bot Update
  • Wed, Jan 14 - Signups Close for Season 3
  • Sun, Jan 18 - Season 3 Preseason Starts!
  • Wed, Mar 18 - Rosters lock for playoffs
  • Fri, Mar 20 - Roster Lock
  • Sun, Mar 22 - Full Roster Lock for Season 4