Team Owner Login

Team Owner Logins are disabled for today.

It is possible that a hacker and banned cheating player gained access to our stored passwords for team owner accounts on our UGC website. (Not your steam account)

When logins are reactivated, you will be asked to change your team leader password.

If you used the same password on other accounts outside of UGC, or on our forums, you should immediately change those passwords.

Thank You.

Player Sign-in by Steam

Login to Manage your Player Account:

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  • Your Player Account Details
  • Read Match Info & Match Comms
  • Roster Co-Leaders can Post to Comms

Why sign in through Steam?
By signing in through Steam, will be able to identify you within the Steam Community and retrieve your public community info.The Steam website will not reveal your steam username or password to UGC at any time.

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  • Wed, Mar 18 - Rosters lock for playoffs
  • Season: 14
  • Number Match Weeks: 14
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  • Team Max Players: 21