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  Congratulations Highlander S12 Winners

Mon, Apr 21, 2014 by Snowblindfrog  

Congratulations to all of our Season 12­ Highlander champions! Thank you to everyone for making this a fantastic season!

Platinum Champions
Gentlemen's Club (North America)
Stacked (Europe)
velox Ðestruo (AUS/NZ)


Platinum Runners Up
MenaceToSociety (North America)
Tourettes Chessclub (Europe)
Body-Shot Gaming (AUS/NZ)


NA Gold
1st Place - Pregame Tryhards
2nd Place - Kids Next Door

EU Gold
1st Place - Super Dickmann's
2nd Place - buck fitches

NA Silver
1st Place - Smokin' Trees and Strokin 3's
2nd Place - KYLE SHIN

EU Silver
1st Place - Max Play Highlander Team
2nd Place - Team Gidro Coféeee

NA Steel
1st Place - All Is Dust
2nd Place - 4L

EU Steel
1st Place - Accurate Luck
2nd Place - Elite Squad

NA Iron
1st Place - Shylanders
2nd Place - The Weilanders

EU Iron
1st Place - The Bears
2nd Place - The Sexxy's

South America
1st Place - Squishers e-Sports
2nd Place - Restaurante De Wesker

1st Place - Simply Beige
2nd Place - Medic Picks

1st Place - Daddy's House
2nd Place - Ask the Wind

Image provided by­ iKonakona

Current Items

League Dates
  • Sun, Apr 6 - Registration Opens for Summer Seasons
  • Mon, Apr 21 - Open Rosters, Division Requests, Team Name Changes
  • Mon, May 19 - Season 13 Begins, Preason Match Day
  • Mon, May 26 - 1st Regular Season Match
League Announcements
Team Leaders: Build rosters now, your team will be placed into skill divisions soon.
HL Platinum Top Wins
Dunning-Kruger Effec (0-0)
fiddle eSports (0-0)
Pregame Tryhards (0-0)
Street Hoops eSports (0-0)
Team Colonslash: Cru (0-0)
The Electric Temptat (0-0)

  HL S12 Playoffs Grand Finals - Best of 3

Tue, Apr 8, 2014   by Snowblindfrog

Congratulations to all teams that made it to the Grand Finals & 3rd Place Run-off Matches!

Official Playoff Brackets

Final Matches are played Best of 3 Maps.

  • Map 1: Home Team picks Map 1, Visiting Team picks starting color on Map 1 - Map is played on Home team's server.
  • Map 2: Visiting Team picks Map 2, Home Team picks starting color on Map 2 - Map is player on Visiting team's server.
  • Map 3: If a Tiebreaker is needed, Teams will play Koth_pro_viaduct_rc4 and Home Team picks starting color - Map is played on Home team's server.
  • Maps are played as one regular-season round (or "half").
  1. KOTH Maps - Played to 3 wins. This map type cannot be tied.
  2. CP Maps - Played to 4 wins or highest score after 30 minutes. This map type can be tied after 30 minutes. If this occurs then you MUST play 1 additional Over Time round to determine the winner of the map. Whichever team caps all the points first in the OT round will be declared the winner of that map.­If neither team manages to capture all points during the OT round, a special "sudden death" round is played. During this round, players are not allowed to leave spawn after death, and the team that captures all points or eliminates all enemy players wins.
  3. Payload and AD Maps - Played as­1 Stopwatch Matchround or "half­" where; (Home Team­attacks and Visiting Team­defends then­Visiting Team attacks and Home Team defends).­ These map types cannot be tied.
  • Optional: Teams may agree to play Payload/AD as a best-of-3 rounds, but both must post their agreement in match comms prior to match.
  • Only maps played in regular season or playoffs of the current Season can be picked.

Map choices must be made and posted to the Match Comms by 11:59 PM (your local time zone)­on Saturday April 12th.

If one team does not make a map choice then pl_badwater­ is to be played as their pick.

Teams can still agree on map changes after Saturday, but they must be mutually agreed upon and posted in the match comms.



  • Each map win counts as 1 point
  • Possible scores are: 2-1 or 2-0
  • Please post detail map scores in the Match Writeup box when you submit your score


Matches without Match Comms and a Match Writeup with detailed map scores­will not be accepted!


  HL S12 Playoffs Week 3 - Badwater

Wed, Apr 2, 2014   by Snowblindfrog

Congratulations to the teams that made it to the Semifinals!

Official Playoff Brackets

Match Play
- Map: pl_badwater
- Use server cfg: ­ugc_HL_stopwatch.cfg
- Match Play:­ Attack/Defend maps (aka Stopwatch maps) are played in 2 or 3 separate match-rounds. Both­ teams take­ turns attacking and defending in each map round. ­The scoring mechanism is based on time (aka stopwatch). Each match-round is won by whichever team can capture the points the fastest. The team with the most number of match-round wins after 2 or 3 match-rounds wins the match.­ Possible match scores are 2-0 or 2-1 only. See this­­forum thread­­­for more details, resources and­ extra news.


Match-round 1:
Team A attacks and Team B defends,
Team B attacks and Team A defends

Match-round 2:
Teams manually switch sides.**
Team B attacks and Team A defends,
Team A attacks and Team B defends.

Match-round 3 (tiebreaker only):
Teams manually switch sides again.**
Team A attacks and Team B defends,
Team B attacks and Team A defends.
Team Leader action-items:

- You are required to post in your Match Communications panel every week.­Use the Match Comms to coordinate the match date, time, and server. NOTE: Admins may refuse to accept forfeit results when no match comms have been posted by either team!
- Teams are not allowed to change to a non-official week map under any circumstances
- The winning Team Captain should report the match score as soon as the match is over
- If your team cannot play, report your status in Match Comms and/or to an admin (see our "Support Page" link below)­

If you have any questions, please msg and admin in IRC (#ugc-tf2) or contact us via email located on our ­Support Page



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