Tue, Aug 25, 2015 by Snowblindfrog

Congratulations to all of our Season 16­ Highlander champions!

Platinum Champions
MenaceToSociety (North America)
Samsung Galaxy Gang (Europe)
Soup-A-Stars (AUS/NZ)

Platinum Runners Up
Kids Next Door (North America)
WASP (Europe)
No Kids Here! (AUS/NZ)

NA Gold
1st Place - Pepe Peddlers
2nd Place - bonus! Points

EU Gold
1st Place - Beyblade Bonanza Extravaganza
2nd Place - Doctors Of Mediocrity

NA Silver
1st Place - Steel Scrubs vs. World
2nd Place - Super Fast Lightning Quails

EU Silver
1st Place - Abrupt Gang
2nd Place - Budget Toucans

NA Steel
1st Place - Glamour Squad
2nd Place - The Killer Hats

EU Steel
1st Place - eXtremists.
2nd Place - Bombers squad

NA Iron
1st Place - Good Grief
2nd Place - Stupid is Cool

EU Iron
1st Place - Candy Wrapper
2nd Place - Malicious Medicine

South America Steel
1st Place - EndespeL
2nd Place - Original Gangsters HL

AUS/NZ Steel
1st Place - Diruo Division
2nd Place - Sailor Moons

Asia Steel
1st Place - 0u0
2nd Place - Walaos 2015


The site has been rolled over to Season 17 and rosters, division changes and team names changes are all now unlocked!


Thu, Aug 13, 2015 by Snowblindfrog

Congratulations to all teams that made it to the­­ Grand Finals­ & ­3rd Place Run-off Matches! Official Playoff Brackets Final Matches are played Best of 3 Maps (Maps are


Thu, Aug 6, 2015 by Snowblindfrog

This week's map cp_gullywash_final1 (use server cfg: ugc_HL_standard.cfg) Match Play The winning team is the first to score 5 TOTAL round wins, or the highest score after two halves. Halves can end when either the 30 min time limit is reached or when the cap limit of 4 is reached. OT: A tied total score results in an Overtime (OT) ro


  • Sign-up Open for Highlander Season 17
  • Mon, Aug 17 - Sign-up Open for Highlander Season 17
  • Mon, Sep 28 - Week 1 of Highlander Season 17
  • Tue, Oct 6 - Highlander Sign-up Close
  • Season: 16
  • Number Match Weeks: 15
  • Roster Lock:
  • Team Max Players: 21