Contact UGC Admins

Four ways to contact us:
1. File a Support Ticket
  • Our preferred contact method is through our new Support Ticket system. There are 2 ways to file a ticket:
    1.) As a player; Login to the site by Steam and from your player homepage click League Support > Support Tickets
    2.) As a Leader; Login with your special Leader account and from your leader homepage click League Support > Support Tickets.
2. Contact Admins via Discord
3. Contact Admins via Steam Messaging.
  • All current admins are listed on our staff page, click here.
  • Send an email to all admins - "admins@ this domain".
4. Contact the League Owner.
  • Send an email to the league owner - "fornaught@ this domain"..
Thank you.

Team Admins: Login by Steam or Battlenet to access your Team Admin panel. Or use the Team Admin Login below to use your dedicated username/password.

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