The following files are required for servers used for matches in the Team Fortress 2 Highlander League.

Highlander Server Config Files

  UGC Highlander Configs
UGC HL Server Config Files
Updated on May 25th, 2022

Installation Instructions:
1. Left-click and save file as.
2. Unzip file.
3. Upload file to you TF2 server. Place file in to your server cfg folder. Address of folder: */tf/cfg

The Zip file contains all of the following server files:
ugc_HL_koth.cfg, ugc_HL_standard.cfg, ugc_HL_stopwatch.cfg, ugc_HL_custom.cfg, ugc_HL_base.cfg, ugc_off.cfg

Recent Changes to cfg:
-added tf_spec_xray "0"
-added QoL changes from twiikuu

  UGC Highlander Season 37 Whitelist
Offical UGC Highlander Whitelist
Updated on Sept 19, 2021

Recent Changes to Whitelist:

Installation Instructions:
1. Right-click and save file as.
2. Upload the item whitelist to you TF2 server. Place file in to your server cfg folder. Address of folder: */tf/cfg
The whitelist will load automatically when you execute the league server cfg file before each match.

Auto-Update: (optional)
1. Install TFTrue on your server.
2. Install UGC Highlander Config Files.
The TFTrue plugin will download the most current whitelist from every time the UGC config is executed.

Banned Weapons:
Mad Milk
Gas Passer
Scorch Shot
Short Circuit

Team Admins: Login by Steam or Battlenet to access your Team Admin panel. Or use the Team Admin Login below to use your dedicated username/password.

Team Admin Login
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  • Sun, Jan 28 - TF2 Highlander Season 42 Beginning Soon
  • Season: 42
  • Number Match Weeks: 8
  • Roster Lock:
  • Team Max Players: 21