Final Ranking for Season 10

Teams ranks are determined by the following factors; Number of Wins, Matchpoints, Matches Played, Losses, (PD)'Points Differential', (PF)'Points For' and (PA)'Points Against'.

NA Platinum

RankTeam TagTeam NameWinsLossMp +/-StrkWin %PFPAPDGPTZ 
1mTs MenaceToSociety 7137+62W0.875214178EastActive
2bpm Baby Punching Marathon 7136.25+65W0.875235188EastActive
3-.- All we do is Huynh 6228+44W0.750181088EastActive
4DEATHFORCE9 DEATH FORCE 9 5326.5+21W0.625198118EastActive
5@@VROOM@@ Tonka Truck Bedsheets 5325.25+21W0.6251213-18EastActive
6bfl` Blunderful 4421.2501L0.5001016-68EastActive
7tLB The Last Bosses 3516-22L0.375518-138EastActive
8SUPER! Super Dumptrucks 1713.5-64L0.125623-178Active
9A9 The Asylum 3517-21L0.375817-98
102ft 2feet 138-21L0.25037-44
11BA Bottom Anorexics 125-12L0.33326-43
12bonus! bonus! Points 221001L0.5006424Not Ready
-Grande Get Grande'd 00000.00000- 0Not Ready
-ginyu Ginyu Force 00000.00000- 0Not Ready
-naked_ Playing Naked 00000.00000- 0EastNot Ready
-+fwd +forward 00000.00000- 0East
-AW Axl Wat 00000.00000- 0West
-[DMS] Death Marked Soldiers 00000.00000- 0East
-kLite Kimberlite Council 00000.00000- 0East

Euro Platinum

RankTeam TagTeam NameWinsLossMp +/-StrkWin %PFPAPDGPTZ 
1TP Team Poland 7136.25+61W0.875236178West EuroActive
2#SDW SDW 6234+41L0.7502111108West EuroActive
3itsallgood itsallgood 6230+44W0.750227158West EuroActive
4|Ks| Kill Switch 5330.5+22W0.625151238East EuroActive
5-st- Stacked 5325+22W0.625151148West EuroActive
6o/ marbled polecats 5324+21L0.625161338West EuroActive
7{GG} Gangsta Gang European Highlander 4423.7501W0.500141408West EuroActive
8TC.Crash Team Colonslash: Crash 4423.502W0.5001318-58West EuroActive
9-chess- Tourettes Chessclub 4422.501W0.500913-48West EuroActive
10MS The Matchsticks 4320.75+12L0.571161337East EuroActive
11science :) 8-hydroxyfuranocoumarin 8-O-methyltransferase 4417.502L0.500910-18East EuroActive
12[AD] [After.Dark] 4413.7501W0.500112-118West EuroActive
13T-A!:S T-A!: Sigma 3519.5-21L0.3751118-78West EuroActive
14THI Team HandBlob Intercept 3518.25-22L0.375515-108Active
15#mangomunchers OverPowered 235-11L0.40006-65West EuroActive
16BFE Beasts From The East 249.5-22L0.33329-76East Euro
17AeS AhPub e-Sports 150-43L0.16702-26West Euro
18[ewe] Sheeple sponsored by Top Lel e-sports 010-11L0.0000001West Euro
19¹RW One Round Wonders 149.5-32L0.20079-25West EuroNot Ready
-Oz' Osmoz' 00000.00000- 0West EuroActive
-Raw Raw Deal 00000.00000- 0West EuroNot Ready
-paste Pick up the Paste 00000.00000- 0West Euro
-Rambase Rambase 00000.00000- 0West Euro
-switch* The Sand Witches 00000.00000- 0West Euro

NA Gold

RankTeam TagTeam NameWinsLossMp +/-StrkWin %PFPAPDGPTZ 
1RANCH Self-Sustaining Mexican Cat Ranch 8040+88W1.000266208EastActive
2501?? Joint Fighter Wing 7135+63W0.875248168EastActive
39AM Nine In A Million 6233.75+41W0.750211748EastActive
47! Seven Years Dungeon! 5332.5+21L0.625201468EastActive
5AT AlphaTango 5330.25+21W0.625201558EastActive
69 v 9 Victims 5330+21W0.625201648EastActive
7© Copyright 5329+21L0.625191548EastActive
8Qt Cuties 5328.75+21W0.625161608WestActive
9Pts! MaxPoints! 5225+31L0.71412847EastActive
10Se The Subspace Emissaries 5323+21W0.625131128Active
11in HD Handsome Ducklings 4425.502W0.500161338EastActive
12gd Gold Diggas 442501L0.500201378Active
13BRB,U Be Right Back, Uninstalling 4424.501L0.500171348EastActive
14~~~ GIMME THE BEAM 4424.503W0.500151238EastActive
15BARK The Barkin' Sharks 442101L0.500912-38EastActive
16ToB Tint of Blue 3525.75-23L0.375181808EastActive
17micgao+ micgao+8 3525.25-21W0.3751518-38EastActive
18#BGOPGP Board Game Online Professional Gamers Public 3518.5-21W0.375918-98EastActive
19¡Brushie! Colgate and the Toothbrushes 3518-24L0.3751121-108EastActive
20[BADmin] Admin Abuse! 3517.5-21L0.375519-148EastActive
21rules! GOLD TEAM 3517-22L0.3751318-58EastActive
22merp merp it up 2315-11L0.40079-25East
23WNx Warrior Nation 2211.2502L0.5008714East
24zany zany boys 1611.5-54L0.143916-77East
25grillgamerz George Foreman & the Grill Gamerz 042.5-44L0.000113-124East
26HT^ Heating up 134-22L0.25045-14WestNotActive, see admins
-ftm In It For The Medal 00000.00000- 0EastNot Ready

NA Silver (Red)

RankTeam TagTeam NameWinsLossMp +/-StrkWin %PFPAPDGPTZ 
1:3c Animal Farm 8038+88W1.000229138EastActive
2C9 Cloud 9 7138+62W0.875245198EastActive
3(STAG) Stag Party 6234.5+42W0.7502210128EastActive
4COOP THE CHICKEN COOP 6234+42W0.750219128WestActive
5FF Fave Five 6232.5+41W0.7502211118EastActive
6thg Dunning-Kruger Effect 6230.5+41L0.7502010108EastActive
7¤§¤ §omething §erious 6230+45W0.750209118EastActive
8party! Party Cats 6230+42W0.750191368EastActive Aurora Lights 6229+41L0.750191188WestActive
10/sTG\ seriously Trashed Gamers 5332.5+22W0.625181538EastActive Tyro Raid 5332+21W0.625201378WestActive
12$M The Dollar Menu 5328.5+22W0.625191278EastActive
13�R~ �gua Ruim 5328.5+23W0.625191728EastActive
14.knd Kids Next Door 5327.5+21L0.625219128EastActive
15jk! Just Kidding 5327.5+21L0.625181538EastActive
16RtC Roll the Chat 5327.5+22L0.625171438Active
17DTF « Down To Fight 5327.5+21W0.625171528Active
18Bm | Brilliant minds 5327+22W0.6251013-38WestActive
19C9 Chotch9 5326.5+21W0.6251516-18EastActive
20[360] 360 Flareshot 5326+22L0.625161608WestActive
21²²º Second to None 5325+21W0.625181088EastActive
22pF. Pulp Fortress 5323+22L0.62513678Active
23BMF Beast Mode Fellowship 4429.501L0.500171618WestActive
24SLP Stacked Like Pancakes 4429.2501W0.500191548EastActive
25<3 friENTs: The Arbor Day Committee 442901W0.5001517-28EastActive
26[Hnggg] Cardiac Arrest 4425.7502L0.500171258EastActive
27[MCB] More Complicated Beat 4425.503W0.500151418EastActive
28BiT Bit Trippers 4225+21L0.66712486EastActive
29s4p Stock 4 Pubs 442502L0.500171438EastActive
30gc Goobacast 4424.7503W0.5001213-18WestActive
31niño El Niño 4424.501W0.5001217-58EastActive
32-sr The Silent Riot 4423.501L0.500151418WestActive
33eV. Eevee Trained 442301L0.500181268WestActive
34Mi7 Mi7 442201W0.5001518-38EastActive
35??? All Gold Everything 4321.5+11L0.57114687EastActive
36.bEnt bEnt 4421.501W0.5001116-58EastActive
37LFT| Legendary Friends Team 442003W0.500161428EastActive
38-p- sPIro 442001L0.500141228EastActive
39`pvp It Burns When I PvP 3525.75-24L0.375181718EastActive
40L5 Low Fives 3521.5-21W0.3751021-118EastActive
41PP| Poo's Puppies 3420.5-11W0.4291316-37EastActive
42[+..] Retro Gamers 3520-22L0.375151508Active
43rxg | Reflex Gamers Highlander 3519.75-24L0.3751119-88EastActive
44C|B The ComboBreakers 3417.5-11L0.429714-77Active
45<PrP> Project Purple 3517.5-21L0.3751220-88WestActive
46ESG Eisen And The Sunshine Gang 3517-21L0.3751017-78EastActive
47[PPPP] Pretty Pink Prancing Ponies 3517-21W0.3751019-98WestActive
48.Co Cobalt 3516-23L0.375719-128Active
49CP10 Cipher Pol 10 3510-21L0.37558-38EastActive
50<< IFA >> Independent Fighters Alliance 2618.5-46L0.2501117-68EastActive
51c[_] Tea and Strumpets 2616.25-44L0.250721-148EastActive
52Rags A Random assortment of Gents 2511.25-32W0.286316-137EastActive
53mafia tf2 mafia 2310-12L0.40006-65EastActive
54ttp The Tasteful Pastries 3415-11W0.42948-47West
55SHM Secondhand Mercenaries 1512-42L0.167518-136East
56CrAzIeZ Crazy Clan 158-44L0.16739-66East
57.hale Hale's Own Team 157.5-45L0.167211-96East
58MBOM Merry Band Of Mercs 135-22L0.25004-44West
59.SK4 Skarred 4 Life 010-11L0.0000001West
60.euro Blame Ping! 010-11L0.00002-21West
61¿?¿ Why So Serious? 030-33L0.00007-73East
62oGs Original Gangsta Sloths 331601L0.500912-36Not Ready
63$ name $ Technoblade and the Smashmouth Allstars 11501L0.50005-52WestNot Ready
64| 8 | The Infinite 11501L0.50005-52EastNot Ready
65[NFTG] Not for the Glory 010-11L0.0000001EastNot Ready
66Gravity Gravity 010-11L0.00004-41EastNot Ready
67L.D. Lexington Drivers 020-22L0.00002-22EastNot Ready
68-JC- Jackie Chan Fan Club 156.25-42L0.167313-106EastNot Ready
69z6. Zone 6 010-11L0.0000001EastNot Ready
70rtk' Right To Kill 6134+51W0.857237167NotActive, see admins Something Stup-id, -endous 2312.5-13L0.4005235NotActive, see admins
72[HTF] Hand-painted Tri Force 145-32L0.20004-45WestNotActive, see admins
73[CG] Cartoon Gamers 020-22L0.0000002EastNotActive, see admins
--DAT- Destroy ALL the Things! 00000.00000- 0East
-.smv Skill May Vary 00000.00000- 0East
-ADP anger dome patrol 00000.00000- 0WestNot Ready
-MM Misfit Mercenaries 00000.00000- 0WestNot Ready
-[C.U.B.I.] C.U.B.I. 00000.00000- 0West
-â„¢ Team Mantrain 00000.00000- 0East

Euro Silver

RankTeam TagTeam NameWinsLossMp +/-StrkWin %PFPAPDGPTZ 
1/upp/ Unpoppable 7134.75+61W0.8752111108East EuroActive
2thz- The Hooliganz 6234.5+41W0.750211298East EuroActive
3HR | Handsome Rogues 6233.25+42W0.750181178West EuroActive
4[EV] Evil VIPs 5332+21L0.625191278West EuroActive
5bote Bote Salva Vidas 5331.5+21W0.625211478West EuroActive
6BoS Burgeroids on Steroids 5329.5+21L0.625201198East EuroActive
7�a Digital Alliance 5327.75+21W0.625181268West EuroActive
8-T- Tenacious 5326.5+21L0.625141408West EuroActive
9SSMM | Super Secret Monkey Mafia 5322+21L0.625151508West EuroActive
10Go! Justice Sentai Team 4425.7502W0.500171528West EuroActive
11[BS] Blistered Shiver 4424.502W0.500316-138West EuroActive
12|??| Move Team 4423.7501W0.500515-108East EuroActive
13VD Viscous and Delicious 4423.501L0.500151508Active
14|LFT| Looking for Troubles 442201L0.5001416-28West EuroActive
15€€€ Holla Holla get € 4320+11L0.571910-17Active
16[é] [É]quipe 3520.5-23L0.3751319-68West EuroActive
17? TheLastSoviets 2620-42L0.2501617-18Active
18TB The Bills 2412.5-21W0.333316-136Active
19TMM Team MeanMode 5328.75+21W0.625181358West Euro
20LEMon League of Extraordinary Mentlegen 2410-23L0.33346-26West Euro
21[.Csm] CrySomeMore 147-32L0.20027-55West Euro
22#tp ti pro 010-11L0.0000001West Euro
23-SB- Serious Business 3317.502L0.5007526West EuroNot Ready
24[T²O] Team Total Overcast 2413-23L0.3339636West EuroNot Ready
25OCLG Old Chaps League 125-11W0.33306-63West EuroNot Ready
26PM playmate 125-11L0.3335233West EuroNotActive, see admins
27ASP Another Safe Place 155-42L0.16706-66NotActive, see admins
28PFS Polish Fun Squad 030-33L0.00003-33West EuroNotActive, see admins
-ainsley One Erection 00000.00000- 0West EuroNot Ready
-[STPTB] Skills to Pay the Bills 00000.00000- 0West EuroNot Ready
-TPN The Phlog Noobs 00000.00000- 0West EuroNot Ready
-JJ. JimiJam 00000.00000- 0West Euro
-ram. Romanian Army of Maniacs 00000.00000- 0West Euro
-SP SkillPoint 00000.00000- 0West Euro
-||SH|| Sweaty Hoffmen 00000.00000- 0West Euro

NA Steel (Red)

RankTeam TagTeam NameWinsLossMp +/-StrkWin %PFPAPDGPTZ 
1. T5D Turdlords of the 5th Dimension 8040+88W1.000247178EastActive
2ri// reindeer illuminati 6233.75+41W0.750219128Active
3;) DIDDLY DOODLERS 6232.5+41L0.750198118EastActive
4[umbr] Umbra 6231.25+41W0.750216158EastActive
5?PT? Prison Treatment 6130+51L0.857225177EastActive
6?H? The Haven 6230+43W0.750225178EastActive
7Florist Mighty Morphin' Flower Arrangers 6230+43W0.75015788EastActive
8ricE The ricE Clan 6229.5+44W0.750151058WestActive
9.BILL The Science Guys 6228+44W0.750207138EastActive
10Quack | The Mighty Geese 5331.5+22W0.625191368EastActive
11Baal Bubberducky 5327.75+21W0.625151418EastActive
12NP Nothing Personal 5327.5+23W0.625171438EastActive
134L 4L 5327.5+21L0.625151328EastActive
14WLLY Team Willy 5326.25+21W0.625141138WestActive
15[Axl?] Axl Not 5326+23W0.62511838EastActive
16NFA No Fun Allowed 5325+21L0.62518998EastActive
17-§aints- The Saints 5325+22L0.625161338EastActive
18TCP The Coloured Pylons 5325+21L0.625151238EastActive
19tL^ Threat Level Midnight 5325+23W0.6251214-28EastActive
20Loco' Loco Family 5324.5+22W0.625121118EastActive
21-SHFT2.0- !Super Happy Fun Time 2.0! 442801W0.5001215-38Active
22BISON BRIGADE BB 4325+13L0.571161247Active
23#ST4L Shit-Tier for Life 4423.502W0.5001415-18WestActive
24W]M[D Weapons of Mass Destruction 4423.2501L0.500161608EastActive
25-TRW- Trainwreck 442301W0.5001217-58EastActive
26(T_T) The Turnips 4422.501W0.500151328EastActive
27DB9| Dead by 9 4422.501L0.500151418EastActive
28.munching Muffin Munchers 442201L0.500171078WestActive
29[TM/HM #] Silph Co. 442201W0.500818-108EastActive
30\\CM// The Company Menn 442102L0.500141138EastActive
31{FITH}â„¢ F*cked In The Head 442101W0.5001216-48EastActive
32TE. Taco Epidemic 4320+12L0.5711113-27WestActive
33[M¤M] Ministry Of Monarchs 442002L0.5001113-28EastActive
34{Tt$} Tactical Tater Squad 441701W0.5001113-28EastActive
35FoF Fear of Fedoras 3521.25-21W0.3751017-78EastActive
36.ussr United Super Sex Robots 3520.5-22L0.3751617-18WestActive
37relax. relax.Gaming 3520.5-21L0.3751015-58EastActive
38TAD The Annoying Devils 3519.5-22W0.3751217-58Active
39*p* PartyPi 3518.75-21L0.375312-98EastActive
40? | The Windigos 3517-22L0.3751119-88EastActive
41BB The Big Blahh 3316.2502W0.50059-46Active
42WEIRDO The Weirdos 3516.25-21L0.375714-78Active
43NET Netwürk 3516-21L0.375716-98WestActive
44SJV Stooge JV 3515-23L0.375619-138EastActive
45GOP Gibus is OP 3512-23L0.375210-88EastActive
466? What is this? 2513.75-32L0.286614-87Active
47Tilt Tilt 2611.25-42L0.250613-78EastActive
48[�§ß] Dockside Bars 2310-13L0.40004-45Active
49VV Vanilla Vendetta 1510-41W0.167417-136WestActive
50=('v')= Negro Birds 441801L0.500141318West
51{~RiN~} Really Isolated Nerds 125-12L0.33309-93West
52{?TFM} The Fellow Mentlegen 135-22L0.2500004East
53Meow CATTES 135-21L0.25002-24
54RAVE RAVE 135-21L0.25005-54East
55[3i] Third Impact 135-23L0.25029-74East
56KAKAW Crow Noises Win Games 010-11L0.0000001East
57Synth 020-22L0.0000002West
58/]N[\ The Neighsayers 020-22L0.0000002
59|PWRE| PWRE 4425.2502L0.500191278EastNot Ready
60Minh Minh Advantage 4424.7501W0.5001112-18EastNot Ready
61[SwnRvly] Sworn Rivlary 137.5-22L0.2507614EastNot Ready
62#flmg Fresh Like My Groceries 127.25-12L0.33349-53EastNot Ready
63(#) For the Overmind! 11501W0.5000002Not Ready
64wc. Wombo Combo 135-21L0.25029-74WestNot Ready
66/INS/ Insanity 020-22L0.00002-22EastNot Ready
67-SS- Scrub Stompers Inc. 030-33L0.00002-23EastNot Ready
68YzQ YzQ 030-33L0.00002-23Not Ready
69-ps- Pot4to Swag 2312.5-12L0.40010645EastNot Ready
70HoP The hierarchy of pan 221002L0.50045-14EastNot Ready
71[TSG] Team Steve Gaming 2410-23L0.33302-26EastNot Ready
72=|IA-OG|= Intellectual Asset Of Gamers 135-23L0.25004-44EastNot Ready
73.CWS Clubbing With Seals 221001W0.50005-54EastNotActive, see admins
-D9 D9 00000.00000- 0East
--Ai- Artificial Intelligence 00000.00000- 0EastNot Ready
-c²R Crazy Crockets 00000.00000- 0WestNot Ready
-F@B Fabled Ones 00000.00000- 0WestNot Ready
-VF4-P Vault Force 4 00000.00000- 0EastNot Ready
-[WithAGee!] With A G!!! 00000.00000- 0EastNot Ready
-[Afs] Able-Fit Squad 00000.00000- 0East
-IT6 Is this 6's? 00000.00000- 0East
-|spr| Speisrocket 00000.00000- 0West

NA Steel (Blue)

RankTeam TagTeam NameWinsLossMp +/-StrkWin %PFPAPDGPTZ 
1hkc HelloKittyClub 8039+88W1.000255208EastActive
2-DT- Decent Teammates 6233+41W0.75018998EastActive
3eGO eGO 6232.5+43W0.750121208EastActive
4PYCA// Put Yo Chain Away 6130+51W0.857155107Active
5No?A No Questions Asked 6230+43W0.750224188EastActive
6.vG Viper Gaming 6230+41L0.750224188EastActive
7ADT | ash's dream team 6230+42W0.750191098EastActive
8{BL!} The Bone Zone 6229+42W0.750188108EastActive
9{35th} 35th Infantry 6228+41W0.750161248EastActive
10[CF] CockFighters 5328+21L0.62515968WestActive
11.exe .Executables 5327.5+21W0.62517988EastActive
12shotgun jumper mans .sjm 5327+21L0.625141048Active
13GN Grammer Natzi's 5326.75+23W0.625188108EastActive
14»T?« The Funnies 5326.25+22L0.625191098EastActive
15[18+] Grass On The Field 5326+22W0.625111018EastActive
16[IJLSA] International Justice League of SuperAcquaintances 5325.75+21L0.625111108EastActive
17.czar czar 5325.5+21L0.625191188EastActive
18(0-10) Offclassed and Outclassed 5325.25+21W0.625161338Active
19Stooge | Stooge 5325+21W0.625181178WestActive
20[!?] Team Interrobang 5325+21L0.625171078EastActive
21|TNS| Team Never Sober 5325+21W0.625813-58EastActive
22TCPub The Back Alley Pub 5324+21L0.62515788EastActive
23Invis Invinsuble 5324+21W0.62511928EastActive
24[NF] Ninja Fart 4428.2503L0.500141318EastActive
25?S? Aftershock 4323.75+12L0.571181177WestActive
26past PAS Team 4322.75+11W0.5711116-58EastActive
27r^w Rainbow Waffles 4422.501W0.500161428EastActive
28-G1- Generation 1 4422.501L0.500141408EastActive
29rbx roblox dragon 4422.2501W0.5001317-48EastActive
30|LAB| Labcoat Gamers 442201L0.500141228EastActive
31POGO Pants Off Game On 4321.25+11W0.571514-97EastActive
32|BioH| Biohazard 4421.2501L0.500171258EastActive
33ezplz go ez plz 4421.2501L0.5001214-28EastActive
34MM MerbosMagic 442102W0.500716-98EastActive
35exp the experience 442002L0.5001117-68EastActive
36¤TT¤ Turn up Trumps 3524-21L0.3751520-58EastActive
37{BBG-T} Big Bang Gamers // The Tower 3521-21W0.375818-108WestActive
38Æ’Â¥| Free Max-heads 3519.5-22L0.3751420-68Active
39LoEG The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 3518.75-22L0.3751015-58EastActive
40|^adv| Upper Advantage 3518.5-21L0.375151418WestActive
41sOOp sOOper friends 3518.5-21W0.3751021-118EastActive
42[GNR] Gnarly Nautical Robots 3517.75-21L0.3751115-48EastActive
43-PoN³- Party of Nine 3517.5-21W0.375313-108EastActive
44TFG Table Flip Gaming 3517-21W0.375420-168EastActive
45FastCo. Fast Company HL 3516.75-22L0.3751015-58EastActive
46FrankerZ The Corgi Crew 3516-21L0.375915-68EastActive
47{T4} Team Team Team Team 331501L0.50049-56WestActive
48GWWH Gentlemen Who Wear Hats 2617.25-43L0.250820-128EastActive
49bdb Billion Dollar Babies 2515.5-31L0.286816-87EastActive
50(C-PAP) Control Point Acquisition Program 2611.25-44L0.250617-118EastActive
51[TDI] The Dark Inhalers 157.5-45L0.16714-36WestActive
52.TCH The Collective Hand 5328+22W0.625131218East
53nox Nox Caedis 147.5-34L0.200413-95East
54:3 Kute Kitty Klub 010-11L0.0000001
55#SLH Santa's Lil Helpers 010-11L0.0000001West
56[TMNS] Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtles 020-22L0.0000002East
57??? The Dunk Squad 020-22L0.0000002East
58TFF ToasterFriedFortress 020-22L0.00002-22East
59CHCU Cancerous Hat Collectors United 030-33L0.00007-73East
60ifa.sL IFA Seems Legit 7136+66W0.875229138EastNot Ready
61--WaG-- With a G! 442001W0.500917-88EastNot Ready
62[GT] Goof Troop 3318.2502L0.500121116EastNot Ready
63le 9tag le 9gag army el Xd 2310-13L0.4007615Not Ready
64[*eg] Empire Gamer 11501W0.5000002EastNot Ready
65:59 Last:Minute 145-32L0.20004-45EastNot Ready
66-Æ’l- Fashionably Late 044-44L0.000411-74EastNot Ready
67??? Fushigi Fighters 010-11L0.0000001EastNot Ready
68SFFG Team Smellin Fresh 010-11L0.0000001WestNot Ready
69Fedora Gotham Fedoras 1310-22L0.2500004Not Ready
70c0&cd Cokezero & The Calm Downs 135-22L0.2505054EastNot Ready
71VPAs Professional Amateur's 145-34L0.20004-45EastNot Ready
72TheDEN The Sleeping Bear's Den 020-22L0.0000002EastNot Ready
736>HL First Come First Serve 040-44L0.00005-54WestNot Ready
->CNA< Chaotic Neutral Alliance 00000.00000- 0EastNot Ready
-G¹| Glory First 00000.00000- 0EastNot Ready
--SHFT- Super Happy Fun Time! 00000.00000- 0EastNot Ready
-meh. Marginally Energetic Humans 00000.00000- 0West
-[Slinkies] The Slinkies 00000.00000- 0East

Euro Steel

RankTeam TagTeam NameWinsLossMp +/-StrkWin %PFPAPDGPTZ 
1-9D- Nine Days 7137+62W0.8752312118East EuroActive
2:TBh: the bahnhofs 7035+77W1.000241237Active
3«GFM» GFM HIGHLANDER MIX 7135+61L0.875224188West EuroActive
4lHsH Let's Harvest Some Hats 6233.75+44W0.750227158East EuroActive
5IKEA Team IKEA 6232.5+41W0.7502210128West EuroActive
6_noaim no aim 6230+44W0.750193168West EuroActive
7TDW The Drunk Wizards 6230+44W0.750201378West EuroActive
8-FP- FinGin Ja Pojat 6230+43W0.75013948East EuroActive
9pM. PandaMonium 6229+41L0.75016888Active
10Dtm Drunken Team O' Morons 5334.25+21W0.625181448West EuroActive
11-DRC- Don´t Really Care 5328.5+23W0.625197128West EuroActive
12{Waffle} The Tiny Waffles 5228+32W0.71413767West EuroActive
13T-mate Tea-mates 5227.5+32W0.714181177East EuroActive
14C² Chromosone Crew 5327.5+21L0.625201288West EuroActive
15RB RedbearS 5327.5+22L0.62517988West EuroActive
16M! Monkeynauts 5327+22L0.625171438West EuroActive
17MrMuer Muertes 5226.25+31L0.714196137West EuroActive
18KAT Killing Adorable Teenagers 5326+21L0.6251416-28West EuroActive
19-ls- Lazer Squad 5225+31W0.714161247West EuroActive
20ALG Aerolite Gaming Highlander 5325+21W0.625181178West EuroActive
21UEC United Engie Cows 5325+21W0.6251314-18Active
22[MG] Minigun 5221.75+32W0.71414597East EuroActive
23[rub!X] rub!X Highlander Team by 442601W0.500161518West EuroActive
249MIG 9 Men in Gibus' 4425.7503L0.5001517-28West EuroActive
25TT Team Team 4425.501L0.500191728West EuroActive
26=V= Vaizado 4424.504L0.500141318East EuroActive
27TeTe Team Telefrag 442401W0.5001217-58West EuroActive
28|MuL| Mann up Ladies 9v9 4422.501L0.500141138West EuroActive
29GoonP Goon Patchers 4422.501W0.5001318-58West EuroActive
30{PaPs} Particle Psychics 442202W0.500915-68West EuroActive
31?oyal Branch *|?|B|* 4221.25+21L0.6679726East EuroActive
32ESE Europe's Egotists 4421.2501W0.500171258West EuroActive
33[GC] Team Gidro Coféeee 4321+11W0.5711114-37West EuroActive
34fc | Flaming Carrots 442101W0.5001314-18West EuroActive
35Scrambled HL Scrambled HL players 4320+12L0.5711113-27East EuroActive
36EC Erosion Competetive 4320+11L0.51748-47East EuroActive
37|HGS The Homeguard 442001L0.500101008West EuroActive
38riper Russia 4318.75+11L0.57167-17West EuroActive
39MLM My Little Mercenaries 4317.25+14W0.57169-37West EuroActive
40/) Hearty Order Of Friendship 3520.5-21W0.3751319-68Active
41LéPow Lemon-Powered 3419-11L0.4291416-27West EuroActive
42[MCMW] Melons Can't Make Wind 3518.75-22L0.3751415-18West EuroActive
43UH Unknown History 3416.25-11L0.429810-27West EuroActive
44PP The Payload Pushers 331502L0.5006336West EuroActive
45[T9L] Team Nine Lives 331502L0.50026-46West EuroActive
46¤SSS¤ Snuggle Struggle Squad 2617.5-46L0.250918-98Active
47TaG The Art of Gibs 2212.502W0.500711-44EastActive
48[toot] The Only Original Team 2512.5-33L0.286811-37West EuroActive
49[LC] Little Cucumbers 2612.5-41W0.250813-58East EuroActive
50ATS Alternative to Suicide 221202W0.50069-34West EuroActive
51[nat] Not a Team 2110+11W0.3332203West EuroActive
52[CvlGen] Civilised Gentlemen 2510-32L0.286010-107Active
53[CO] Computerised Agreement 2510-33L0.286516-117Active
54|DF-H| The Hazard (@DeFrag) 157.5-44L0.167115-146West EuroActive
55[SpA|com] SpecialAttack Community Highlander 105+11W1.0000001West EuroActive
56DóMe Doméstos 155-43L0.167011-117West EuroActive
57ricefield. Ricefield's Dudes 442001L0.5001012-28West Euro
58.slow Philoslothical 2212.501L0.50079-24West Euro
59[pBs] The pr00bs 2312.5-11L0.400710-35West Euro
60BYD Bang You're Dead. 2310-12L0.40078-15West Euro
61kokoro brave kokoro no doki-doki 1510-45L0.167513-86East Euro
62? In The Rain 11501W0.5003212
63PAN PoofAutomaticNoobs 125-12L0.33325-33
64CB Crockblockers 135-22L0.25002-24West Euro
65S&S Scambi&Scazzi 041.25-44L0.00017-64West Euro
66[cTx] CRITIX 010-11L0.0000001West Euro
67FLNT Flaming Nature Team 010-11L0.0000001West Euro
68SOP SOP 010-11L0.0000001East Euro
69[wWw] We will win 010-11L0.0000001East Euro
70[FFt] xXFl0ppysfuntimeXx 020-22L0.00002-22West Euro
71[UTS] Uber the Spy 040-44L0.00006-64West Euro
72[HiH] Hi Is Ho 040-44L0.000010-104West Euro
73t.nine Turbo Club 9 3418-12L0.429919-107West EuroNot Ready
74UGC P. UGC Plastic 3517-24L0.3751016-68West EuroNot Ready
75bculum Baculum 3015+33W1.000110113West EuroNot Ready
76GF Glory Fighter 3415-11W0.429813-57West EuroNot Ready
77PJS Polish Javelin Squad 221102W0.50019-84West EuroNot Ready
78MTTT Mint Tea Tournament Team 135-21L0.25007-74West EuroNot Ready
79|=SA=| Spiffing Avacados 010-11L0.00002-21West EuroNot Ready
80pG Precise Gentlemen 020-22L0.0000002West EuroNot Ready
81T-Newton Team Newton 020-22L0.00002-22Not Ready
82?? seriously underestimated 020-22L0.000010-102West EuroNot Ready
83^Hds HighHeads 030-33L0.00005-53Not Ready
84EAG Eagles 030-33L0.000011-113West EuroNot Ready
85IdPT-HL I Don't Play Today - Highlander 128.75-12L0.3336513West EuroNot Ready
86FL freelancers 138.75-22L0.25034-14West EuroNot Ready
-Sp?|| Spicy Cake 00000.00000- 0West Euro
-[thfh] Too Hot For Hats 00000.00000- 0West Euro
-[Serious] -=Serious=- 00000.00000- 0AsiaNot Ready
-Cookie. Cookie Monsters 00000.00000- 0West EuroNot Ready
-[?¡] Crazy Ivan 00000.00000- 0West EuroNot Ready
-SOP. SOP Team 00000.00000- 0Not Ready
-TFch TFach 00000.00000- 0West EuroNot Ready
-[T-A!] KSV Team Awesome: Killer Sandviches 00000.00000- 0West Euro
-BOB the Bobsters 00000.00000- 0West Euro

NA Iron (Red)

RankTeam TagTeam NameWinsLossMp +/-StrkWin %PFPAPDGPTZ 
1[XIRP] 11th Robotic Platoon 7135+61L0.875243218Active
2.ruckus The Ruckus 7135+63W0.875246188EastActive
3-WuB- Wumbology 7132.25+65W0.875196138EastActive
4KRT Knights of the Round Table 6236+42W0.75018998EastActive
5[wS^] Why Stop 6230+41W0.750197128EastActive
6Vroom The Turtle Express 6230+42W0.750191458EastActive
7KSh Kill-Streak Heroes 6230+41W0.750151328EastActive
8iph > Insert Penis Here > 6229+43W0.750216158EastActive
9[2098] 2098 6229+41W0.750151148EastActive
10DG | Dapper Gentlemen 5329.5+21W0.625151328EastActive
11»[ITG]« Internet Tough Guys 5327.5+23W0.625217148Active
12[GS] Glad Science 5327.5+21L0.625191188EastActive
13PL | Perfected Light 5327.5+21L0.625151058EastActive
14{#} The Hivemind 5327.5+21W0.625151238EastActive
15/UPS\ Unorganized Pub Stompers 5327.5+21L0.6259908EastActive
16«SP» Spaghetti-Prone 5325.25+22W0.625151058EastActive
17~=HH=~ Hale's Hatters 5225+31L0.714141137EastActive
18[L30N] A. Leons 5325+21L0.62517988EastActive
19Team D3RP Overderp HL 5325+22W0.625121208EastActive
20[TMC] Derpy Looking Thunder Mountain Cats 4427.502L0.500181268EastActive
21[IG] Iron Giants 4426.2501W0.500141228EastActive
22TeGreDar The Green Dargons 4323+11L0.571151417Active
23[WRECK'T] WRECK'Tangles 4422.503W0.50011928EastActive
24CZ The ChillZone 4422.501W0.500141318WestActive
25?_? Malevolent Walrus & A Seal 4522-11L0.4441419-59Active
26RBC. Raisin Bran Crunch 4321.25+12L0.571171167EastActive
27|Baiters| The Baiters 4421.2502W0.50014958Active
28.hlg Gamma 4221+24W0.66710826EastActive
29S8MH Section 8 (Mental Hospitality) 4320+11W0.571713-67Active
30[BTM] [BTM]-BlueFreeze 442001W0.5001315-28EastActive
31[SWMG] Subway Mergatroid 442001L0.500813-58Active
32BMTF Bitch Mob Task Force 3521.25-21L0.3751517-28EastActive
33-BS- The Barking Spiders 3420-11W0.429151237EastActive
34CD Coordinated Domination 3518.5-22W0.3751213-18EastActive
35OSM Office Supplies and More 3517.25-21L0.3751019-98EastActive
36{T.A.M.} The Average Men 3517-21L0.375616-108EastActive
37IGF Friendly Fire 3516.25-21W0.375519-148EastActive
38TWoN The World of Nope 331603L0.500611-56EastActive
39NOM Nine Ordinary Men 3415.25-12L0.42978-17WestActive
40GiD Girls In Dresses 3515-22L0.375515-108Active
41(GG) Gibus Gangrapists 3411.5-11L0.429613-77WestActive
42|FES| The Failure Enforcement Squad 2613.75-43L0.250821-138EastActive
43[9MCA] 9 Man Cheeseburger Apocalypse 2610-44L0.250611-58WestActive
44[NH] Natless Hoobs 175-64L0.125015-158EastActive
45RUW Rainbow Unicorn Waffle 5225+31L0.71411747East
46[IFN] Infinity 4422.502L0.500171348East
47fy. F*ck Yeah, TF2! 4322+13L0.57113677West
48[PPDP] ProperDroppers 331701W0.500811-36
49[HF] High Flyers 221001W0.50006-64East
50[ P1 ] Priority1 2310-12L0.40047-35
51J!NX down below 11501L0.5000002
52[FSM] Flying Spaghetti Monster 125-11L0.33302-23East
53Newbs | Newbs_United 125-11L0.33304-43East
54-|V|- Team Vipers 010-11L0.00004-41East
55F=MA Force Mass Acceleration 020-22L0.00002-22East
56SoK Sons of Krieg 020-22L0.00002-22West
57[#Ln'] #Leanin' 020-22L0.00005-52West
58WAT We Are Terrible 020-22L0.00007-72
59[IA] Incorporated Assassins 030-33L0.00006-63East
60/Hat/ Mighty Morphin Hat Arrangers 3523-23L0.3751318-58EastNot Ready
61{MSA} Medic Squad Alpha 331502W0.500010-106WestNot Ready
62{=CG=} Conjoint Gaming 010-11L0.0000001EastNot Ready
63[AAC] Above Average Comrades 030-33L0.0000003EastNot Ready
64IDEA idea 3317.502L0.50012756EastNot Ready
65zrtbom Zach's rag tag bunch of misfits 2512.5-33L0.286713-67EastNot Ready
66SC24/7 SpyCheck24/7 11501L0.5000002WestNot Ready
67$$$ Fellowship of the Bling 010-11L0.0000001WestNot Ready
68GÜBR Güberchargers 010-11L0.0000001EastNot Ready
69FreeFort FreedomFortress 020-22L0.00005-52EastNot Ready
70|tav| team tavish 030-33L0.00005-53EastNot Ready
71TJoes Trader Joes 331502L0.50004-46EastNotActive, see admins
72-S9- stupendous 9 2110+11L0.6672023EastNotActive, see admins
73MsL | Mini-Sentry Liberation 148-32L0.20089-15EastNotActive, see admins
74SNwSH SnipeWithStyle 125-11L0.33307-73EastNotActive, see admins
75-+CP+- Classy Pumpkins 135-23L0.25005-54NotActive, see admins
76[TT] Tenacious Teabaggers 010-11L0.0000001NotActive, see admins
77Krit Kittens/KK Krit Kittens/Krit Kittens 030-33L0.00002-23WestNotActive, see admins
-*DDA* Dingle Dangle Alliance 00000.00000- 0East
-{A³} All American Anarchists 00000.00000- 0WestNot Ready
-Elite| ElitePowered 00000.00000- 0EastNot Ready
-lope. HorseAlope 00000.00000- 0Not Ready
-[HS] Hostile Spoons 00000.00000- 0WestNot Ready
-[JOLT] Jolt Tackle 00000.00000- 0EastNot Ready
-=[QGF]= Quantum Gaming Federation 00000.00000- 0EastNot Ready
-RBA! Robot Balloonicorn Attack 00000.00000- 0EastNot Ready
-sut_ Some UGC Team 00000.00000- 0EastNot Ready
-[NH] Team No Hope 00000.00000- 0EastNot Ready
-[BS] Baller Stevens 00000.00000- 0Not Ready
-CHLT Courage 00000.00000- 0Not Ready
-=MTP= Mass the Policers 00000.00000- 0East
-=[pG]=â„¢ Prestige-Gaming 00000.00000- 0

NA Iron (Blue)

RankTeam TagTeam NameWinsLossMp +/-StrkWin %PFPAPDGPTZ 
1DOOR Dedoris 7137.5+61L0.875253228WestActive
2?? Crystal Kingdom Royal Highlander Team 7035+77W1.000244207WestActive
3WA Wicked Afterlife 7129+63W0.87516798WestActive
4-TD- Thermodynamics 6233.75+41W0.7502110118EastActive
5Bison | Big Beautiful Bison 6231.75+41W0.750181358EastActive
6DoHO Department of Homeland Obscurity 6230+43W0.750199108EastActive
7?CUA? Chronic Underachievers 6128.75+56W0.85716977EastActive
8-vN- The Vashta Nerada 5332.5+24W0.625228148EastActive
9{SLTV} Spring Loaded Toaster Vikings 5331.5+21L0.6252212108EastActive
10[WM] Whip Mafia 5328.75+21W0.62512758WestActive
11! Exclamation 5328.75+21W0.625191548Active
12[H2] Herpetologist Highlanders 5327.5+21L0.625171438WestActive
13-YY- The Yin-Yang Band 5227+32W0.714198117WestActive
14UTSD United Team of Slam Dunk! 5326.5+21L0.625186128WestActive
15D- Just The Tip 5326+22W0.625131218EastActive
16[Roost] Roostlander 5325+21L0.625161338EastActive
17[þx] Phalanx 5325+23L0.6251012-28EastActive
18PSS Psychopathic Social Sheeps 5325+21W0.625911-28EastActive
19admire || Admiration 5324+21W0.625141138WestActive
20{G4C} Gamers For Christ 5223.25+33W0.71416977EastActive
21HTT We're Here To Trade 5319+21L0.62514868EastActive
22Re` Re`Defined 442403L0.5001418-48EastActive
23[S] Smil3y 4322.5+11L0.5711012-27WestActive
24SCUA Shoving Crayons Up 4422.503L0.500181178EastActive
25.n00bz SewerRats 4422.2502W0.5001214-28EastActive
26DBoyz DBoyz 4322+11W0.571151327EastActive
27GLW| Glowstick(s) 4421.2501L0.50010468EastActive
28EDWhl Elementary Dear Watson 4221+22W0.667121116EastActive
29mvpp Most Valuable Purple Players 4220+23W0.6676516EastActive
30TKP! TheKidPan 4320+11L0.571912-37EastActive
31|TF²| TFSquared 442002W0.5008718EastActive
32#GetRekt Hoff Gaming 442004W0.500111108WestActive
33[N8] Mouse's House 442001L0.500911-28WestActive
34-NE- New Era 441701W0.500412-88WestActive
35btb² | Be There Be Square 3424.25-11W0.4291112-17EastActive
36GR Green Ravens 3519-23L0.3751317-48Active
37420Hz Alternating Current 3417.5-12W0.42911657Active
38HLP Highlander P.I.T. 3517.5-21L0.375618-128EastActive
39CHODE CHODE 3516.5-22L0.375710-38Active
40CCC Kewl Kids Klub 3516.25-23L0.375520-158Active
41|TVB| The Voxel Box 3416-11W0.429513-87EastActive
42[?S6] Try-Hard Brigade 3516-24L0.375919-108WestActive
43|Tf2Hãts| |Tf2Hãts| 3414-11L0.429413-97WestActive
44LZLNDRS Lazylanders 3210+11L0.60023-15Active
45{TSF} Silver Fang 3510-21W0.375013-137Active
46codcoz Codcoz 2613.75-42L0.2501118-78EastActive
47SPPS. Summer PimPS 2410-22L0.33302-26EastActive
48[G^2] Generi Gamers 2510-31L0.28649-57Active
49TFU TFU Highlander 2510-35L0.286013-137EastActive
50vM. VoxMercs 2610-41W0.25008-88Active
51.:ES5:. Extortion Shark 5 165-55L0.14307-77Active
52-=NZRV=- NozirevGaming 062.5-66L0.00016-56EastActive
53/DmP/ Dichromatic Moon Phase 4431.2501W0.500151508East
54BBG Big Bang Gamers 3415.25-13L0.429711-47East
55-BS- Blackstar 259-33L0.2864407East
56AFK Afrika Korps 11501L0.50004-42East Highlander 125-11L0.3330003
58FTTF Fight to the Friendish 135-21L0.25004-44East
59[TKNO] The League of The Tecknomancers' 010-11L0.0000001
60[>TD<] Trauma Doctors 010-11L0.0000001East
61xG XenoGamers 010-11L0.0000001East
62x42O xXDaL33T420_360sKoopZkr3WXx 030-33L0.00005-53West
63S.T.D. Sexual Tyrannosaurus Delegation 030-33L0.000010-103East
64|S²| SpiffySauce 4422.501L0.50011838EastNot Ready
65|SS| The Special Spoons 3515-22L0.375218-168EastNot Ready
66-IH- Ironheades 2211.2502L0.5008624EastNot Ready
67[Z.T.] Zero Tolerance 2411.25-21W0.33368-26EastNot Ready
68ABK A Bunch of Kids 2410-21L0.33305-56EastNot Ready
69N0K N00b Killerz 11501L0.5000002EastNot Ready
70[ID] I'm done 010-11L0.0000001Not Ready
71PC Pool's Closed 020-22L0.00002-22Not Ready
72Red Apples Red Apples 2510-31W0.28605-57EastNot Ready
73le Fedora Federation 051-55L0.00014-35EastNotActive, see admins
74[ricky] Rick Harrison 020-22L0.0000002EastNotActive, see admins
-[TOS] The Other Sector 00000.00000- 0WestActive
-=LoEM= League of Extraordianry Mentlegen 00000.00000- 0EastNot Ready
-BIA Brothers In Armor 00000.00000- 0East
-R81 The Radicals from 81 00000.00000- 0East
-.tRC| The Riot Crew 00000.00000- 0East

South American

RankTeam TagTeam NameWinsLossMp +/-StrkWin %PFPAPDGPTZ 
1.onion Tor Project 8040+88W1.000263238SA-WestActive
2SqS Squishers e-Sports 7135+64W0.875227158SA-EastActive
3rdw. Restaurante De Wesker 6233+43W0.750209118SA-WestActive
4hK. Hail to the Knights 5328.75+21W0.625161518SA-EastActive
5/dct/ DUCTO 5328.75+21W0.625131218SA-EastActive
6eLf~ Estrellas Luminosas Fluorescentes 5225+31L0.714171167SA-WestActive
7?GeA | GeA 5224.5+35W0.71410917SA-WestActive
8MAD Massive Damage 5324.25+21W0.625141228SA-EastActive
9bT's Bad Teddies 4427.7503W0.500171348SA-WestActive
10nancy Pregnancy 4326.5+11L0.571141227Active
11sA. AsRock 4426.2502L0.5001617-18Active
12.BcG Bastards Claiming Glory 442501L0.500151418SA-WestActive
13[GAP] Great and Powerful Revival 4321.25+11L0.57113677SA-EastActive
14?GuetO | Gueto 442002W0.500111108SA-EastActive
15PwN People Without Name 442002L0.500712-58Active
16rag Team Ragnarok 442001W0.500214-128SA-WestActive
17.nG NoGoD 3518.75-23L0.375515-108SA-WestActive
18mP| Money Please 3415.5-12L0.42959-47SA-EastActive
19•KøNN Kinghood of Noobines 3415-11L0.429616-107Active
20[TheMC] The MCnificos 2613.75-43L0.250214-128Active
21exn Exento 156-45L0.167312-96
22.xK xKuLL Clan 135-22L0.25046-24SA-East
23eG. Evolution Gaming - Highlander 020-22L0.0000002SA-East
24ECDK elclandelkaii 031.25-33L0.00017-63SA-WestNot Ready
25jns' jump 'n' shoot 3415-12L0.42902-27SA-EastNotActive, see admins
26cD ClãDestino 125-11L0.3330003SA-EastNotActive, see admins
27MT Manco Team 125-11L0.3330003NotActive, see admins
28uph Unknown People from Hell 020-22L0.0000002SA-EastNotActive, see admins
29hD hD - Herp Derp! 020-22L0.00002-22NotActive, see admins
30beast beast 030-33L0.0000003NotActive, see admins
-FX| FluX 00000.00000- 0
-'BCS' BlackCatSociety 00000.00000- 0Not Ready
-bHd ¤ BrotherHood 00000.00000- 0SA-EastNot Ready
-FLUSH. FLUSH 00000.00000- 0SA-EastNot Ready
-Æ’?? Formosa 00000.00000- 0Not Ready
-GK Geek Knights 00000.00000- 0Not Ready
-[IFNT*] Infinity Gaming 00000.00000- 0SA-WestNot Ready
-pakay. Put A keep Are You 00000.00000- 0Not Ready
-sTa Stronger than all 00000.00000- 0SA-WestNot Ready
-[TWNN] Team with no name 00000.00000- 0Not Ready
-[ TX ] TEXANS 00000.00000- 0EastNot Ready
-VNZ VNZL(GAMERS) 00000.00000- 0Not Ready


RankTeam TagTeam NameWinsLossMp +/-StrkWin %PFPAPDGPTZ 
1Bls. Team Bless 7137.5+63W0.875212198AsiaActive
2tsk. The Science Klub 6235.5+41L0.7502110118AsiaActive
3hnm have no mercy. 6130+56W0.857142127AsiaActive
4THIO The Impatient Outpatients 6230+46W0.75015788AsiaActive
5as. Alliance Supreme 5228+33W0.71411567AsiaActive
6lpc. Licious Pasta Chef 5326.25+21W0.625161158AsiaActive
7NFI. No fun Intended 5326.25+21L0.625161428AsiaActive
8+2 +2 5125+41L0.833132116AsiaActive
9Ag0n A Group Of No-lifers 4322.5+11L0.571181267AsiaActive
10[teambrian] Blu & Red In A Nutshell 4422.2501W0.5001215-38AsiaActive
11-h- haxers 4321.25+12W0.571912-37AsiaActive
12+EsC| Elite Soldiers of China 4220+22W0.6676606AsiaActive
13^MP^ Mash Potatoes 4220+22L0.667910-16AsiaActive
14DNTTTH Don't need to think too hard 442002L0.500161068AsiaActive
15rFx ^1Re^6fl^9ex 442003L0.500916-78AsiaActive
16RiP^ Rip In Pieces 4317.5+11W0.57149-57Active
17-M9- Mayhem 9 3516.25-21W0.3751315-28AsiaActive
18xECx: Error code: 3515-22L0.375015-158AsiaActive
19#cLmRs Clamorous Team 2615.5-43L0.250820-128AsiaActive
20D-f-P Derp for Life 2310-11L0.40049-55AsiaActive
21CPA Central Pony Association 138.75-21W0.25038-54AsiaActive
22`tSs Tunnel Snakes 146-33L0.20019-85AsiaActive
23Ur Unbalancing Rise 4220+22L0.6674046Asia
24-MS- Mainstream 2110+11L0.6677073Asia
25^bC B@conCorporation 010-11L0.0000001Asia
26BT. BTP. 020-22L0.0000002Asia
27-Jinx- -Jinx- 125-11L0.33323-13Not Ready
283310N 3310Nuke 155-45L0.167013-136AsiaNot Ready
29VTeamS KarNaGe 021-22L0.00015-42AsiaNot Ready
30MAC Monkeys and Cows 3215+12L0.6006155AsiaNot Ready
31€ƒ² Elastic Fingers 2410-24L0.33305-56AsiaNotActive, see admins
32CyHO Cut Your Heads Off 166-52L0.143110-97AsiaNotActive, see admins
33Virtual XI VIRTUAL XI 145-33L0.20004-45NotActive, see admins
34T Team 010-11L0.0000001NotActive, see admins
35TBGF / #4 TheBigFour 010-11L0.0000001AsiaNotActive, see admins
-[.D.T.S.] Doubletimes 00000.00000- 0Active
-.flavoured Flavoured 00000.00000- 0Asia
-polar | Polar Ice 00000.00000- 0Asia
-apex. | apex. 00000.00000- 0Not Ready
-B5 BooGiA 00000.00000- 0Not Ready
-gen? Genoxide 00000.00000- 0AsiaNot Ready
-IF| Israel's Finest 00000.00000- 0AsiaNot Ready
-[P] Pancake 00000.00000- 0AsiaNot Ready
-PHPS Philippine Players Society 00000.00000- 0Not Ready
-SS sausages studio 00000.00000- 0Not Ready
-[MOH] Sun Tzu's Men of Honor 00000.00000- 0AsiaNot Ready
-[GIBUSOULZ] The Gibus Clan 00000.00000- 0AsiaNot Ready
-=vTG= Voltz Co. 00000.00000- 0AsiaNot Ready
-TO The Offender 00000.00000- 0AsiaNotActive, see admins
-qm qovd man 00000.00000- 0


RankTeam TagTeam NameWinsLossMp +/-StrkWin %PFPAPDGPTZ 
1v�. velox �estruo 7135+61L0.875242228AUSActive
2miRA Mindless Rampage 7135+64W0.875243218AUSActive
3ANZAK Aus New Zealand Ass Kickers! 6232.5+43W0.750216158AUSActive
4zd. Zero Dark 6230+42W0.750191188AUSActive
5.zen ZEN 5329.5+23W0.6252010108AUSActive
6.m8 m8s 5327+22W0.625191098Active
7SBS Should Be Studying 5326.25+21W0.6251416-28AUSActive
8Omega Pharaohs of Egypt 5125+42W0.83314956AUSActive
9isis International Secret Intelligence Service 5225+31W0.71413497AUSActive
10:) Don't forget to smile 5225+32L0.71413767AUS-WestActive
11WnB Porque No Los Dos 5325+21L0.625181178AUSActive
12{SWAG} Secretly We Are Gamers 5325+23W0.6259548AUSActive
13Sap Sexually Active Platypi 5323+21L0.625121028AUSActive
14JD. The Jetpack Dinosaurs 4426.2502L0.500161338AUSActive
15Loc Land Of Calamity 4223.75+22W0.66711926AUSActive
16[verve] Verve 4422.2503L0.5001219-78AUSActive
17[HOTF] HOTF 442201W0.500816-88AUSActive
18[SaTo] Suck a Thick One 442001L0.5001315-28AUSActive
19>AtD< Agree to Disagree 442002W0.500411-78AUSActive
20dbc. Dirty Brown Coconuts 441901W0.5001213-18AUSActive
21nw | Night's Watch 3521.25-22L0.375101008AUSActive
22<3's lamp I Love Lamp 3520-25L0.37511928AUSActive
23[SMCDT] Super MCDildo Turbo 3517-22W0.375415-118AUSActive
24TR The Rangers 3316.2502L0.50012846Active
25|IPA. International Peers Association 3415-11W0.42928-67AUSActive
26TB Tea Brigade 3515-21L0.375610-48AUS-WestActive
27CbM Cyanide by midNight 3515-21W0.375714-78AUSActive
28[Ph] Public Hooligans 2615-41L0.250617-118AUSActive
29NCP Nicholas Cage's Potatoes 2511.25-35L0.286114-137AUSActive
30SS Speedy Sloths 2610-42L0.250515-108AUSActive
31»Surf | Surfaholics 155-44L0.16708-86Active
32-?R- Rectal Rangers 3517.5-23L0.375822-148AUS
33TCM The Carpet Munchers 11501L0.5000002AUS
34MGP Machine Gun Preachers 030-33L0.00002-23AUS
35PTMC PTMC 2412.5-22L0.33338-56AUSNot Ready
36Kool Kidz Klub k³ 010-11L0.0000001AUSNot Ready
37IWGP Insomniacs With Gaming Problems 010-11L0.00002-21AUSNot Ready
38A Distinctive Lack of Title 2310-11W0.40004-45AUSNotActive, see admins
39ApX. Apex 010-11L0.0000001NotActive, see admins
40KS Kickass! Servers 030-33L0.00005-53AUSNotActive, see admins
-Fa? Fa? 00000.00000- 0AUS
-[B.I.A] Bros In Arms 00000.00000- 0Not Ready
-`gL GetLucky 00000.00000- 0AUSNot Ready
-Kind potaydo Potaydoes of kindness 00000.00000- 0AUS-WestNot Ready
-RP RocketPocket 00000.00000- 0AUSNot Ready
-TeF The exe files 00000.00000- 0AUSNot Ready
-$TsL$ The Sick Lads 00000.00000- 0AUSNot Ready
--ŸWÑ- Your Worst Nightmare 00000.00000- 0AUSNot Ready
Status Key:
Active = Active clans ready for scheduling. Active = Not ready for scheduling. Active = New Team. Active = Invited from previous season. Active = Team On Hold, team is not scheduled. Contact an Admin to update.
Statistics Columns:
"Strk" = Win/Loss Streak, "PF" = Cumulative Points Scored (For) , "PA" = Cumulative Points Scored Against, "PD" = Difference between PF and PA, GP = Games Played in Regular Season, "TZ" = Team Timezone Preference

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