The following files are required for servers used for matches in the Team Fortress 2 6v6 League.

6v6 Server Config Files

  UGC 6v6 Configs
UGC 6v6 Server Config Files
Updated on May 25th, 2022

Installation Instructions:
1. Left-click and save file as.
2. Unzip file.
3. Upload file to you TF2 server. Place file in to your server cfg folder. Address of folder: */tf/cfg

The Zip file contains all of the following server files:
ugc_6v_base.cfg, ugc_6v_custom.cfg, ugc_6v_golden.cfg, ugc_6v_koth.cfg, ugc_6v_koth_overtime.cfg, ugc_6v_standard.cfg, ugc_6v_standard_overtime.cfg, ugc_4v_stopwatch.cfg, ugc_off.cfg.

Recent Changes to cfg:
-added tf_spec_xray "0"
-added QoL changes from twiikuu

  UGC 6v6 Season 42 Whitelist
Offical UGC 6v6 Whitelist
Updated on Feb 08, 2021

Recent Changes to Whitelist:
Banned Weapon: Cow Mangler
Banned Weapon: Dragon's Fury

Installation Instructions:
1. Right-click and save file as.
2. Upload the item whitelist to you TF2 server. Place file in to your server cfg folder. Address of folder: */tf/cfg
The whitelist will load automatically when you execute the league server cfg file before each match.

Auto-Update: (optional)
1. Install TFTrue on your server.
2. Install UGC 6v6 Config Files.
The TFTrue plugin will download the most current whitelist from every time the UGC config is executed.

Banned Weapons:
B.A.S.E. Jumper
Reserve Shooter
Soda Popper
Bonk! Atomic Punch
Flying Guillotine
Mad Milk
Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol
Disciplinary Action
Cow Mangler
Dragon's Fury
Gas Passer
Scorch Shot
Buffalo Steak Sandvich
Eviction Notice
Rescue Ranger
Short Circuit
Sydney Sleeper

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