Season 18 Playoff Brackets
Season 18
Week Map Default Match Date Schedule Link
1 Regular Season Match koth_airfield_b7 Fri, 10/11/19 Week 1 Schedule
2 Regular Season Match koth_undergrove_rc1 Fri, 10/18/19 Week 2 Schedule
3 Regular Season Match koth_highpass_rc1a Fri, 10/25/19 Week 3 Schedule
4 Regular Season Match koth_product_rcx Fri, 11/1/19 Week 4 Schedule
5 Regular Season Match cp_warmfrost_rc1 Fri, 11/8/19 Week 5 Schedule
6 Regular Season Match koth_daenam_b7a Fri, 11/15/19 Week 6 Schedule
7 Regular Season Match koth_warmtic_rc4 Fri, 11/22/19 Week 7 Schedule
8 Regular Season Match koth_badlands Fri, 11/29/19 Week 8 Schedule

Map History - A Map History of all maps played by UGC TF2 4v4

Default Match Day

FRIDAY of each week.

Default Time for Matches

North America 9:30pm EST
European Divisions 20:00 CET/CEST
South America 21:00 UTC-3
AUS/NZ 8:00pm Sydney Time
Asian 9:30pm Seoul Time

4v4 Scheduling Notes:

  • Schedules are posted on Monday of each week
  • Team Leaders must post to your Leader Web Page Match Comms every week.
  • Teams play a match every week, the default match day is Friday.
  • Teams can play on earlier days by agreement.
  • Each Week, the schedules are based on the prior week's match results.
  • Opponents are chosen so that the teams have near equal ranks.
  • Match Results must be turned in by the winning team by each Sunday (at midnight local time).
  • Season 18 - New Team Sign-Ups for 4v4 are Open
  • Season 18 - Week 1 Matches are on Friday Oct 11
  • Roster Player Limit: 10
  • Season: 18
  • Number Match Weeks: 8
  • Team Max Players: 10