Who should I contact with questions? updated: Mon, 11/28/16

1.) ­We prefer that you first speak with your Division Manager. This information can be located on our Staff Page.

2.) If you cannot reach your Division Manager on Steam then please come to our Discord support room for live support from another admin.

3.) Finally, if no one is available via the first 2 methods then you may send us an email. To do so, login to the UGC site with either your Leader Login or Steam account and click the "Message Admins" ­button.

What are Match Comms? updated: Mon, 11/28/16

Match Comms is the place where you coordinate your match each week with the leader of the opposing team. Teams are required to use the Match Comm panel every week to coordinate the date the match is to be played, the time the match is to be played,­ the server(s) on which the match is to take place and to obtain permission for any ringers/mercs that are needed for the match. All of this information must be captured in writing for every match. The Match Comm panel is the official record used when determining the outcome of a match dispute. Please­ paste Steam conversations into Match Comms if you have used that method to discuss the match with the other team leader.­

You can access this section by logging into the UGC website with your leader account. You can find it by clicking on the current week's "Match Details" button listed on the leader homepage or by going into the "My Matches" tab.­

The other leader hasn't responded in Match Comms yet, what do I do? updated: Mon, 11/28/16

Please try adding the other team leader on Steam before contacting admins. If the other team leader does not post in Match Comms, will not reply via Steam and does not show up with the minimum number of players by the default time, only then may you submit a forfeit win (default win).

Do I get a medal? updated: Wed, 6/11/14

To qualify for a medal, the following 2 conditions must be met:

1.) You must be on a team at the time of roster lock (Week 7)­


­2.) That team must have participated in at least 6 regular season matches by the end of Week 8

When do I get my medal? updated: Mon, 11/28/16

When they are added to the game we will begin handing them out. The distribution process is manual and it may­ take up to a week from the time they are added to the game until you receive it in your backpack.

Please refer to the TF2 Wiki to find out when the medals ­have been added to the game.

I didn't get a medal, what do I do? updated: Mon, 11/28/16

If the medals have been added the game and handed out to all players and you still did not receive one, then please contact an admin. ­Refer to the first FAQ questions for our preferred methods of contact.­

I want to make another player on my roster a leader, what do I do? updated: Mon, 11/28/16

You will need to contact an admin and provide the following information:­

  1. Your team name
  2. Your league (HL, 6s, or 4s)
  3. The nickname of the new leader (as it appears on your roster)
  4. The new leader's email address

We will do the rest. Please refer to the first FAQ question for our preferred contact methods.

I have an old team that is inactive, can it be reactivated? updated: Mon, 11/28/16

Yes! Message admins for details.

I want to rename my team for whatever reason. Can I? updated: Mon, 11/28/16

Team Owners can change your team name or tag between seasons, your team owner page will show that name change is allowed during that time period. Once a season begins, name changes can only be done by admins, contact an admin if you need a name change while a season is in progress.

Can I be on more then 1 team? updated: Mon, 11/28/16

As long as the formats are independent then yes. You may be on only 1 Highlander team, 1 6v6 team,­ 1 4v4 team and 1 Dota 2 team.

I don't know if I can put together a team by the start of the season. What can I do? updated: Thu, 12/18/14

You can make a team at any time. However if you do not have a full roster by the time the season starts, you will not be readied and you will not be matched up against other teams. When you have a full roster you may message your division manager to let them know you are ready to begin matchplay. Each league may stop accepting new teams into the match schedule cycles once a season is underway and past a few weeks.

I was never sent an email regarding my new team leader information. Is there a problem? updated: Thu, 12/18/14

Either your application has not yet been accepted or you included the wrong email address. Also check your SPAM folder! New applications can take up to a week to approve, so please be patient.

I asked to be put in X division yet I was placed in Y division. Why? updated: Tue, 6/14/16

Team placement into skill divisions are not final until a season is underway.­ Since we use player experience levels to gauge team skill placement for new team, your skill division placement may change prior to a season start.­ Existing teams who played a previous season may be placed into a skill division based on their previous record.­ For some teams, that placement is final, irregardless of your roster changes.

We will do our best to ensure that teams play in a skill level division that matches the experience level of their team and or players. We ask all team leaders to not demand to play in a skill division lower than their team/player experience indicates, so that we can maintain even competition across all skill divisions.

Team Admins: Login by Steam or Battlenet to access your Team Admin panel. Or use the Team Admin Login below to use your dedicated username/password.

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