Published on June 18, 2023   8:46 PM Eastern Time

Introduction updated: Mon, 3/27/23

Overwatch 2 - Season 2


  • Signups open: Tuesday Feb 28th
  • Signups close: Friday Apr 7th
  • Season starts: Friday Apr 14th
  • Rosters lock for playoffs: Thursday June 1st @ 11:59pm EST (Day before Week 8 match)
  • Tournament Format: Swiss-style (8 weeks) + Single Elim playoffs (4 weeks)
  • Match Format: BO5 maps during Regular Season + Playoffs R1/R2/Semis, then BO7 maps for Grand Finals / 3rd Place
  • Default Match Day/Time: Fridays @ 8:30pm EST
  • Region: North America
  • Cost: Free to play
  • System: PC only
  • Skill level: All skill levels welcome!
  • Team registration link

Feel free to engage us directly on Discord or on Twitter.

Below are the rules based on the current state of the game. The rules will be edited as needed should any gameplay or structure changes occur throughout the season. All teams registering and participating in the UGC League will be assumed to have carefully read these rules before commencing gameplay. 

Best of luck!

Format & Default Date/Time updated: Mon, 2/20/23

(1) Format

  • 1.1 Regular Season (Swiss-style / Best of 5 Maps): The regular season lasts 8 weeks. During the Regular Season teams are guaranteed 6 matches against non-repeating opponents (Please note: Late in the season it may be necessary to repeat a matchup from earlier in the season if the Swiss pairings are abnormally skewed). Week 1 matches are scheduled against randomized opponents. Weeks 2-8 are scheduled against teams with similar W/L records.
    • 1.1.1 Best of 5 maps series played in order
    • 1.1.2 Map order: Control / Escort / Hybrid / Push / Control
    • 1.1.3 Scoring: Each map won = 1 point
    • 1.1.4 Match Winner: First to 3 map wins
    • 1.1.5 Possible match scores: 3-0, 3-1 or 3-2
    • 1.1.6 Draws: If any map ends in a draw (unlikely) neither team receives a point for the map. Proceed to the next map. Home Team picks whether to A/D first (when applicable).
      • If after 5 maps, 2 ended in a draw (unlikely) then the match may end at 2-1.
    • 1.1.7 Tie Breaker: If after 5 maps the score is tied 2-2, proceed to the designated Tie Breaker (Control Map) for the week.
    • 1.1.8 Side selection: Losing team of the prior map picks whether to A/D first (when applicable).


  • 1.2 Playoffs: Immediately following the Regular Season, there will be a single-elimination playoff period. Bracket size will be determined by division size but is usually either Top 8 or Top 16.
    • 1.2.1 Seeding: Seeding for playoffs is based on team rank. If 2 teams are tied across all ranking variables then whichever team had a tougher Strength of Schedule will receive the more favorable seed position.
    • 1.2.2 Roster Lock: Thursday TBA  (Day before Week 8 match). This roster lock will remain in effect for the duration of the playoffs.
      • During the roster lock you will not be able to add players to your team roster.
    • 1.2.3 Round 1-2 & Semifinals Structure: Best of 5 maps series played in order (See Regular Season rules)
    • 1.2.4 Grand Finals/Bronze Match Structure: Best of 7 maps series played in order
      • Map order: Control / Escort / Hybrid / Push / Control / Escort / Control
      • Scoring: Each map won = 1 point
      • Match Winner: First to 4 map wins
      • Possible match scores are 4-0, 4-1, 4-2 or 4-3
      • Draws: If any map ends in a draw (unlikely) neither team receives a point for the map. Proceed to the next map. Home Team picks whether to A/D first (when applicable).
        • If after 7 maps, 2 ended in a draw then the match may end at 3-2.
      • Tie Breaker: If after 7 maps the score is tied 3-3, proceed to the designated Tie Breaker (Control Map) for the week.
      • Side selection: Losing team of the prior map picks whether to A/D first (when applicable).
      • Home/Away designation: The team with the higher seed will be the Home team.


(2) Match Day & Time

  • 2.1 Default match night: Friday
  • 2.2 Default match time: 8:30pm EST / EDT
    • Please make sure to adjust match time accordingly when Daylight Savings Time is in effect. The footer of the website shows the current time and whether or not DST is in observance.
  • 2.3 Match Deadline: Sundays after default match day @ 11:59pm EST/EDT.
    • Failure to report the match on time may result in both teams receiving a loss.
  • 2.4 Rescheduling: Matches can be played anytime between when schedules are posted and the Match Deadline (Sundays @ 11:59pm EST). Agreement between teams to move the match off of the default date/time must be captured in writing in Match Comms. Decisions or agreements made in discord DMs, or any other form of communications are non-binding until posted in match comms.
    • If teams cannot agree on a reschedule date/time then the match MUST be played at the default date/time.
    • Keep in mind that 90% of matches take place at default match time. If your team is generally not available at the default time please do not signup.

Skill Divisions & Comp SR updated: Tue, 2/28/23

(3) Skill Divisions

  • 3.1 We offer 4 divisions for various skill levels:
    • 3.1.1 Premier: GM div for stable teams with mid-high achieving records in other tournaments/leagues (e.g. T3), everyone should be Masters+
      • Peak SR cap - None
    • 3.1.2 Intermediate: New or established teams, should have prior experience in UGC or equivalent competition.
      • Peak SR cap (Role Queue / Your two most recently completed seasons) - MAX 1 GM playing at any given time
    • 3.1.3 Beginner: New or established teams. 
      • Peak SR cap (Role Queue / Your two most recently completed seasons) - MAX 1 Master playing at any given time
      • Lifetime Cap - GM+ players from ANY Role Queue season are NOT permitted to play in the Beginner division.
    • 3.1.4 Rookie: Brand new teams with no tournament experience.
      • Peak SR cap (Role Queue / Your two most recently completed seasons) - MAX 1 Diamond playing at any given time
      • Lifetime Cap - Masters+ players from ANY Role Queue season are NOT permitted to play in the Rookie division.
  • 3.2 SR Caps & Placement
    • 3.2.1 SR Caps are based on Role Queue only! Open Queue SR will not be considered.
    • 3.2.2 SR Time Basis: Your two most recently completed Role Queue Seasons
    • 3.2.3 SR Role Basis: You are treated as your highest rank across all roles.
      • i.e. If you are a Diamond Tank but Platinum Support you are treated as a Diamond player in this league!
    • 3.2.4 Match vs Roster: SR Caps are based on the members of the roster in the match lobby, not the full UGC roster.
      • i.e. An Intermediate team can roster 2 GMs but may only run 1 of them at a time in a match.
    • 3.2.5 Role Queue placement within OW2 is required to participate in UGC.
    • 3.2.6 At admin discretion, you may be asked to place on a certain role in the current season to verify your SR (Unlikely).
    • 3.2.7 Teams are responsible for inspecting each person on the other team in the lobby and ensuring that the requirements outlined above are being followed.
  • 3.3 Initial team placement will be up to the teams signing up. (Note, should the OW2 API be updated mid season to show SR, this rule will be removed)
    • 3.3.1 Should you place yourself in a division you do not fit in (IE you have 3 GMs on your starting lineup but select Intermediate) You will be Banned from UGC. Team leaders will receive permanent bans while players will receive 1 Season bans.
    • 3.3.2 Should you no longer meet the outlines of your division mid season, for example if players climb too far, you have the choice to move up a division mid season, or remove those players from your roster. Failure to report this to admins immediately (Ie, before your next match) could result in your FF of the match, or disqualification from the season.
    • 3.3.3 Teams should be checking their opponent's player's SR before the match starts, if you find players who exceed the SR limitations of your Div. please inform the opponent so they can remove them from the match. if they refuse to do so contact UGC Admins Immediately with a ping in our discord.
  • 3.4 Minimum team count per division = 8
    • 3.4.1 If a division doesn't receive at least 8 teams signed up by the end of the registration period then the division will not be run for that season.
    • 3.4.2 Depending on team strength and SR cutoffs teams may be shifted into the nearest viable division.

(4) Comp SR as shown on UGC website (available only when logged in by BattleNet)

  • 4.1 Group & Tier by Class as of the last time your stats were refreshed.
  • 4.2 Peak ranks are not available outside of the game therefore it is the responsibility of team captains to evaluate each player in the lobby to ensure that SR guidelines for your division are being upheld!

Lobby Setup & Match Rules updated: Thu, 4/27/23

(5) Lobby Setup

  • 5.1 HOME TEAM is responsible for proper lobby creation and setup.
    • 5.1.1 AWAY TEAM may run the lobby if the HOME TEAM does not want or know how to. If the AWAY TEAM is running the lobby, this should be called out in the Match Comms panel ahead of time.
  • 5.2 While the HOME TEAM is responsible for the lobby setup, the AWAY TEAM is responsible for double checking that it was configured correctly before agreeing to start the match!

(6) Lobby Configuration

  • 6.1 Matches must be played as a Custom Game with the following settings. Any settings not called out below must be left defaulted.
  • 6.2 Lobby Settings
    • Lobby Code: 7RHMJ
    • Preset: Competitive
    • Blocked heroes: N/A
    • Role Lock: ON
    • Custom skins: OFF
    • Pause on player disconnect: ON
    • Kill Cam: Disabled
    • Control maps Score to Win: 2
    • Data Center Preference: Best Available
    • Lobby MUST be set to Invite Only!

(7) Starting each map

  • 7.1 Ready Up: You are not permitted to start a map until the opposing team indicates that their team is ready through in-game chat!
  • 7.2 Be respectful of everyone's time and do not add unnecessary delay to the start of each map.
  • 7.3 Make sure to inspect everyone on the opposite team for public profiles!
  • 7.4 Once a map has been started, you are giving tacit approval that every aspect of the lobby setup is accurate and that everyone in the lobby is approved to be there.
    • 7.4.1 If an unapproved player is not caught during the initial lobby then it cannot be disputed until after the current map is complete.
    • 7.4.2 If an unapproved player is brought in during a live round (e.g. in place of an approved player who disconnected) the game should immediately be paused and the player removed from the lobby. If no approved player is able to re-join then the match can proceed 4v5.

(8) Pausing

  • 8.1 Disconnection Pause: The lobby code should set Pause on player disconnect = ON
    • 8.1.1 Time Limit: Teams are permitted a maximum of 3 minutes to resolve a disconnection pause.
      • Teams may agree to extend this timelimit if they wish, or use their Manual Pause to extend the time.
      • If the disconnected player is unable to return within the time limit, another rostered player or approved ringer may join in their place.
      • If no one is able to join after 3 minutes your team will be forced to continue play 4v5.
  • 8.2 Manual Pause:
    • 8.2.1 During Best of 5 matches each team is permitted 1 manual pause per match.
    • 8.2.2 During Best of 7 matches each team is permitted 2 manual pauses per match.
    • 8.2.3 Time Limit: Manual pauses may last no longer than 5 minutes.
      • Teams may agree to extend this timelimit if they wish.
      • Teams may use their 2 manual pauses consecutively in Best of 7 matches.

(9) Subbing and Disconnects

  • 9.1 During a live map: you may substitute in a rostered starter, sub or an approved ringer only if one of your team members suddenly drops and is unable to reconnect quickly.
  • 9.2 Between maps (while in lobby): you may swap in/out anyone on your roster or approved ringers.

(10) No shows and forfeiting

  • 10.1 If either team is unreachable at match time please contact a League Admin right away so that we may help try to contact the other team.
  • 10.2 Minimum grace period: At 15 minutes passed the default match time (or agreed reschedule time) a League Admin will make a ruling on whether you can report a forfeit win.
    • 10.2.1 You may be asked by a League Admin to wait a little bit longer if the other team is making a good faith effort to assemble as quickly as they can.
  • 10.3 Playing a man down: If either team is unable to assemble a full team of 5 at match time, you are allowed to start the match with 4 players. If a rostered player or approved ringer becomes available they are permitted to join between maps (while in lobby).
    • 10.3.1 You may not play with 3 or fewer players.
  • 10.4 Forfeit scoring: Forfeited matches are counted as full +1/-1 W/L however there are NO points allocated in the "Points for" or "Points against" columns. This is to encourage teams to play every match thats possible to play.

(11) Bye weeks

  • 11.1 In the event that there are an uneven number of teams in a division, 1 team will receive a Bye Week which is essentially receiving a forfeit win. Most often this will be the team that is ranked lowest and has played all prior matches. Occasionally late in the season we will give the Bye to the top ranked team if their position in the playoffs is already secured.
  • 11.2 Byes will only count as +1 Win and +1 Games Played on your rank.
  • 11.3 Teams will not receive more than 1 bye per season.

(12) Reporting scores

  • 12.1 Scores are reported through the Match Comm panel.
    • 12.1.1 For a walkthrough of how to report scores please visit the #reporting-scores guide room in our Discord server. 
  • 12.2 Deadline: The winning team must report the final match result within 24 hours of match completion.

(13) Game Version

  • 13.1 Every match must be played in the official version of Overwatch 2. Teams may not, under any circumstances, play their match in the PTR version of the game nor use Experimental mode.

Rosters, Ringers, Account Sharing & Smurfing updated: Mon, 2/20/23

(14) Rosters

  • 14.1 Public Profiles: Every individual playing in the match MUST have their profile set to public in the lobby!
    • 14.1.1 It is the player's responsibility to ensure their profile is public.
    • 14.1.2 Teams may deny any player in the lobby until their profile is set to public.
  • 14.2 Roster Limit: 12 (5 starters + 7 subs)
  • 14.3 Roles offered on UGC Website:

Team Roles

Type Can play in matches? Counts towards roster limit of 12? Access to Match Comms? Eligible for Team Admin account?
Captain YES YES Read/Write YES
Player YES YES Read only NO






Staff Roles

Type Can play in matches? Counts towards roster limit of 12? Access to Match Comms? Eligible for Team Admin account?
Manager NO* NO Read/Write YES
Coach NO* NO Read only NO





*If you intend to have your Manager or Coach play in matches then they will need to be added to the roster as a Captain or Player! If you move a player to Manager/Coach they cannot be moved back to player again with UGC Admin approval!

  • 14.4 Rostering on multiple teams
    • A given BattleNet account may only join 1 team at a time as a playable role (Captain or Player).
    • A given BattleNet account may join multiple teams as a non-playable staff role (Manager/Coach).

(15) Roster Cooldown & Throttling

  • 15.1 Roster Cooldown: Captains/Players will be on a cooldown period for 18 hours from when they join a roster.
    • 15.1.1 During the cooldown they may not participate in matches unless otherwise approved as a ringer.
  • 15.2 Roster Change Throttling (Effective Week 1) - Applies to Captains/Players only
    • 15.2.1 Captains/Players may join 1 team per 5 day period.
    • 15.2.2 Teams may accept no more than 3 Captains/Players to their roster in an 5 day period.
      • A Captain/Player that left your roster and wants to rejoin will still count against this limit.
    • 15.2.1 Throttling does not apply to Managers & Coaches.

(16) Roster Ready Requirements (Applies to Captains & Players)

  • 16.1 Must be listed as READY on your Team Page in order to play in matches.
  • 16.2 Anyone listed as NOT READY requires additional review and are not permitted to play in matches.
  • 16.3 To be considered READY each member of the roster must meet the following 3 criteria:
    1. Roster Cooldown: Must be rostered at least 18 hours before match time to be eligible to play in a match.
    2. Current/Valid Battletag: Everyone is REQUIRED to have their current valid Battletag listed on the roster.
      • If anyone on the roster changes their Battletag they will need to login to the UGC website with the BattleNet Login button and refresh their profile to update their account.
    3. Starter/Sub: Everyone is REQUIRED to be designated as a Starter or Sub on the roster. Team Admins set this value from their Roster Manager Page.
      • This designation is purely cosmetic. Any amount of Starters or Subs can play at any given time.

(17) Ringers

  • 17.1 ANYONE can be a ringer for any team but only IF the opposing team approves them in writing in Match Comms prior to the match.
  • 17.2 Ringer Role Lock: We recommend only approving specific ringers for specific roles.
    • 17.2.1 If a specific ringer is approved for a specific role in Match Comms and is found to be playing a different role at some point during the match, then the team running the ringer will automatically forfeit the current map (Ie, if a ringer approved to play only Tank starts playing DPS).
      • The Lobby Leader should pause the match and send everyone back to the lobby to proceed to the next map.
      • The ringer may continue to participate in the match ONLY on the approved role.
    • 17.2.2 If a specific ringer is approved in match comms without a specific role declared then they will be considered a flex ringer and can play any role.
  • 17.3 Ringers must have a public profile at match time.
  • 17.4 Once a specific ringer has been approved in writing that ringer may participate in the entire match.
    • Teams Cannot dis-allow ringers after already approving them.
  • 17.5 Teams do not have to allow any ringers.
  • 17.6 League Admins will never force a team to allow ringers in their match. 
  • 17.7 It is the responsibility of each team to check all players in the lobby from the other team prior to agreeing to start the match!
  • 17.8 If an unapproved ringer is brought in during a live round (e.g. in place of an approved player who disconnected) the game should immediately be paused and the player removed from the lobby. If no approved player is able to re-join then the match can proceed 5v6.
  • 17.9 SUBS ARE NOT RINGERS! Subs are rostered players who are marked as substitutes and may be used at any time without pre-approval. Ringers are non-rostered players who can only be used with the express approval of the other team in match comms.

(18) Account sharing

  • 18.1 Account sharing is strictly prohibited in official UGC matches.
  • 18.2 Anyone caught account sharing will be banned from the league for 3 months.
    • Repeat offenses or actively trying to cover up the instances may lead to longer bans.
  • 18.3 Teams that were aware of or sanctioned account sharing will be subject to the same ban period.
  • 18.4 Teams that are involved in account sharing may have all match wins, where account sharing took place, overturned.
  • 18.5 Account sharing outside of UGC matches, such as to boost SR, does not fall under UGC's purview and will not be considered.

(19) Smurf accounts

  • 19.1 A smurf account is an alternate account used by a higher tier player in order to deceptively present themselves as someone less experienced.
  • 19.2 You must roster your highest SR account on your team.
    • 19.2.1 If you have multiple accounts you are only required to switch accounts on the roster if the non-rostered account exceeds the tier of the previously-rostered account. (e.g. Rostered account is Diamond and non-rostered account climbs to Masters)
  • 19.3 Anyone found to be using smurf accounts in UGC may be banned on both their main and smurf accounts and are also subject to match forfeiture, and potentially team Disqualification should multiple players be participating.

(20) Age limit

  • 20.1 You must be 13 years old or older to have a Team Admin login account on the UGC website.

Required Match Documentation updated: Mon, 2/20/23

(21) Match Comms

  • 21.1 Match Comms are a chat dialogue on the UGC website that you use to communicate back and forth with the other team in your matchup.
  • 21.2 Teams are REQUIRED to use the Match Comms every week! You should use them to coordinate the date/time to play the match and any possible ringers needed for the match.
  • 21.3 Match Comms are the official record of the match and allow League Admins to see what is going on.
  • 21.4 By default Team Admins receive emails for posts in Match Comms. This is also where you report match scores.
  • 21.5 Forfeit match results will not be accepted if Match Comms were not used.
  • 21.6 Failure to use Match Comms may also result in an unfavorable outcome for your team in the event that a dispute arises from your match!
  • 21.7 For more information, please see the #using-match-comms guide room in our Discord server. 

(22) VOD Recording

  • 22.1 At least one member of the roster (per team) is required to record the match at a minimum of 480p resolution.
    • This may also be a coach or manager who is a team locked spectator in the match, and in voice comms. (Note, managers and coaches are not permitted to talk during maps).
  • 22.2 The recording must include your team's voice comms.
  • 22.3 The recording can be done locally or can be saved from a stream.
  • 22.4 League Admins will only request these recordings in the event that there is a match dispute.
  • 22.5 In the event of a dispute, failure to record and submit a VOD of the match with comms will likely result in an unfavorable outcome for your team in the dispute.

Casting and Spectating updated: Sun, 6/18/23

(23) Casting

  • 23.1 UGC will attempt to provide casters for select matches every week.
  • 23.2 Third party casters must be approved by the League Admins ahead of time.
  • 23.3 By default, third party casters MUST be locked to see Team 1 or Team 2.
    • 23.3.1 Teams may agree to grant all spec permission to third party casters. Both teams must agree to this in writing in the Match Comms panel.
  • 23.4 Matches must be cast with a 90-sec stream delay.
  • 23.5 A VOD must be saved of the cast and made available to the opposing team after the match.

(24) Spectating

  • 24.1 Teams are permitted to invite a maximum of 2 spectators to the match.
    • Additional spectators may join if both teams agree to this condition.
  • 24.2 Spectators MUST be locked to see Team 1 or Team 2.
  • 24.3 Spectators MUST join while the game is in the lobby and are not permitted to join during a live map.
    • 24.3.1 If a spectator disconnects, for whatever reason, they may not rejoin the match until the map is over and the teams are back in the lobby.
  • 24.4 Inviting a spectator into a live map could result in your team losing the match!
    • 24.4.1 If a spectator joins during a live map, the match should be immediately paused and the spectator should be removed from the lobby.

(25) Spectators & Voice Comms

  • 25.1 Spectators are permitted to be in voice chat with their team during a match but MUST remain muted during active play.
  • 25.2 Spectators may only communicate with their team...
    • the lobby at the start of the match
    • between maps while in lobby.
  • 25.3 Spectators MUST remain muted once a map has been loaded (even while the spawn doors are still closed).
    25.4 Failure to comply with this rule may result in your team receiving a forfeit loss for the match and/or being removed from the league.

(26) Streaming

  • 26.1 Players and spectators are permitted to stream their matches with a 90-second delay

Sportsmanship & Conduct updated: Sat, 4/30/22

(27) Sportsmanship

  • 27.1 Fair play and sportsmanship are important components of our league. We ask that you treat your opponents with respect and demonstrate good sportsmanship in your matches.
  • 27.2 Examples of bad sportsmanship include, but are not limited to:
    • Negative or inflammatory remarks about a player/team's skill level or performance.
    • Excessively spamming the match chat.
    • Purposefully ignoring the objective of the map to spawn camp, excessive tea bagging or otherwise trolling/griefing your opponent in some way.
  • 27.3 Trash talk: We realize that this is a competition and rivalries can lead to intense matches. The intent of these rules is NOT to police minor one-off trash talk. We also realize that trash talk is very subjective and can feel more inflammatory to the recipient even if your opponent thought they said something jokingly.
    • 27.3.1 Disputes of bad sportsmanship and trash talking will be reviewed on a case by case basis to properly asses the context in which the events transpired.
    • 27.3.2 Trash talk that escalates to the point of harassment may result in expulsion from the competition.

(28) Harassment

  • 28.1 The safety and security of our players is our utmost concern and we have a ZERO tolerance policy for harassment of any kind.
    • 28.1.1 This would include (but not limited to) remarks that attack one’s ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, or religion.
  • 28.2 Reporting: Harassment disputes should be  DM'ed to a League Admin in Discord.
  • 28.3 Scope: While our main area of focus would be conduct occurring on our platform (UGC Discord, UGC website and in official UGC matches) League Admins may take into account off-platform harassment and other misconduct when making rulings on such cases.
  • 28.5 Resolution: Harassment disputes are handled on a case by case basis and League Admins have full discretion in dealing with such disputes. Resolution may result in Player or Team expulsion from the league. 
  • 28.6 We strongly believe in anonymity for those coming forward with such disputes. Depending on the sensitivity of the dispute we may not share specifics with the accused Player/Team. 

Discord updated: Thu, 12/30/21

(29) Discord

  • 29.1 At least 1 representative from every team MUST join and remain in our Discord server throughout the season and must grab the Team Admin role following the instructions pinned in the #team-assign room.
    • 29.1.1 This should be the person responsible for coordinating matches and getting the opponent invited to the lobby!
  • 29.2 Please subscribe to the #Announcements channel to get push notifications to your own server.
  • 29.3 Please do not mute our Discord server and do not prevent DMs from members in the server during the season.
  • 29.4 Failure to remain in the UGC Discord server for the duration of the season could result in your team's expulsion from the league.

Team Admin Accounts updated: Tue, 11/23/21

(31) Team Admin Accounts

  • 31.1 Team Admin Accounts give full administrative control over every aspect of the team setup on the UGC Website.
  • 31.2 By default, whoever submits the application to create a team will automatically get one of these accounts. This is typically a Captain or Manager.
  • 31.3 To setup a co-admin account, simply designate the person as a Captain or Manager via your Roster Management page and provide a League Admin with an email address for this person.
  • 31.4 Team Admin Accounts can be accessed while logged in by Battlenet.
    • 31.4.1 If you manage multiple teams you will have the option to toggle between them in the menus.
    • 31.4.2 Team Admin accounts have a dedicated Username/Password that can be used in the event that the BattleNet API is down. So make sure to keep a note of your usernames and password!


Rule Administration and Enforcement updated: Sat, 4/30/22

(32) Rule Administration and Enforcement

  • 32.1 The rules set forth on this page may be altered or updated at any time. It is the responsibility of every team/player to keep up to date with these rules and changes.­ In the unlikely event that these rules are updated mid-season, all players will recieve a notification via the UGC Discord.
  • 32.2 You should not take rule enforcement into your own hands. It is NOT up to you if your opponent should receive a forfeit loss for a given situation. Always contact a League Admin for dispute resolution.
  • 32.3 ­We reserve the right to interpret all of the rules set forth on this page as we see fit in each situation.
  • 32.4 ­The League Owner is the final arbiter of these rules.

Rule Acceptance updated: Tue, 11/23/21

(33) Rule Acceptance

  • 33.1 By signing up, joining a team or otherwise participating in the UGC League you are hereby acknowledging that you have read and understood all of the rules contained in this page.