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7 Total Player Moves in the last 7 day(s)

Neigeflocon U:1:2565424 Joined Europe   Gentlemerc's Union 4s Jul 03, 2022
NoName U:1:151438994 Left Europe   Gentlemerc's Union 4s Jul 02, 2022
nobo U:1:1224919146 Joined Europe   Franzj eSports Jul 01, 2022
Poseidon U:1:133718175 Joined Steel N.Amer   sunrise Jun 30, 2022
keyboard smasher U:1:245370311 Joined Europe   Tetose 4s Jun 30, 2022
WM U:1:479199928 Joined Europe   Franzj eSports Jun 30, 2022
nobo U:1:1224919146 Left Asia   정수짱팬클럽 Jun 30, 2022

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