Pinducas do Restaurante PINDUCA

Joined Sep 3, 2012

Team Status: Invited

Team Details

TF2 Highlander
*S. America New Teams

Team Timezone: SA-West

Team Description:
add quantic for stuff


Titles Won:
TF2 HL South American 1st Place S15
TF2 HL South American 1st Place S14
TF2 HL South American 2nd Place S12
TF2 HL South American 1st Place S11
TF2 HL South American 3rd Place S10
TF2 HL South American 1st Place S9

Team Game Server: ( FL )

Match Record
Season Division W-L
40 *S. America New Teams 0-0
15 South America 11-1
14 South America 11-1
12 South America 11-3
11 South America 11-1
10 South America 6-2
9 South America 12-3
8 South America 4-5

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Team Name Changes
Old Name New Name Date
rdw Restaurante De Wesker PINDUCA Pinducas do Restaurante 9/14/2014
rdw. Restaurante De Wesker rdw Restaurante De Wesker 12/18/2013
Bsheep Black Sheep rdw. Restaurante De Wesker 12/27/2012
Bsheep Black Sheep Bsheep Black Sheep 9/3/2012
MiH' Made In House Bsheep Black Sheep 9/3/2012

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