Unique Alliance


Tempest Typhoon

Nepal / Junkertown / Kings Row / Temple of Anubis / Oasis (OT: Lijiang Tower)

Game Details Round 3 / Fri Jun 10

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Unique Alliance 1
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Tempest Typhoon 2


Tempest Typhoon

Match Write-up

UALadyMoochi: Note From Xiuna: The score of this match is 2-1 due to 2 draws in the 5 map series, this is outlined under Rule 1.1.6's sub-rule. This is the first time this has ever happened, so if it stands out and you're another team clicking on this to find out why the score is 2-1, this is why.


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Tempest Typhoon

Captain May 14, 2022
Captain May 14, 2022
Captain May 26, 2022
Player May 14, 2022
Player May 26, 2022
Player May 14, 2022
Player May 14, 2022
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