Compass venom


Centennial Union of Masters

Nepal / Circuit Royal / Kings Row / New Queen Street / Lijiang Tower (OT: Busan)

Game Details Round 1 / Fri Nov 04

Home Team Score
Compass venom 0
Visiting Team Score
Centennial Union of Masters 3


Centennial Union of Masters


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Compass venom

Dozen Private
Captain Oct 26, 2022
Player Oct 23, 2022
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Centennial Union of Masters

P3nguin Invalid Battletag
Captain Jan 5, 2022
sylveia Invalid Battletag
Captain Jan 4, 2022
Cactullor Invalid Battletag
Player May 3, 2021
BJonS Invalid Battletag
Player Feb 20, 2022
Walterdw Invalid Battletag
Player Mar 24, 2022
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