sixasaurus Rex


never lucky BabyRage

Match Week: 6 , Default Date: Wed, 3/11/15


Game Details

Home Team Total Score Matchpoints
sixasaurus Rex 1 1
Visiting Team TotalScore Matchpoints
never lucky BabyRage 5 5


never lucky BabyRage

5 Matchpoints Awarded
Total Match Scores: never lucky BabyRage (5 ) - sixasaurus Rex (1)
Round Scores (w-l)
R1 Points R2 Points R3(OT) Points.
4 - 1 1 - 0 0 - 0

Match Write-up

gR| Gaberoll: gg. winning team neglected to report scores after a week

no preds
never lucky BabyRage
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  • Number Match Weeks: 8