Moon Guard Brigade


HkG highlander

Match Week: 10 , Default Date: Mon Mar 25


Game Details

Home Team Score
Moon Guard Brigade 0
Visiting Team Score
HkG highlander 0


Moon Guard Brigade

Total Score: ( 0 - 0 )
Score by rounds: ( 0 - 0 ) ( 0 - 0 ) ( 0 - 0 ) Matchpoints earned: (2.5)
Match Write-up

[MGB] (W+M2) Global Warming: Moon Guard Brigade won the match by forfeit. At 9:30 PM I was informed by one of my sub-admins that the other team was not ready to play yet, so I and the rest of my team waited around on a pub server to prepare and strategize. At 10:00 EST we got tired of waiting for word they were ready, so the 7 people that had Team Fortress 2 already running joined the opposing team's server. All seven of us joined and saw that they only had 5 people in the server, so we told them that unless they could get an additional 2 people right away they would have to forfeit the match. At this time, they claimed that because we did not join the server until 10:00 it was us that had to forfeit because our match was scheduled for 9:30. I joined the UGC IRC channel to contact admins at this time. I was informed by blazingboy that, quote, "time doesn't matter if the other team doesn't have at least 7 in the round" and "cause they can't start the 15 minute waiting with out having at least 7 in the server and ready up". I politely informed the other team of this information, had my team thank them for their time, and left the server after taking screenshots of the scoreboard. I have screenshots documenting the scoreboard at 10:11 PM EST as well as a screenshot of the chat between blazingboy and myself in the IRC in case of dispute.

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  • Season: 31
  • Number Match Weeks: 8
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  • Team Max Players: 21