OY!il Spill


Jerry Seinfeld and the Burbs

Match Week: 4 , Default Date: Mon Feb 17


Game Details

Home Team Score
OY!il Spill 3
Visiting Team Score
Jerry Seinfeld and the Burbs 0


OY!il Spill

Total Score: ( 3 - 0 )
Score by rounds: ( 3 - 0 ) ( 0 - 0 ) ( 0 - 0 ) Matchpoints earned: (3.75)
Match Write-up

Ninja: Jerry Seinfeld and the Burbs forfeited after the first half. koehler's burbin it yo: :s Idrae.tape #OyPrefersMales: really sorry for the delay koehler's burbin it yo: It's all good koehler's burbin it yo: It's like mutual koehler's burbin it yo: Would rescheduling work? Idrae.tape #OyPrefersMales: We're prolly experiencing a TragicServer overload with all the teams using their servers. We're ok with trying to wait it out if you guys are koehler's burbin it yo: Alright koehler's burbin it yo: You guys want to use our server next round? koehler's burbin it yo: This is retarded koehler's burbin it yo: pls respond Idrae.tape #OyPrefersMales: Sure Idrae.tape #OyPrefersMales: I'll ask the team koehler's burbin it yo is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join. koehler's burbin it yo: connect geothehero.tragicservers.com; password dkc6s Idrae.tape #OyPrefersMales: According to the latency of your server, it says the latency is 127 ping koehler's burbin it yo: Everyone in here aside from myself has 50~ ping Idrae.tape #OyPrefersMales: So I spoke with my teammates, and they said that while the server is lagging for everyone, including us, we would rather play out the 1st half on our server, since both servers are lagging koehler's burbin it yo: Can you just try this server? koehler's burbin it yo: And if it's laggy we can quit mid round koehler's burbin it yo: Your server is honestly like koehler's burbin it yo: 10 times worse koehler's burbin it yo: It's already 1-0 for you guys Idrae.tape #OyPrefersMales: My guys really would just like to play it out on our server koehler's burbin it yo: My team is refusing to play on that server. koehler's burbin it yo: I'm sorry koehler's burbin it yo: It's just koehler's burbin it yo: Too awful Idrae.tape #OyPrefersMales: Should we bring in an admin to dicuss this? koehler's burbin it yo: I mean koehler's burbin it yo: If you don't even want to try this server koehler's burbin it yo: Then sure koehler's burbin it yo: You win they raged after the first round, demanded we play on their server, blatantly left the server in the MIDDLE OF A ROUND, try to force us to switch servers, and did not have the correct whitelist/config. They shut off their server and claimed that we won after the first half. gr i guess

Jerry Seinfeld and the Burbs

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