Season 34 - May 5, 2021 to Aug 15, 2021

Teams are placed into skill divisions in each region, based on roster strength and team record.
Now in Preseason - Teams are joining season. Matches begin on Jun 7, 2021
(Division placement is not final until Week 3.) View All Team List

Team Status Key:
= Active Team Ready for Match scheduling.
= Active Team, Not ready for scheduling, notify Admin when ready.
= New Team, still forming and not scheduled.
= Invited from the previous season.
= Team has dropped from league.
= Suspended or inactive teams who dropped mid season.
Statistics Column Key:

"Mp" = Sum of Matchpoints
"MpO" = Sum of Opponents Matchpoints
"MpD" = Matchpoint Differential
"GP" = Games Played
"TZ" = Timezone

"Mp" Matchpoints are calculated as follows:

Standard CP Maps: Each team's Matchpoints = each team's total score.
PL & CP/AD Maps: Each team's Matchpoints = 2.5 times each team's total score.
KOTH Maps: Each team's Matchpoints = 1.25 times each team's total score.
CTF Maps: Each team's Matchpoints = 0.5 times each team's total score.

Rank Order:

Teams Ranks are determined by the following factors and in the following order; Number of Wins, Mp -Matchpoints, MpD -Matchpoint Differential, GP -Games Played, (Number of Losses), (MpO -Opponents Matchpoints), PF - Points for, (PA - Points Against)

  • New Team Signups for HL Season 34 are OPEN
  • HL Season 34 Begins Sunday (TBA)
  • HL Season 34 - Fulltime Rosterlock - (TBA)
  • HL Season 34 - Playoffs Start - (TBA)
  • HL Season 34 - Grand Finals - (TBA)
  • Sat, May 8 - Season 34 Begins
  • Season: 34
  • Number Match Weeks: 8
  • Roster Lock:
  • Team Max Players: 21