Updates June 9th, 2016

Section 6 - Player & Leader Responsibilities
(REVISED)  6.3 NA HL Platinum POV Demo Exchange - Each Team Owner may request a maximum of one POV demo from any player in the match. This request should be made Team Owner to Team Owner within 24 hours of match completion and the POV link must be shared within 48 hours of the request. A record of the request must be kept. At this time, this program is limited to the North American HL Platinum Division only.

Updates June 3rd, 2016

Section 3 - Division Placement & Rosters
(REVISED)  Silver - Is the seeding division for Gold. Rosters are expected to be a mix of players with experience on mid to low Gold teams, established Silver teams and high Steel teams. Teams are permitted to have no more than 3 Gold players (or 1 Gold player and 1 Platinum player). ESEA-I and ETF2L Premiership players are not permitted to play in Silver. See rule 3.2 for more information.

(NEW)  For HL S19, the Gold division has been removed from North America. With the absence of Gold, the restrictions of Gold & Platinum players allowed into Silver will be relaxed to 4 Gold players per team (or 2 Gold players and 2 Platinum players).
(NEW)  3.1.2 Regional placement - Teams must have at least 75% of their players housed in the region that they wish to play in. Example for South American teams wanting to play in North America - Please use this map as a guide. In order to be placed in the North American division, at least 75% of your players must be housed within the Dark Blue and Light Blue sections on the map.


Section 5 - Match play

(REVISED)  5.4.2 Scoring for forfeits - Teams will receive the following Match Points for Forfeit Wins:
-Silver, Steel & Iron: +2.5 Match Points (If your opponent team has clearly dropped from the league prior to your match please alert your Division Admin immediately. If no other opponent is available to play against, you will be awarded +5 Match Match Points in this case). 

-Platinum & Gold: +5 Match Points


Section 6 - Player & Leader Responsibilities

(REVISED)  6.2.1 All demos must be saved for the entire active season and must be provided to an Admin within 48 hours of a request. 

(NEW)  6.2.2 Approved file sharing sites - When a POV demo is requested by an Admin, it must be uploaded to one of the following approved file sharing websites: Dropbox or Google Drive.

(NEW)  6.2.3 Random POV Checks - Admins will check for POV demo recording compliance on a weekly basis. Teams will be chosen at random and all players who participated in the match that week will be required to submit their demos. Admins will contact Team Leaders directly, and Team Leaders are responsible for collecting the demos and making them available to the Admins.

(NEW)  6.2.4 Punishment for POV Non-Compliance - Failure to provide a POV demo upon admin request will result in the following actions for each player that fails to submit a POV demo:

1st Offense - 1 week suspension
2nd Offense - 2 week suspension
3rd Offense - 8 week suspension

(NEW)  6.2.5 Players who receive a 1st offense for not providing a POV demo will be subject to repeated spot checks throughout the season to ensure compliance.

(NEW)  6.3 NA HL Platinum Division POV Demo Exchange - At the conclusion of a match, each Team Owner may request a maximum of one POV demo from any player in the match. This request is made Team Owner to Team Owner, and the POV link must be shared within 48 hours. A record of the request must be kept. At this time, this program is limited to the North American HL Platinum Division only.

(NEW)  6.3.1 Any POV demos exchanged in this program are considered private unless specifically released to the public by the recording player. This means that POV demos should not be reproduced (in whole or in part as video clips) in publicly accessible locations, and the original link cannot be shared outside of your team.


Section 7 - Cheating & other offenses

(NEW)  7.10 Punishment for Cheating - Players who are caught cheating in an official UGC match will be banned from the league for 1 year. When a player has been found guilty of cheating, the match that the dispute originated from will be overturned. The Anti-Cheat Team may also elect to review demos from prior matches that occurred within 2 weeks of the match that lead to the ban. If cheating is found to have taken place, those matches may also be overturned as well.


Section 8 - Match Disputes

(REVISED)  8.2 Submitting a Dispute - If no admin is available then your Team Leader should file a Support Ticket. Support Tickets can be filed from the Team Leader homepage by clicking on League Support > Support Tickets. Use the "Match Dispute" topic. All match disputes must be submitted within 48 hours after your match has ended. Disputes submitted after this deadline may not be honored.




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