ATF2L S3 Champions

Sun, Oct 24, 2021 by Fade

Congratulations to all our Season 3 champions and all who have played with us this season! Here are your champions:

Platinum Winners
1st Place: Ambulas Reborn
2nd Place: Daybreak
3rd Place: Asian Disappointments

Silver Winners
1st Place: Spartan Face Sexy
2nd Place: Ninjaagang
3rd Place: tf2brobruh

Steel Winners
1st Place: Shotgun Users
2nd Place: Singer Civilization
3rd Place: Watson Taxi

As we close the season, we would like to announce that Season 4 of ATF2L Highlander would only begin next year. Ergo, we have some plans in the works of starting the inaugural season of ATF2L 6s later this year, so we would be sure to keep you updated on that!


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