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ATF2L S2 Champions (1)
Mon, Jul 5, 2021 by Fade

Congratulations to all of our Season 2 champions! Thank you to everyone for making this a fantastic season! Platinum Winners 1st Place: Daybreak 2nd Place: sausage 3rd Place: Klass 9 Silver Winners 1st Place: Monkey Highlander 2nd Place: AlumilaiX 3rd Place: tf2brobruh Steel Winners 1st Place: master yoga 2nd READ MORE

ATF2L S2 Transfer Window 2 (2)
Sat, Jun 5, 2021 by Fade

To all leaders and players pending transfers, tomorrow, the 6th of June, would be the second transfer window for this season! Like the previous transfer window, 24 hours is given for up to 3 players to roster into a team. However, this transfer window would only be open to the top 4 teams in each division - ie: those who made it to playoffs. In addition, all players are remi READ MORE

ATF2L S2 Transfer Window 1 (3)
Sun, May 16, 2021 by Fade

To all leaders and players pending transfers, this coming Friday, the 21st of May, would be the first transfer window for this season!   Leaders have exactly 24 hours to sign up to 3 players into their team. Leaders are reminded that all transfers are up to the admins' discretion, and players who belong in higher divisions may have their transfer request denied. To READ MORE

Welcome to the second season of ATF2L! (4)
Wed, May 12, 2021 by fade

With the first two weeks underway, we are thrilled to officially announce the expansion of our admin team serving you this season. Presenting your admin team for S2: Clari-tea : Head Admin, Platinum Division Manager Sedna : Silver Division Manager Ducks : Steel Division Manager Fade : Public Relations Manager With the first roster lock cu READ MORE

Welcome to ATF2L! (5)
Thu, Jan 21, 2021 by Submarine

Welcome to the first season of ATF2L! We're excited to announce that starting this season Asia will be mostly separate from the main UGC format/scheduling. This includes sign-up dates, whitelist, playoffs structure, map pool, certain rules, a 200 key prize pool for Platinum, and a 50 key prize pool for Silver.              &nb READ MORE

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  • Fri, Jan 22 - Sign-ups open
  • Fri, Feb 5 - Sign-ups close
  • Sat, Feb 6 - Season starts
  • Mon, Mar 1 - Roster Lock
  • Sat, Mar 20 - Week 1 Playoffs Quarterfinals
  • Sat, Mar 27 - Week 2 Playoffs Semi-finals and Lower Bracket Round 1
  • Sat, Apr 3 - Week 3 Playoffs Lower Bracket Finals
  • Sat, Apr 10 - Week 4 Playoffs Grandfinals
  • Season: 35
  • Number Match Weeks: 10
  • Roster Lock:
  • Team Max Players: 18