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Sat, Apr 9, 2016 by Fornaught

Week 5 on April 10th is a catch up week for us, many teams have played this match early due to our bye week for Easter. Our leaugue had a bye week on March 27th for Easter, but because we posted the schedule early, many teams played early. This was repeated again last week, for matches on April 3. We need a week to catch up, because some teams have not played their April 10th matches.

If you have a reported missed match from last sunday, teams can play that match this week - if both teams agree. A reminder to team leaders, if your team missed too many matches, we will temporarily remove your team from scheduling and set it to "Not Ready" A team woner can return his team to active scheduling by changing his team status back to "Ready".

Our schedule for April 17th matches (week 6) will be posted on Monday April 11th.  by now, all team Owners have ticket access, please pm me in our discord support app if you have trouble setting up your match lobby.

We will have elimination playoffs in each division, to select a champion. Playoffs begin on Week 9 and Week 10, and the top teams in each division will be seeded by rank. Stay tuned for our Playoff Brackets.


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