Mon, Dec 9, 2013 by JuiceDD

Season 7 coming in 2014

Changes to League Setup
Pub players have asked UGC to make some adjustments to our league format to suit their playing style/needs.

We are adding a new skill level below our existing Platinum.
The Steel division is being setup to accomidate the new player or our more casual player base. Platinum will remain for our Expert players.
Features of the Steel Division
- All Classes: Steel will reincorporate all playable classes with only class restrictions being number of that classes playable. For Instance we had cr_sniper set to -1 which took away the sniper class. It has been reinstated but restricted to only 1 sniper per 4v4 match.  We also had Pyro set to -1. That class also has been reinstated to 1 pyro class per 4v4 match.We also will incorporate maps according to team leaders votes for the season.
- Experienced player limit in Steel:  You can have no more than 2 Platinum level players on a 12 man roster. We know pretty much everyone's skill level that's playing the game atm, considering the community is so small.
This division should give new players & casual 'pub' players the ability to create teams to play in a competitive environment.
We also hope that Platinum players to create & mentor a teams where they can share their skill sets to the steel players.
We are open to all suggestions for this new division, your suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks for playing with the UGC League, we hope you have some fun!

Sun, Dec 8, 2013 by JuiceDD

Upcoming league changes for a new Divison for Fortress Forever Steel Division will be added to UGC's FF 4v4 O v D division with All classes playable.  Added back  cr_sniper 1 cr_pyro 1 Certain provisions are required to play in the steel division, That info coming soon ....


Mon, Dec 2, 2013 by hadeZtheChampion

The final map of the season will be siden! The title match will be KingZ vs ^HeLL. Good game last week to BOSS and tAoPR and thank you for making the fall season one to remember. Good luck to both teams competiting in this years title match.


Mon, Nov 18, 2013 by JuiceDD

Winners of this weeks matchup on chimkeyz_b5 will go to the finals for the title  Remember Teams No Ringered Players for Title Shot matches nor title matches Good luck to all teams 


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