HL, 6v6 & 4v4 Delayed 1 Week

Wed, Jun 1, 2016 by Snowblindfrog

As many of you know, the UGC website has been offline for a few days recently due to a persistent DDOS attack. In the beginning we were not sure how long this DDOS issue was going to persist and hoped to only delay HL. As time has gone on we've decided that it would be best to delay all formats. While the site is back up now, we felt that it's unfair at this point for 4v4 teams to be expected to play when they've missed a lot of opportunity to make roster transactions and organize their matches.

Week 1 matches will now take place on:
HL - Monday June 6th
6v6 - Wednesday June 8th
4v4 - Friday June 10th

Teams are encouraged (but not required) to try and play their Week 1 matches at the original scheduled time if they can or anytime between now and the new match dates. If you can play early, make sure to get agreement in writing from leaders on both teams and keep a copy of that agreement.

  • Sun, Dec 24, 17
    HL Season 24 Polls Close
  • Mon, Jan 22, 18
    HL Season 24 Begins
  • Tue, Jan 30, 18
    HL Season 24 Sign-ups Close
  • Tue, Mar 6, 18
    HL Season 24 Fulltime Rosterlock
  • Mon, Mar 19, 18
    HL Season 24 Playoffs Start
  • Mon, Apr 9, 18
    HL Season 24 Grand Finals
  • Wed, Jan 24, 18
    6v6 Season 26 TF2 Begins
  • Sat, Dec 9, 17
    Signups open for Season 6
  • Sun, Jan 7, 18
    Week 1 schedules will be posted
  • Wed, Jan 10, 18
    Week 1 matches for NA Gold
  • Thu, Jan 11, 18
    Week 1 matches for all other divs
  • Sun, Jan 14, 18
    Signups close!
  • Sun, Feb 18, 18
    Rosters lock for playoffs @ 11:59pm EST