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Joined May 20, 2018

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 Entropy Gaming BigHundo 9/19/2018 2:09:01 AM EDT 5/5/2019 9:21:02 AM EDT
 Wasted Ults BigHundo 6/14/2018 8:27:03 PM EDT 9/18/2018 7:28:17 PM EDT
 No Leeks BigHundo 5/20/2018 2:49:58 PM EDT 6/14/2018 6:37:42 PM EDT

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  • OW2 S1 Starts Friday!

Important Dates

  • Wed, Oct 19 - OW2 S1 Signups OPEN
  • Mon, Oct 31 - Signups CLOSE
  • Fri, Nov 4 - Season starts
  • Thu, Dec 15 - Roster Locks for Playoffs
  • Fri, Jan 6 - Playoffs Start
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