haze of interference

Joined Aug 13, 2016

Team Status: Invited

Team Details

TF2 6vs6 - NA Platinum

Team Timezone: East


coming soon

Team Description:
id/GSFDGHDFHGDF/ for scrims


Match Record
Season Division W-L
Season 32 NA Platinum 0-0
Season 23 NA Silver 4-3
Season 22 NA Silver 0-1

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1 / 15 Players
  dr1p [dr1p]
Member - Jan 24, 2017 / 4:46 PM (ET)

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Team Name Changes
Old Name New Name Date
Gabe Gabe's Babes @__@ haze of interference 2/2/2017
KYS Puck Footis Gabe Gabe's Babes 1/22/2017
KYS 9/11 Was an inside job. KYS Puck Footis 1/22/2017
SMWYG SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT KYS 9/11 Was an inside job. 9/18/2016

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