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RA | Recall Academy Joined Jan 1, 2021

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Competition Division

NA Intermediate

East Timezone

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Team Record
Season Division W-L
S20 NA Intermediate 0 - 0
S14 NA Intermediate 0 - 4

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Full Match Records

OW Season 14 Matches

Division Round Date Opponent Map Scores Result
NA Intermediate 1 Fri, Feb, 5, 2021 vs PWG Dorado / Busan / Blizzard World (OT: Illios) ( 0 - 2 ) L
NA Intermediate 2 Fri, Feb, 12, 2021 vs CLASS Havana / Hanamura / Eichenwalde (OT: Illios) ( 0 - 2 ) L
NA Intermediate 3 Fri, Feb, 19, 2021 vs DUCKS Junkertown / Lijang Tower / Hollywood (OT: Illios) ( 0 - 2 ) L
NA Intermediate 4 Fri, Feb, 26, 2021 vs CDG Rialto / Temple of Anubis / King's Row (OT: Illios) ( 0 - 0 ) L
(*PS = Pre Season, not included in ranking totals for seasonal leagues)

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