Mon, Jun 1, 2020 by snowblind

Due to popular demand, we're launching Season 12! This season we will be returning to our previous Swiss-style format with 6 weeks of Regular Season matches followed by a 4 week Single Elimination playoff period. With that in mind, I'd like to thank EVERYONE for participating in our experimental Season 11! We genuinely appreciate all suggestions, comments and concerns about it. We set out to shake up our league and learned a lot by doing so. Without your participation we wouldn't have a UGC in the first place!
We are finalizing some details for ruling i.e. hero bans, start date/time, divisions will be based on SR after we see how many teams signup... more info soon!
Here are some reminders on how to join and prepare for competition:
  • If you haven't registered yet: Please take a look at #register-new-team for instructions on how to submit an application on our site.
  • Existing teams: Please take a look through #setup-your-team and follow the Team Leader Alert box on your Team Leader Control Panel (, when it turns green you're good to go, if it's yellow then you still have issues to resolve!
  • Returning teams from prior seasons: If you want to use your old team you are more than welcome to. If you've been AFK from the league for too long your team might have been deactivated. If that's the case please reach out to an admin to reactivate the team or feel free to start a new one!

  • Signups for S13 close Wed Sept 30th!
  • Wed, Sep 30 - Signups close
  • Fri, Oct 2 - Season 13 Week 1
  • Fri, Nov 6 - Rostes lock for playoffs
  • Fri, Nov 13 - Playoffs begin!
  • Season: 13
  • Number Match Weeks: 9
  • Roster Lock:
  • Team Max Players: 12