Season 9 - Signups open NOW!

Sun, Dec 9, 2018 by snowblindfrog


Season 9 of UGC League - Overwatch starts Monday January 14th!!!

Signups for Season 9 are OPEN now, so head over to our sign up page and click the "Battle Net Login" button to begin setting up your team! We're currently accepting new teams in North America, Europe, Asia, South America & Australia/New Zealand regions. Each Region must have a minimum of 8 teams for us to offer matches for that division.

Current Season: 9
Roster limit: 12
Season starts: Monday January 14th
Duration: 6 weeks of regular season play followed by 4 weeks of playoffs (1 match per week)
Match nights: Mondays for for all divisions
Cost: Free to play
Prize pot: N/A
System: PC only
Regions: NA/SA/EU/AS/AUZ
Signups close: Wednesday January 16th
Skill level: All skill levels welcome!

Updates for Season 9
1.) New default match night & time: Match night has been moved to MONDAY for all divisions. New default match time for North American teams is 8:30pm EST. As always, teams are free to reschedule matches if needed but all matches must be played and reported by each Wednesday at 11:59pm EST.
2.) Ashe: Allowed
3.) Recruiting: LFT posts older than 30 days have been pruned from the Recruiting Page.
4.) Spectator rule updated

(6.2) Spectating

  • Starting in Season 9 each team is permitted to invite no more than 2 spectators to a match.
    • Spectators MUST be designated as Team 1 or Team 2 upon invite. This will limit the specs you invite to only be able to watch your team.
    • Please keep in mind that if you switch sides between maps you will need to move the spectators accordingly.
    • Spectators are permitted to record or stream the match (on a 90 second delay).
  • General spectators (that can watch both teams) are not allowed in the match for any reason.
  • Inviting a general spectator to your game will result in your team losing the match.
  • UGC Admins and approved casters are exempt from this rule.

How to contact us:
For players unfamiliar with our league, UGC is a completely free grass roots league run by the community for the community. We currently run the largest amateur Team Fortress 2 seasonal league in the world with over 8,000 rostered players in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. We have been around since 2002 and have supported a number of Steam games throughout the years. This is our 8th season supporting Overwatch!

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  • Mon, Oct 28 - Preseason starts!
  • Mon, Nov 4 - Placement Matches R1
  • Wed, Nov 6 - Placement Matches R2
  • Fri, Nov 8 - Placement Matches R3
  • Mon, Nov 11 - Week 1 starts
  • Season: 11
  • Number Match Weeks: 18
  • Roster Lock:
  • Team Max Players: 12