Path to Greatness #1 - Signups open now!

Tue, Oct 8, 2019 by snowblindfrog

The competition is back on! UGC's Path to Greatness is a new spin on our traditional format that takes Comp SR completely out of the picture. This time, you can play with whoever you want, we don't care...really! Are you a hella washed up 4k player who has some bronze bros? Great! There's a place for that! Each team will have to prove themselves in a series of 3 placement matches. From there, teams will be segmented into 1 of 4 tiers based on the # of maps won during placements. Then teams will participate in a 5 week Swiss style series followed by a 3 round playoff period that ends right after the new year. Do you have what it takes to tread the path to GREATNESS?

Quick Info

  • Signups open: NOW
  • Preseason starts: Monday Oct 28th
  • Signups close: Thursday Oct 31st
  • Rosters lock for season: Monday Nov 4th
  • Roster limit: 12 (6 starters + 6 subs)
  • Duration: 9 weeks
  • Cost: FREE
  • Prize pot: NA
  • System: PC only
  • Regions: NA/SA/EU/AS/AUZ
  • Skill level: All skill levels welcome!

Full Rules:


If you already signed up a team, your team has been set to “Invited” status...even if it’s a really old team. You will need to set your team to ready and request a division change to the placements div.


  • Signups for S13 close Wed Sept 30th!
  • Wed, Sep 30 - Signups close
  • Fri, Oct 2 - Season 13 Week 1
  • Fri, Nov 6 - Rostes lock for playoffs
  • Fri, Nov 13 - Playoffs begin!
  • Season: 13
  • Number Match Weeks: 9
  • Roster Lock:
  • Team Max Players: 12