4s Season 12 Winners and Season 13 Announcements

Sun, Dec 3, 2017 by Bonesaw

Thank you to everyone who played this past Season of 4s.  We hope to see you again in Season 13!

EDIT: Added the Winners for South America, sorry about that.

Important Dates for Season 12: 

First Match: Friday, January 26th <--- Actual Date, Sorry for the Bait

Signups Close: Sunday, January 21st.

Rosterlock: Sunday, February 18th.

Playoffs Week 1: Friday, March 2nd.

Signups Are Currently Open!

Important Information:

Make sure your teams have at least 4 members so that we can place you into a division before January 8th so you have a Week 1 match.

If you need to contact an Admin of the league do not be afraid to do so.  The Contact page is located here.


Here are the top 3 teams from each division for Season 12!  Thank you to all teams that participated and I hope to see you here for my next writeup.

Season 12 Winners:

North America Gold:

1st Place: planet of the apes

2nd Place: Bananana Boat

3rd Place: the good team

North America Silver:

1st Place: Hex Grills

2nd Place: Quadruple Jeopardy

3rd Place: german medical experts

Europe Silver:

1st Place: gimme f*cking opponent!

2nd Place: b33p squad

3rd Place: Backup Dancers

North America Steel:

1st Place: Goonie Squad

2nd Place: Chex Mix Club

3rd Place: Ithe pink team

Europe Steel:

1st Place: classic 4sup

2nd Place: Myata

3rd Place: El chamcloudep

Australia/New Zealand:

1st Place: 4 The Medal

2nd Place: No more than 4

3rd Place: back to the fours


1st Place: Edelweiss

2nd Place: Savage Lolis

3rd Place: Weebs in Disguise

South America:

1st Place: Rapaizada de bdl

2nd Place: evolution eSports

3rd Place: jaja dijo borneo


Pun of the Week: Bob was not the only one arrested for marijuana posession when the cops found out that it was actaully a joint adventure.


Thank you for playing and come again soon!


UGC 4vs4 Admin

  • Season 17 - New Team Sign-Ups for 4v4 are Open
  • Season 17 - Week 1 Matches are on Friday Jun 7
  • Roster Player Limit: 10
  • Fri, Jun 7 - Season 17 Begins
  • Season: 17
  • Number Match Weeks: 11
  • Team Max Players: 10