Update on the Winter 2016 Grand Finals and 4-29 VAC Wave

Tue, May 3, 2016 by Snowblindfrog

As you are all by now aware, on April 29th a wave of VAC bans were handed out for LMAOBox users. This wave affected 467 players in UGC (not all of which have actually played here). Of those 467 players, 168 were rostered at the time and have since been dropped and banned. As is the case with all VAC bans, there is no way to determine the specific date and time of the incident that lead to the ban. While it is clear that these players were found to have used LMAOBox at some point, we cannot say for certain that any specific matches were impacted from the VAC bans alone.

This season we gave teams in the Grand Finals matches advanced notice through Match Comms that we would be collecting all their POV demos. While there were no specific hackusation disputes resulting from the Grand Finals matches we have decided to go back and review POV demos of the players banned in the VAC wave from these matches. In doing so, our Anti-Cheat team has found conclusive evidence that vlad (NA Plat - Dunning-Kruger Effect v3), kev (NA Gold - quail noises) and Aftterlife (NA Silver - Water Under Abridge) cheated in their Grand Finals matches. As these players have been caught cheating, their matches have been overturned and they have been banned from the league for 1 year.

We have also decided to revoke titles and placement medals from all teams that used a player that was banned from the VAC wave in their Grand Finals matches. These teams will receive participation medals for their division instead. In addition, all the specific players caught up in this VAC wave will receive no medal at all. For a full list of accounts in UGC affected from the VAC wave, please review the following spreadsheet. A number of rule changes will be implemented before the start of next season specifically centered around POV demo recording and compliance for all players. More details will be shared on this very soon!

-UGC Admins

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