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Season 6 Playoffs Congratulations to teams making our playoff seeds, and thanks to all teams for playing in Season 6. European Gold & South American Steel These divisions were dominated by two strong teams in each, so brackets are direct to Finals. In Euro Gold, Rize Gaming and Vatten Pojkarna meet for a EU Best of Three Match Final. In SA Steel,

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Congratulations to teams who have reached Week 9 of our Regular Season. Week 9 is closly related to our Playoffs because in Week 9 we setup any neccesary tiebreaker or runoff matches we need to fill playoff seeds.  With only two matches to conclude for playoff seed runoffs, most teams will not have maches in Week 9. If you have any outstanding matches and would like to

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Week 5 on April 10th is a catch up week for us, many teams have played this match early due to our bye week for Easter. Our leaugue had a bye week on March 27th for Easter, but because we posted the schedule early, many teams played early. This was repeated again last week, for matches on April 3. We need a week to catch up, because some teams have not played their April 10th matches.

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Congratulations for reaching our regular season midpoint at week 4. A couple of announcements: 1- We renamed a few divisions, to bring our naming shcheme in line with our other game leagues. We also merged some divisions in NA and Euro to increase the pool of opponents 2- Week 4 falls on Easter sunday - therefore Forfeits will not be accepted, and you can arrange w

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Welcome to our UGC League Dota 2 Season 6 Preseason week. Preason Week starts Sunday Feb 28th! If your team was set to "Ready" your schedule has been posted. Please contact your Opponent's Team Leaders and make final arraignments for your match. If your team has not completed setup, you still have plenty of time to add your players and set your team to &quo

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Welcome to our Dota 2 League Season 6 We set our our start date for Sunday Feb 28th. We have two reasons for our delay, the first is that we are trying to place an item on our league ticket for playoffs this season, if that works it will be worth the delay. The second reason is that we are looking for new staff members to shore up our schedule admin team. If you ha

  • Season 6 Begins Feb 28, 2016 - CHANGED
  • Preseason Week Match Schedule will be posted on 2/24
  • Players must manually update your MMR values, see your Player menu.
  • UGC Dota 2 is looking for admin help for season 6
  • Sun, Dec 6 - Signups open for Season 6
  • Wed, Feb 24 - Week 0- Preseason Match Schedule is due on Wed.
  • Sun, Feb 28 - Finalized Start Date Season 6
  • Season: 6
  • Number Match Weeks: 15
  • Roster Lock:
  • Team Max Players: 10