Season 9 - Week 4: Blizzard World \ Dorado \ Horizon

Thu, Feb 7, 2019 by snowblindfrog

Week 3 Fixtures are now live!

Week 4 Map Pool: Blizzard World \ Dorado \ Horizon (Draw breaker for each map: Oasis)
Each map won = 1 match point
Possible match scores: 2-0 or 2-1

Important reminders to team leaders:

1.) Pausing: Each team is allowed 1 pause per match in the event that a player drops. This pause should not last longer than 5 minutes. Do not abuse this rule. Doing so might result in your team losing the map or match.

2.) Spectators: Updated spectator rules, highlighted in bold below.

(6.2) Spectating

  • Starting in Season 9 each team is permitted to invite no more than 2 spectators to a match.
    • Spectators MUST be designated as Team 1 or Team 2 upon invite. This will limit the specs you invite to only be able to watch your team.
    • New spectators MUST join while the game is in the lobby. Inviting a new spectator into a live on-going match may result in your team losing the match.
    • If a spectator joins during the live match the Lobby Leader is encouraged to pause the match and check the lobby to make sure the spectator is assigned to the right team.
    • Please keep in mind that if you switch sides between maps you will need to move the spectators accordingly.
  • General spectators (that can watch both teams) are not allowed in the match for any reason.
  • Inviting a general spectator to your game will result in your team losing the match.
  • UGC Admins and approved casters are exempt from this rule.

3.) Match Comms: Team Leaders are REQUIRED to use Match Comms every week! You should use them to coordinate the date/time to play the match and any possible unrostered players needed for the match. Forfeit match results will not be accepted if Match Comms were not used! Failure to use Match Comms may also result in an unfavorable outcome for your team in the event that a dispute arises from your match! For more information on how to use Match Comms please check out the #using-match-comms room in our Discord. 

  • Team Leaders can access the Match Comms from 2 locations:
    a.) While logged in as a Team Leader: by clicking on Match List > View Match Details from your Team Leader Homepage.
    b.) While logged in as a Player: by clicking on the yellow "Match Details" button on your Player Homepage.

4.) New smurf rule

(5.9) Smurf accounts

  • A smurf account is an alternate Overwatch account used by a higher tier player in order to deceptively present themselves as someone less experienced.
  • Using smurf accounts in the Beginner division to circumvent the SR 2999 limit or in the Intermediate division to circumvent the 2 Grand Master limit is strictly forbidden.
    • If your team is caught using a smurf account, as outlined above, you will be subject to immediate team suspension and will receive a forfeit loss for the match(es) in which the smurf accounts played.

5.) Reporting Scores: Scores must be reported by the winning team via Match Comms. Make sure to check out the #reporting-scores room in Discord for more information.

How to contact us: For quickest service players should contact an admin on our Discord server. Feel free to also contact us directly on BattleNet or on Twitter.


  • Signups for S13 close Wed Sept 30th!
  • Wed, Sep 30 - Signups close
  • Fri, Oct 2 - Season 13 Week 1
  • Fri, Nov 6 - Rostes lock for playoffs
  • Fri, Nov 13 - Playoffs begin!
  • Season: 13
  • Number Match Weeks: 9
  • Roster Lock:
  • Team Max Players: 12