UGC Highlander - Week 2

Fri, Oct 5, 2018 by Fornaught

Week 2 is on the KOTH map Lakeside!

Each ready team has been scheduled, good luck in your matches.

Team Owners/Leaders please login and post to match comms as soon as possible, We encorage all teams to do what is necessary to complete your matches, on time and with no issues.

Map & Matchplay
  • Map: koth_lakeside_final
  • Config: ugc_HL_koth.cfg
  • Match Date: Monday October 8th
  • Match Play:­ The winning team is the first to score 4 TOTAL round wins. The match is played in two halves. The first half is over when one team scores 3 round wins. The second half is over when one team scores their 4th cumulative round win (including round wins scored in the first half) or when the other team scores 3 round wins. If scores are tied 3-3 after two halves then another round is to be played. The first team to win the tie breaker round will win the game.­­ For more details and guides on how to play KOTH maps ­please see ­this forum thread.
Reminders for Team Leaders
  • You are ­­­required­ to use the Match Comm panel every week to coordinate your match date, time and server. You can access this by logging into the site with your leader username and password that was sent to you when your team was created. Click on the "Match List" tab to find this week's matchup.­
  • All discrepencies will reference the Match Comms as the official form of communication between teams!
  • Forfeit matches will not be accepted if there are no posts in the Match Comms panel!
  • If you need to rent a UGC server for your match, please go ­­here.
  • The leader of the winning team should report the match score as soon as the match is over.
  • If neither team reports the match score the match will go as unplayed and your teams will be moved to Not Ready.
  • Teams are not allowed to change the map under any circumstances.
  • For a full list of banned map and weapon glitches, please go here.
For any questions or concerns please contact an admin via the steps located on the

Thanks for playing in the UGC Highlander League, we hope you have fun!

Fornaught  - UGC Admin


  • New Team Signups for HL Season 31 are OPEN
  • HL Season 31 Starts - Mon Jun 8, 2020
  • HL Season 31 - Default match day for all regions is Monday.
  • HL Season 31 - Fulltime Rosterlock - Tues Jul 21, 2020
  • HL Season 31 - Playoffs Start - Mon Aug 3, 2020
  • Mon, Jun 8 - HL Season 31 Week 1 Begins
  • Tue, Jun 16 - HL Season 31 Signups Close
  • Tue, Jul 21 - HL Season 31 Fulltime Rosterlock
  • Mon, Aug 3 - HL Season 31 Playoffs Start
  • Mon, Aug 17 - HL Season 31 Grand Finals
  • Season: 31
  • Number Match Weeks: 8
  • Roster Lock:
  • Team Max Players: 21