UGC 9v9 TF2 League Season 29!

Thu, Jun 6, 2019 by General Nick

Welcome to our 28th Season for the UGC 9v9 TF2 League!

Matches will begin promptly on Sunday, June 16th, you can view our full schedule here:



For Season 28, we will have 6 regular season matchups, followed by a single elimination playoff in a bracket format. There will be participant medals for all teams, and there will be Platinum medals offered to the top 3 teams in North American Highlander!

Remember to communicate with your opponent as soon as possible, to share your agreed server and exact times for each map. With the arrival of Discord and Steam messaging, we understand that teams will want to use other platforms instead of match comms, but please leave a record of any official match-related changes or updates in the match comms, as they will be used if there is a dispute.

We have also made changes to our rules following feedback from the preview seasons! First of all, teams will be allowed 1 free ringer from their division that cannot be contested. You can read about it on our rules page, rule 3.5!

(If you think a team is abusing this rule, please let one of your division admins know immediately.)



For Season 28, we have decided to revive an older map in the form of Vigil! Just a note that certain maps have been updated, such as koth_product_rc9 finally being updated to koth_product_rcx! We hope to see amazing matches on all of the maps, and you can find the full map schedule here:



If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact these division managers on the official UGC Discord:  

North America: GeneralNick

Europe: Phlogic

South America: Pepito

Asia/AUS/NZ: Clari-tea

Thank you for playing in the UGC League, good luck, and remember to have fun!


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