6v6 S18 Week 6 - cp_metalworks_rc7

Mon, Jul 6, 2015 by Firefly

Reminder: Full Roster lock on Thursday, July 16th, 2015­ @ 11:59pm EST. All Roster Change must be made before deadline.
Please download our updated whitelist here!
Also, players are not permitted to pickup dropped Medic secondary weapons under any circumstances. This includes; the Medi Gun, the Kritzkrieg, the Quick-Fix and the Vaccinator. Please note: If you have SourceMod installed on your server you can use the following command to prevent dropped weapons from being picked up sm_cvar tf_dropped_weapon_lifetime 0
If you play your match on a server that does not have an updated whitelist please inform the other team of the changes in this news post before you begin playing. The match can still be played on that server, but each team will be responsible for adhering to the changes in this news post.
If you have reminded the opposing team about the changes in this news post and they refuse to follow them then please PAUSE the match and contact an admin. Please first try to contact your ­Division Manager via Steam. If your Division Manager is unavailable then try messaging an admin in our ­­IRC Chat Support #ugc-tf2­­ channel.

Map & Matchplay:­
- Map:­ cp_metalworks_rc7
- Use server cfg: ugc_6v_standard.cfg
- Match Play:­ Standard Command Point maps are played in 2 halves. Halves will end when either the cap limit of 4 or the 30 min time limit is reached.­ The winner of the match is the first to score 5 total round wins or the team with the highest score after 2 halves. For more information on match play and scoring please continue reading the following ­forum news thread.

Reminders to Team Captains:­
- You are required to post in your Match Communications panel every week. Use the Match Comms to coordinate the match date, time, and server.­ If you submit ­a forfeit win and there are no entries in the match comm panel, then your match may not be accepted by admins.­
- Teams are not allowed to change the map under any circumstances­.
- The winning Team Captain should report the match score as soon as the match is over.

If you have any questions, please msg and admin in IRC (#ugc-tf2) or contact us via email located on our ­­­staff page.

Good luck and Have Fun!

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  • 6v6 Season 33 Starts - Wed Jun 10, 2020
  • 6v6 Season 33 - New Team Signups Close - Thurs Jun 18, 2020
  • 6v6 Season 33 - Fulltime Rosterlock - Thurs Jul 23, 2020
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  • Thu, Jul 23 - 6v6 Season 33 Fulltime Rosterlock
  • Wed, Aug 5 - 6v6 Season 33 Playoffs Start
  • Wed, Aug 19 - 6v6 Season 33 Grand Finals
  • Season: 33
  • Number Match Weeks: 8